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    Hey Guys and Gals, I'm a year and a half out. I lost the weight, but I hate the way I look. I am weak and have no muscle tone.I want to start weightlifting but I'm nervous/intimidated in the weightlifting area. Does someone have a routine to share or point me in the right direction? I tried a trainer and got injured. Thanks! Nick
  2. poohbear1019

    Lonely Former Fatty

    Hey Everyone! My name is Nicky, I was sleeved 3.11.13. I've lost more than 200+ pounds. It's so weird...someone called me thin to my face! I'm like are you sure?! Me?! Another person described me to my co worker as "the skinny guy". I'm so not used to this. What I have realized, is that I look totally different, I can now FEEL how lonely I've been for so long. I'm not talking about sex or hooking up, just a friend to get coffee, see a movie, or just chit chat. I joined an online dating site. I knew I wasn't ready for dating. I just want friendship. I'm in Chicago and would like to meet people locally or otherwise. Any ideas? Good luck to all of you, Nicky AKA poohbear1019
  3. poohbear1019

    Quest Bars?

    Would like to hear any body's opinion on Quest Bars?
  4. poohbear1019

    Personal trainer

    Hey hmk715, If you can afford a trainer, I would definitely do it. There are awsome trainers and some sucky ones too! If for whatever reason you don't like the one you have now, find another one. Trainers are like any other profession, think doctors that you have had. Some are better than others and some have better personalities than others.
  5. Good morning everyone, I'm a year and a half out from my sleeve. I've lost 250 pounds!! As you can imagine, I have extra skin EVERYWHERE :-( and....unfortunately, I'm not indepently wealthy. Does anyone have some recommendations for solid foreign plastic surgeons? They don't have to only be in Mexico. Or if anyone in a similar experience found someone domestically that was reasonable or was willing to work with you? Thanks!
  6. poohbear1019

    Quest Bars?

    OMG! I've never gotten soo may replies, soo quickly to one of my posts! Lol!
  7. poohbear1019

    Quest Bars?

  8. poohbear1019


    Thanks for the replies and ideas everyone! As far as a trainer I would like to find a good trainer. The last one was an old school Russian whose philosophy was, doesn't matter if it hurts, lift heavier. I can't do crossfit right now because I'm waiting on knee surgery. I've gotten books and apps. I just need to do it! A lifting buddy would be awesome to find!
  9. poohbear1019

    Does anyone gay even come in this room?!!

    Madonna - Forbidden Love [shelter Version]:
  10. poohbear1019

    Hey Everyone!

    I had my surgery 3.11.13. I've lost 179 lbs. so far! I would like to meet others in the area for whatever, but especially a workout partner. Thanks, Nick
  11. poohbear1019

    Twenty two thousand dollars

    My surgery was 3.11.13. As far as goal, I'm not sure. I've lost about 200 lbs. People keep telling me I'm too thin. I just don't like how I look :-(
  12. poohbear1019

    Twenty two thousand dollars

    Can I get your Doc's name?
  13. poohbear1019

    Foreign Body Lift?

    Hey Cowgirl Jane, That's pretty much what I need done. Do you mind letting me know how much the surgery cost? Feel free to private me.
  14. Hey Everyone, Wondering if anyone has experience with a complete body lift in another country to save money? Or anybody have experience with surgery in the U.S. that had flexible payment options? Thanks!
  15. Hey Everyone, I had my surgery in March of this year. I'm looking for a male or female for a weightlifting partner. Thanks, Nick
  16. poohbear1019

    Chicagoland Weightlifting Partner Wanted

    I had the gastric sleeve on 3.11.13. I started at 429. I lost 50 pounds before surgery. On the day of surgery I weighed 379. I'm @ 180 now. The craziest thing is when a customer calls me thin or describes me as the skinny guy! I went from the fattest guy in the room to the skinniest! I wish you the best of luck! If you have questions or need a friend don't hesitate to ask. God bless, Nick
  17. poohbear1019

    Chicagoland Weightlifting Partner Wanted

    Definitely! How are you feeling?
  18. poohbear1019

    Chicagoland Weightlifting Partner Wanted

    I'm in Lake In The Hills. I would be willing to come to you or meet in the middle. I really looking to concentrate on weightlifting. I've done too much cardio and I'm getting too skinny! Lol! Thanks, Nick
  19. HW: 436 WDS: 379 (3-11-13) TODAY: 194!!! TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 242 POUNDS!!!
  20. poohbear1019

    9 Month Update

    Hey Kathy, I'm a dude I started Pre Op weight was 436. Because I had severe diabetes, I was prescribed a miracle drug called Victoza. That help me drop 50 pounds. The day of my surgery I was 379. Today I weighed in at 194. Total weight lost is 242. Weight lost since surgery 185. It is hard for me to believe myself. And as I left my doctor's office I realized it has been 9 months to the day. I appreciate all of your responses and kind words. I would love to help out anyone that is pre op or post op that is struggling. I don't have all the answers, it has been a struggle, I've been very lonely. I am grateful for receiving the surgery and the outcome. I really think it is part of God's plan for me. On Monday I was told that I have been hired for a job that is going to change the course of my life. This is miracle #2! I am overwhelmed by everybody's responses! Thank you and God Bless all of you! Nicky A.K.A. poohbear1019
  21. poohbear1019

    9 Month Update

    Thanks Boogiebabe!
  22. poohbear1019

    9 Month Update

    Thanks Coopercoop! I had a doctor's appointment today and I was weighed. I didn't realize until later that it was 9 months today! Feeling AWSOME!!! :-)
  23. poohbear1019

    9 Month Update

    Thanks Ashley!! :-)
  24. Wow! This thread has been my life! It's just not gay bias (which I have experienced) but I've walked into a store or restaurant where the employees would start laughing at me. And it's like, why are you so mean?! Even though I'm "skinny" now. I'm still afraid to go out. Especially bars. But at the same time I'm very lonely :-( I wish all of you the best of the best! Nicky
  25. poohbear1019

    How Much Cardio?

    Hey Everyone, I would just like some advice on cardio. As far as how many minutes? Intensity? Interval training? I was doing 90 minutes on the treadmill with a high incline. Due to ortho problems I'm going to try the ARC machine. Do I do HIIT? And for how long? I'm not so concerned about pounds, I'm more interested in lowering body fat %.

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