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  1. babybearsmum


    Has anyone had a stomach pain on their left side that doesn't hurt when you're lying down only standing up and you've had to press in on it to relieve the pain?? I had surgery on Monday 10-13 and have a bad pain when I stand and try to walk. The only way I can handle it is to firmly press in on it. Is this normal?? Thanks for all your help!
  2. babybearsmum

    Worried about taking care of baby post op

    My son is three and thankfully can get in and out of the tub and bed on his own. My husband stayed home 2 weeks with me thank God for that. I still am not allowed to lift more than 10 pounds at 3 weeks out. I don't think I could lift him now but he is almost 50 pounds so that's a lot of kid to be picking up lol.
  3. babybearsmum

    Refried beans and cheese

    I add a drop or two of hot sauce so it's not but adds a little flavor. After about 4 small bites I feel like I've ate a huge thanksgiving dinner so I've been stopping at three. And I add fat free cheese.
  4. babybearsmum


    My doctor said whenever I felt up to it so my surgery was on a Monday, got home late Wednesday night had sex Friday morning. It wasn't painful you just have to be extra careful. I did find that we're more active since my surgery.
  5. My doctor said "Carbonation will ruin this surgery" so I haven't had any but I'm only a few weeks out. We'll see how I feel in a year or so I hope I stay strong.
  6. babybearsmum

    6 days post op... no fun

    I was in really bad shape at first and wanted to cry but I didn't because I was worried id puke again! I held my husband and said "oh God why did I do this to myself!" I feel better now outside of pain. It's one of those things you'll probably enjoy it eventually you just have to get over this big hump! The only thing I can recommend is what I did which was sucking on ice and taking all of my nausea meds whether I needed them at the time or not. Good luck
  7. babybearsmum


    That's true I remember telling my husband a few weeks before surgery "I shouldn't be in too much pain I'll probably be back to my old self in no time" I ended up being super sick and in pain. Not intolerable pain so I won't complain! I can't wait for next year at this time!! Thank you everyone for your responses.
  8. babybearsmum


    Tomorrow at 6:30am I have to be at the hospital. I'm so nervous!! Good luck everyone who is going in tomorrow!!!
  9. babybearsmum


    Awesome! I actually just had mine on Monday. So not too long before you'll have yours! I've lost 12 pounds this week I'm VERY excited about that!!
  10. babybearsmum


    You're already this far so you'll do great! The month heading up to surgery goes slow at first then next thing you know you're putting on your gown and fighting back the tears!!
  11. babybearsmum


    It's such a scary step! I'm really hoping we all get where we need to be. I was so scared the night before and so upset when I woke up, now I'm just determined.
  12. babybearsmum


    Mine gets a little better each day thankfully. The big thing for me is either standing or if I try to roll over at night and it "hangs" (that's what it feels like) I'll be so glad to lay on my sides without problems!
  13. babybearsmum


    Well the gas-x strips helped with a full feeling I was having, thank God! But the side pain was still there. The binder helped then I got a burning rib pain and if anything touched it I was miserable. So now the rib pain is gone and I only have to apply pressure when I'm standing. thank you all for all your help! I'm actually feeling a lot better. I never thought last Monday at this time that I'd be feeling so well now!
  14. babybearsmum


    Awesome!!! I'm so glad you're approved!
  15. babybearsmum


    Good luck! Well everything went well during the surgery. I woke up in a lot of pain and sick but it didn't last long. By Tuesday evening I quit getting sick and now the main pain I have is my back since I can't roll around as I wish at night. I hope everyone gets their approvals and surgeries and does well! I had problem after problem with getting this surgery approved I was ready to throw in the towel but overall I'm happy it's done and I'm in control of my progress now
  16. babybearsmum

    Surgery is Tomorrow!

    I had mine last Monday and felt horrid at first but now I feel do much better. I've lost 12 pounds since surgery! Good luck everyone be strong heal fast!!!!
  17. babybearsmum

    OVER 300 lbs

    I weighed 470 on August 1st I had surgery on 10-13-14 today when I weighed in I was 428. I still have a long way to go but I know we'll all get there maybe not as fast as others but we will
  18. babybearsmum


    Thanks! I'll try it and see.
  19. babybearsmum


    It seems like since I've started the process for this surgery it's been one thing after another and in the last two weeks things have came crashing down! First thing that happened my friend decided she wasn't going to watch my son and instead of telling me she just avoided me. It's been problem after problem but today I've finally had it. I was suppose to have my medicine by today. I called the pharmacy I won't get my medication, some of it pre-op meds, until Tuesday. My surgery is on Monday... I'm so stressed out! I'm going to have to make the 5-6 hour trip home with no pain meds and hope they can give me my pre-op meds in the hospital. I'm sorry to vent it just seems like it's been one thing after another! I'm hoping nothing else happens otherwise I might be tempted to cancel and go on!
  20. babybearsmum


    Well he gave me a prescription but I couldn't get it filled anywhere so I just dealt with the trip home. I'm overall pretty disappointed in this whole process but happy the surgery is done and I'm home!
  21. babybearsmum


    Thank you I'm in here waiting. Good luck everyone!
  22. babybearsmum


    I was hoping they would just give me a prescription after surgery but my doctor only goes through certain pharmacies then they are supposed to send them out fedex 2 days. Well that didn't happen. They sent them out yesterday and didn't use two day so the medication will arrive the day after surgery and I won't be home thank you so much for your kind words! I'm going to really try and look at the bright side of things and stay optimistic! I hope nothing else goes wrong though
  23. babybearsmum

    Testing pre op?

    They knocked me out I felt fine when I woke up. The next day I had some bruising and soreness around my neck. It only lasted a few days it wasn't bad at all.
  24. babybearsmum

    October Surgery

    My surgery date is for the 13th! I'm ready to be done with it! Here's wishing all of us a healthy, safe surgery and a fast recovery!!
  25. babybearsmum

    Newbie looking for Oct sleevers!

    There's a page on Facebook called low carbing among friends. They have some awesome recipes.

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