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  1. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    I woke up feeling the exact same way! I stood on the scale this morning and prayed that it would move. Nothing. This has been about 11 days now. It is so depressing but my husband is ready to hide my scale from me! Ugh...
  2. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    I thought I broke my stall too. Nope! 10 days at the same weight this far other than some minor ups/downs! It is depressing! I am still logging all foods, watching liquid and protein intake and walking as often as I can. Hopefully it will move again soon!
  3. lorrieann1

    4 month pic

    You look great! When I had my psych eval before surgery, the therapist explained to me that it's really common after WLS to still see a heavier person looking back at you. She said the body loses the weight so fast that it takes awhile for the brain to catch up and acknowledge the weight loss. Made sense to me! I can only hope I lose as much!
  4. lorrieann1


    Congrats! Keep up the good work!!!
  5. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    Little movement on the scale finally today! Transition is going fairly well for me however today I was cutting up watermelon, which I love, and just absolutely forgot I just had surgery and started eating piece after piece while I continued to cut. About piece 4 it hit me and shortly after, the sleeve said "what have you done?" Followed by BARF! Let that be a lesson to me!
  6. lorrieann1

    Anyone Here In Washington?

    I'm just up the road in FW. Monday I will be 3 weeks out. Hoping to see some nice weight loss over the next several months!
  7. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    We will all get through this stall and probably many more in the future!! But I agree, they stink!!
  8. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    My glue is all gone except what was left on my actual skin and is peeling still but the wounds are all closed well. Funny that one of the tiniest ones gave me the most pain.
  9. lorrieann1

    July 2013 sleevers

    I was the same way and they sent me for a stool sample the first week. Nothing wrong just apparently the way my system is NOT handling the changes that surgery made. I am now 2 weeks out of surgery and it has greatly improved but it still happens once a day. I'm with you, I did not want to leave the house either. At least now I wait for that one time and I'm free to leave! Little consolation I know but I can hope it continues to get better. Good luck!!
  10. lorrieann1

    8 month Post Op Photo Shoot

    You look awesome! I'd show it off too! =)
  11. lorrieann1

    Before and after 7 months out soon

    Wow, you look incredible! Congratulations!!
  12. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    Between all of us July 8 sleevers, I think we have lost a whole person in weight so far! Nice work!!!
  13. lorrieann1

    July sleevers! Are we ready!

    Good luck to everyone this week! Prayers for a swift and uneventful recovery!!
  14. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    Walking 2-3 miles per day which I started a few days after surgery. The doctor said walking is it until 6 weeks post op.
  15. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    Same here and I have always liked protein shakes. Now they are bloating me up terribly even when I drink them slow!
  16. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    How strange that we all are hitting this first stall at the same time!
  17. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    Thank you! Feels good....I haven't seen that number since my last stint with WW several years ago. =). (One of my stints anyway)
  18. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    I feel like I have hit a small stall but I'm keeping the faith! HW: 219 SW: 206 CW: 196
  19. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    That sounds yummy! Hoping to try an egg tomorrow!
  20. lorrieann1

    Any july 8 sleevers?

    I feel the same way because both water and the puréed stage foods almost feel like they are going down too well. Calorie intake is averaging about 600 per day. I always wonder if I am stretching my sleeve. I wonder if I will be the only only who a sleeve won't work on and I won't lose weight. Crazy thoughts I guess!
  21. lorrieann1

    Waiting to drink after food

    This is a tough one for me but I'm getting into a nice habit after several days of trying to look at the clock the moment I start to eat so I am aware that roughly 40 or minutes or so later I am okay to drink again.
  22. lorrieann1

    6 months post op

    That's awesome! Nice job! And go Bernard!!! =)