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  1. lorrieann1

    July 2013 sleevers

    Thinking about all of the 7/1 sleevers and wishing you all a very speedy recovery!!!! Good luck tomorrow to the 7/2's!
  2. lorrieann1

    No day but today!

    Good luck to all of the 7/1 sleevers today!!!
  3. lorrieann1

    Endometrial Ablation?

    I had my EA about 4 years ago. Best thing I ever did as well! I have the tiniest period every month but interestingly enough, still have the cramps! Good luck!!!
  4. On the 8th. One week to go!!
  5. Bariatric stupid spellcheck! Haha
  6. There isn't anyone in my friends or family circle that do not know I am about to have barbaric surgery. Luckily they all also knew when my husband went through it last year and were very supportive. So I am blessed with that same support. All of us have struggled with weight issues, some for longer than others. I am having this procedure to extend my own life. For those who don't like it or think I am weak for going this route, well they can kiss it! LOL
  7. lorrieann1

    July 2013 sleevers

    I'm on the 8th! 9 more days!!
  8. lorrieann1

    July 2013 sleevers

    Welcome! You'll do great!! I'm a July sleever too!
  9. lorrieann1

    New on site

    Like many on this site my 6 months is finally over. My surgery is scheduled for July 8th. I was expected to exercise, count calories and drop some weight during my 6 months but sadly I actually ended up gaining. I had convinced myself that the insurance would deny me for that. They did not. In fact I had approval in roughly one day. So hang in there. You will get through this. There are some fabulous support people right here when you need it!!
  10. lorrieann1

    July 2013 sleevers

    Mine too! Good luck to you! My husband had his surgery in April, 2012 and has lost 120 lbs. Now it's my turn!!!
  11. lorrieann1

    Pre-Op Liquids Are Kicking My Toosh!

    So is this the official "wacko" thread? If so, I belong right here. Day 1 of pre-op and feeling like throwing a tantrum that resembles that of a 2-year old!
  12. I didn't lose anything in my 6 months but I did try. Today is day one of my 2-week pre op "liver shrink" diet and besides being a bit of a grump, it was okay. And I hope to lose at least some weight during this period!! Good luck!
  13. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    No, luckily I did not. Good luck!!
  14. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    Yep, Monday the 8th for me! Just had my final pre-op appointment yesterday. Time for the big dance!!
  15. Mine is the same day! Best of luck!!!!
  16. lorrieann1

    July 2013 sleevers

    Best of luck to you! It's very scary but exciting too. I'm scheduled for July 8th!
  17. lorrieann1

    July 2013 sleevers

    Had to move to the July sleevers thread! Just got approved today, scheduled for July 8th! Good luck to all!!
  18. lorrieann1

    June surgery dates

    We have First Choice insurance. Still waiting to hear if I am approved! If not, I'm not giving up!!!
  19. lorrieann1

    June surgery dates

    Hoping to be approved and sleeved by the last week of June. Final appointment with surgeon is Thursday and then they'll submit to insurance. Hoping for a fast approval so I can get my 2-week pre op diet underway. Best of luck to you!!
  20. Thank goodness for everyone on this thread. I am on the final month of a 6-month insurance approval for my sleeve and have been insanely craving all of my old favorite foods. In fact, during this process I have not lost any weight and am afraid insurance might look at that and deny me. But the "food funeral" totally makes sense now. Thanks everyone!!