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  1. I know we are not supposed to drink carbonated drinks, I've heard it hurts like crazy... I'm wondering if I could get a caffiene free diet soda and open it and let it sit til it's flat and then drink it? Pretty sad, huh? Lol.... I'm 6 wks post op and doing great, just so bored with my Powerade zero, skim milk, and every flavoring for Water that's made! Lol

  2. I decided to be VERY OPEN with my surgery and tell EVERYONE I know. I was apprenhensive at first but it turned out to be great!! Everyone is very supportive and very curious about what I'm going thru, how's my diet, etc... I think it really helps me to talk about it, it's like therapy every day. I think if you hide it, you have no one to talk to about it which could lead to problems.... Good luck, it's worth it!!

  3. I'm having a very similar experience as well. At just 3 1/2 weeks Post-Op' date=' I've hit a stall in actual weight loss.

    Pre-Op Weight (6/24/13) 298 lbs

    Week 1 (7/1/13) 294.5 lbs

    Week 2 (7/8/13) 289.5 lbs

    Week 3 (7/15/13) 287.5 lbs

    However, my clothes are definitely fitting differently. I haven't been measuring to see about inches, but think I will start doing that to keep myself encouraged.

    Nutritionally, I've fluctuated some, but not significantly.

    Avg Daily Calories 500

    Avg Daily Protein 38

    Avg Daily Carbs 45

    I'm using My Fitness Pal to monitor EVERYTHING I'm ingesting, weigh ins, and the little exercise I'm able to do.

    I'm trying not to get too distressed about the lack of weight loss and I want to get down to only weighing in once per week. Curiosity seems to get the best of me though![/quote']

    My doctor tells his pts to get 60-75 grams of Protein and 30-50 of carbs... Maybe if you increase the protein, you'll burn more... ??

  4. I had these problems as well. All I can say is that it took me up till between 2-3 months before I felt normal again. Every day gets a little better. This shall pass' date=' and you will be loving your decision very soon. In the mean time....when I was at your stage I bought Protein shots from Walmart. They have up to 27 grams of Protein per shot. Get them incredibly cold....and then they don't taste that bad. It helped me to have more energy and feel better. You need to make sure to get all of your protein in otherwise you will start losing muscle....and that is not what you want. Good luck! I hope you feel better soon! <img src='http://www.bariatricpal.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />[/quote']

    What are these protein shots called?? Are they with the protein powders, bars at your wm?

  5. My doctor said 2oz every 15mins too... And trust me, my stomach wouldn't let me do more than that.. You'll know.. I used to drink crazy fast but there's no way now! I'm almost 2 weeks from surgery, I can drink just a little more than I did in the hospital but not very much... Still takes me about an hr... Sipping on an 8 oz Protein Shake.< /p>

  6. What are you all doing to recuperate? If you are returning back to work' date=' when? I'm at home for two weeks watching a bunch of movies, walking around and trying to get the liquid and Protein in. And I'll be back to work on July 22nd.[/quote']

    I had surgery July 2nd and am going back to wrk July 16th, exactly 2 weeks. Still going to be careful lifting, etc.. for a few weeks. Pretty much like you, I stayed home, made a few trips to Walmart, just to get out of house. I did walk a lot in the house and outside when it wasn't raining. I write down all my liquid, Protein, carb intake just to make sure... I'm doing great but TIRED of drinking... Looking forward to purée and soft stage. Weighed this am.... 15 lbs since surgery morning!! So excited! Good luck and Congrats to you!

  7. here's something to keep in mind. There's a big difference between a bypass and a sleeve. We do not have a pouch. Our stomach has hadthe fundis removed. The actual length of the stomach is no different than before surgery only the width. An NG tube wouldn't generally do anything to the sleeve.

    Actually, my doctor said damage could be done to the sleeve also. Since NG tubes are usually put in blindly, Er doctors or nurses need to know we have the sleeve on order to do it under X-ray. He said they could puncture thru the staple line if they were not careful.

  8. I got mine today at Walgreens for less than 20. In the paperwork my doc gives out' date=' I saw where NG tubes were not allowed. So, I went in search of one today that has a USB computer connection (aka thumb drive on a bracelet). It was easy to use and stores LOTS of info. I put the info about the gastric sleeve and NG tubes in the allergies section where they would be sure to look if I couldn't speak for myself. I also noted that they should call my surgeon's office for more details. (He's listed in a separate section of the info)[/quote']

    Thanks!! That's a great idea, I didn't know about the USB ones.

  9. I saw that people were getting them on other site and didn't know why. Thank you now I know. I think it's a good idea in case something happens. I will plan on getting one. I saw some really pretty ones. Thanks again.

    Hey! Is there a website that you have seen some pretty ones??

  10. I believe now a days they are all done laparoscopic...trust me, thats the only way you want it done. It just means they use a scope or camera to see inside which keeps them from making a big incision. You will heal much quicker and hurt less. Doctors do lots of surgeries this way today, gallbladders, appendix, hernias, colons, and thank goodness our VSGs!!

  11. My doctor helped be choose the sleeve, because of all the NSAIDS I take now. (Advil, Aleve, ibuprofen) He said because the sleeve does not re-route our intestinal system, we can continue taking those meds post-op. I realize a lot of the doctors are different, I would just sit down with yours and see his reasoning.

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