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  1. lorrieann1

    Before/After 5 months out

    So pretty! Go ahead and flaunt it! =)
  2. I know that lots of people have surgery out of the country and I am assuming fly home to recover but I was curious at 2 weeks out if flying is okay to do?? Not for anything other than visiting family where I will be as pampered as I am at home! Thanks!!
  3. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    Planning on it today. No swinging from the ceilings of course but still fun all the same! =)
  4. lorrieann1

    Wait time for surgery

    My final nutrition appointment was at the end of May and I had surgery 7/8. There was a slight delay from the psych provider to submit her report. It all worked out timing wise for me though. Good luck to you!!
  5. lorrieann1

    Safe to fly?

    Thank you!
  6. lorrieann1


    I was the same way my first full week but after around day 7, I was beginning to feel human again. It is a major surgery and I think the body just needs the time to rest and recover. You'll feel a million times better next week!
  7. Welcome to the losing side and congrats on your new sleeve! =). The gas pain does subside but it really got me that first week too (which was just last week!).
  8. lorrieann1

    Before and 5 month after pic

    Wow, you look fabulous! I can't wait to get to that point and compare photos. Congrats!!
  9. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    So strange the difference between doctors. Sleeved on 7/8 and liquids since then, start puréed tomorrow. Yay!!!
  10. lorrieann1

    July sleevers! Are we ready!

    Same here! That's something I never forgot after watching my husband go through surgery first and he had none, poor guy!!
  11. lorrieann1

    July sleevers! Are we ready!

    Don't forget the Chapstick!!!!
  12. lorrieann1


    Good luck and a speedy recovery to all of those preparing to be sleeved this week! See you all on the "loser" side soon!!!
  13. Wow, you look amazing! Congratulations!!!
  14. lorrieann1

    NSV- I could cry! :0D

    Wonderful story! Congratulations!
  15. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    I'm with ya. I'm so grumpy that nobody in my house wants to be around me. I'm really not trying to be but I just feel like crud. My stomach does nothing but churn if I sit down, I can't stray far from the bathroom, I'd love to chew something and about all I can stand are SF Popsicles, the broth from Top Ramen and propel water. This too shall pass..... Right??
  16. lorrieann1

    Anyone Here In Washington?

    A "sleeved in Seattle" get together would be awesome! My husband was sleeved 4-11-12 by Dr. Landerholm and is around 120 lbs down. I was sleeved this last week by Dr. Landerholm so now it is my turn to lose! I'm blessed enough to have had surgery during all of this great weather we are having so walking is a must for me! Nice to meet everyone!!
  17. My husband is 15months post op and always sneezes when he overeats. Even when he senses it coming he will eat that one extra bite that sends him into a sneezing frenzy. Another person I know who had GBS she hiccups when she overeats. Our bodies have some funny little sensors!
  18. Help! 5 days post-op. Last night was the most terrible night by far. New pouch seemed to dislike anything I put into it, right down to plain water and seriously rumbled the entire day and night. I'm walking, sticking with liquids even though I can add yogurt, jello, etc. using gas-x strips, using my PPI and not doing anything I'm not supposed to do. Diarreah is a problem too. I'm definitely having one of those "what have I done" moments. Ideas/suggestions???
  19. Thanks. I was started on Prilosec. I see the doctor on Monday so maybe I need to discuss making a change.
  20. lorrieann1

    4 days post op

    The gas-x strips did help but I think walking does as well. Both provided some much needed relief!
  21. lorrieann1


  22. lorrieann1

    4 days post op

    Thank you for the GasX tip. Trying my first one now!
  23. lorrieann1

    Ok Lets do this :)

    Best wishes and a speedy recovery to you!!!