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  1. I too have changed my clothes twice in my closet, what a wonderful feeling. Hoping to do it again and again. What is your goal to get to? I would like to get to 140, I am 5'4'' Another 30 more lbs to go, but it seems to be harder now:(.

    I don't have a number in mind really. I just figure I will know at the point I feel good. The 150's would probably make me happy. I am feeling so good already. I'm probably thinner now than I've been in 20 years! Haha

  2. How is everyone doing? I was sleeved on the 8th of July. SW 224 Current weight 171 I am making progress weekly but slowly.

    Doing well. I was just wondering about everyone myself. Started at 217 and down to 174. I've had to empty my closet twice and need to do so again. My monthly support group has clothing exchanges too. Feeling good and wishing I had done this sooner!

  3. Hi Lorrieanne1' date=' where were you and your husband sleeved? I am a little nervous, getting ready to pay my deposit and set my date. My husband is a big support and behind me 100%.[/quote']

    Sleeved at PSSC in Edmonds - Dr. Landerholm. They were wonderful to work with. I'm so happy you have a good support system because it is so very important! I'm sure it will all go well!

  4. Checking in :). How is everyone doing? I'm on vacation for the first time and eating out every meal...feeling awful. Basically throwing up after everything. Sucks!!!! Have my second post op appointment Wednesday!

    Hope the vacation part is at least fun. I'm one week into a huge kitchen remodel so its really been tough. Thankfully my husband and I don't eat much having both been sleeved or we might starve. At least I can still get in my Proteins via drinks, yogurts, cheese, etc. but we have eaten out more which doesn't always agree with me. Happy with progress so far since we've now made it to the 8 week mark. Down to 186. I just broke a 2nd stall that lasted about 10 days. I have so much more energy now! Feels really good. Hope everyone is doing well!!

  5. Happy One Month to us all! It's certainly been an interesting month. I think we've all been through so much. From eating issues, liquid diets (stay away broth!), constipation, diarrhea, weight stalls and all of the crazy emotions! And through it all, as I work myself back into a new "old" skinnier wardrobe, I think to myself "would I do this all over again?" The answer....absolutely!!! Have a super day everyone!!

  6. I am going on 4 weeks post op and even though my diet now includes "mechanical, mushy" items, mine are still liquid. Doctor told me to take one Imodium a day and that at least keeps it down to once per day. So sadly, I have it timed to have my liquid BM in the morning, take my Imodium and that's usually it for the day. The "percolating tummy" sounds have finally stopped thank goodness! Talk about noisy!!