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    HELP! Pre-op suicide!

    You can do it!!! I thought & felt the same thing but am now two weeks out of surgery. Try drinking warm drinks like "hot cocoa' made from chocolate protein powder or put unflavored protein in warm chicken broth. Trick to good consistency is make a sludge out of powder first with room temp water then add your warm liquids in. I found warm drinks made me feel much more happy .
  2. LuckyT

    Trouble Getting Enough Calorise In?

    Are you counting protein grams and meeting your goal there? I am eating about the same menu as you (except for salmon (not one of my fav's) but I usually have 2 Premier protein drinks and am hitting between 700 & 800 calories.
  3. Power Crunch bars are my favorite, peanut butter is awesome but all are good. Low in sugar but taste like a wafer cookie
  4. LuckyT

    Anyone have experience with Fitbit one?

    I have one - I am a band to sleeve conversion and when I first had band surgery I used it faithfully. It really helped but then I had problems with the band and lost motivation. I just came back from a walk and told myself that I am plugging the fitbit and charging it up to start carrying with me. I had sleeve surgery 2 weeks and 1 day ago and am looking forward to returning to regular exercise. I am using your post as a sign so thanks! One of the things I like about the fitbit besides the motivation is that you can track a lot of things not just steps. Definitely worth putting on a Christmas wish-list in my opinion.
  5. LuckyT


    Go you!!! That is awesome!!!
  6. I like it; used it in instant mashed potatoes & chicken broth to make faux potato cheese soup. Just remember like other protein powders it will clump badly in hot liquid. Mixing it into a paste with little room temp water is best way to go.
  7. Excellent job! Very inspiring to me - I am 2 weeks out today from surgery. You look fabulous
  8. surgery date: 10/22/13 day of surgery weight: 314 today's weight: 291!!! Doing handstands I my mind LOL
  9. Hi Amy. I recently purchased the Fit Frappe too & had same question once I tasted it - seemed too good to be true! I googled the question and found a webpage that compared proteins. It showed the calcium caseinate one step below whey protein. The pros of calcium caseinate are slow absorption and highly digestible. The con was if you are lactose intolerant it may effect you. I have the comparison chart pinned on my "Protein Power" page on Pintrest if you want to check it out. My pintrest user name is TAWehle.
  10. LuckyT

    October GS Pals?..

    Hi 1SuperBonBon, in answer to your question my surgeon is Dr. Deron Ludwig @ North Valley Surgical Associates in Chico, CA.
  11. Congratulations! I had my band removed in March and am scheduled for VSG on October 22! I am sooooo looking forward to it as band just didn't work for me. I wish you the best of luck - I don't feel nervous at this point as I have done lots of research on the sleeve and it feels right to me.
  12. LuckyT

    October GS Pals?..

    October OOoooo ooooo October 22 for me Pretty excited about it, Working on losing weight beforehand but not given a set #, will start 10 day liquid diet on 10/12.
  13. LuckyT


    I had band removal surgery this past Tuesday and am looking forward to being sleeved sometime in the next 6 months. I have a follow up appointment this Wednesday & will be able to ask my surgeon if there were any complications with the band. I was still pretty groggy when checked in with me in the recovery room. I am very glad to have it out of me - it really feels like I can breath easier. I wish you all the best and easiest of recoveries, I am certain the sleeve will be a much better tool for all of us. If you haven't already checked out other websites I read a really great article today in Obesity Help (obesityhelp.com) about keeping the tool of surgery in proper perspective, titled "Surgery is Forever-ever?"
  14. Hi there! First let me say I think you are very brave and that it sucks that your family is so unsupportive. I can't speak to the sleeve surgery as I haven't had mine yet, I am in the process of having the lap band removed then will get the sleeve surgery. I have heard of and spoken to people who have gone to Mexico for their surgeries though and have not heard many negatives. The only drawback seems to be that there isn't a support group associated to the international surgeons like there for local bariatric surgical offices. Joining a group like this is good though! Have faith in yourself, you are obviously doing this to make a healthier life for yourself and your daughter. You can only do this for you, so try not to listen to the negative comments from your folks. Anyone who thinks making this decision and going through a surgery to lose weight is easy obviously has no idea of what it is like to walk in your shoes. My cousin had the sleeve surgery 3 weeks ago; doctor told her not to lift more than 10 pounds for 3 weeks so likely no lifting but hugging shouldn't be an issue Time off work would probably be a good idea but if you have to work just remember to go easy and keep water and protein drinks on hand. My NUT told me hydration and protein are vital for first few weeks, and through the whole process, but you do not want to get dehydrated! Hopefully someone who has been to Mexico for the surgery can answer more of your questions. Have a safe trip and a very successful surgery.
  15. LuckyT


    Thanks! My doctor says taking it out is much easier than putting it in and recovery is usually only a few days. His point about waiting is that he feels it lessens the risk of a leak if you allow your stomach to heal from being banded. Even without any complications from band the stomach will be misshapen so he wants it to go back to "normal" I trust him cause if I had listened to him the first time I wouldn't be in this boat! This time around I am really listening to him. Nice to chat with someone who is going through something so similar. I will keep you in my thoughts!
  16. LuckyT


    I am with you in that boat! I have my lap band removal date set for 03/19/13 then have to wait 3 months before my surgeon will do the sleeve I have faith it is worth the wait though. I hope all goes well for you, just don't give up.