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    Caught the flu

    Hope you feel better soon! I would recommend just trying to get what Water and warm fluids down that you can. Small sips to help keep it down. Prayers and good thoughts being sent your way
  2. Wow! That is awesome and very inspiring. This surgery has been a life saver for so many of us - I love reading about all the success people have had. Congratulations
  3. Hi Kindle, That has been my experience too! I was a little hesitant to tell everyone but figured since I work in a place that is often like a mini soap opera sooner or later the word would get out & in the meantime people would think I was dying as I shrank before their eyes! LOL - see drama just seeps in! So anyway everyone - family, friends and co-workers have been nothing but supportive and encouraging. Makes me feel very blessed!
  4. LuckyT

    very confused

    Oh, I should probably add that my surgeon really wanted me to have the gastric bypass when I went through the pre-op for the lap band, I'm still torn on whether or not I should have listened to him as I was afraid of how invasive bypass surgery is/was and turned to the lap band because the sleeve wasn't being approved in 2010 by my insurance company. I did learn a lot from having the lap band such as eating healthier and smaller portions. Unfortunately I only lost about 35 pounds and then gained almost 50 pounds back when I quit having band filled due to constant vomiting and a constant stuck feeling in my chest. Sorry if TMI but it was not a good feeling & I'd rather you know about it.
  5. LuckyT

    very confused

    Hello! I've posted my story here a couple of times so I won't go into a lot of details but I had the lap band for almost 2 years and it didn't work for me. When my surgeon removed it he found the band had caused erosion in area between my stomach and esophagus, If I hadn't had it removed I would have had a serious issue. I love my sleeve! I feel healthy, I eat small portions of nutrient dense foods and finally feel in control of what and how much food I put into my mouth. I am 46 pounds down, 39 of those since sleeve surgery 3 1/2 months ago. Definitely research the sleeve it has been one of the best things I have done for myself. Best of luck & health to you, Trina
  6. Wow! Congratulations & thank you for the inspiration
  7. Hit my 25% to goal mark yesterday! Very grateful to gamergirl for thread on perspective :)

  8. Something I found in my research on the sleeve is that it has actually been around longer than people think as it is the first step in the duodenal switch surgery; my understanding is that for extremely obese people they would perform the sleeve portion first then allow the patient to recover, loose a significant amount of weight then finish the procedure. Surgeons then noticed that patients were succeeding without the 2nd procedure. Speaking for myself I had the band for two years and when it was removed my surgeon found it had caused some erosion so it likely would have caused me a larger problem. The sleeve surgery has been great, I did the math today & realized I have hit 25% of my goal in just 3 1/2 months! I didn't even come close to that with the band.
  9. LuckyT

    1 year today

    Congratulations! That is awesome
  10. Hello! I had my band removed then was sleeved a few months later (my doctor's plan - I was willing to do it in one surgery). My experience as far as the surgery goes was the sleeve surgery was easier to recover from. I seemed to heal faster and could do more things sooner, with the band I had a stricture (?) and it kept pulling on left side of my stomach muscle as incision healed. Sleeve is soooooo much better - no vomiting, no stuck feeling, if I want I can eat bread again although I generally choose not to as I really want to lose the weight and carbs with low protein are not our friends . With the band I lost about 30lbs in the 2 years I had it (then gained it back in last few months of that time frame) but best of all in the 3 months since sleeve surgery I have lost almost 50lbs!!!! It is so fabulous! Good luck to you and if I can answer any questions feel free to message me.
  11. For what its worth I have luckily not starting losing my hair yet and I am at just over the 3 month mark for surgery. I attribute this to the use of Wen hair products. I survived a pulmonary embolism in December 2009 and was on blood thinners for 2 years!!!! As you can see by the exclamation points wasn't very happy with that Anyways, the blood thinners made my hair come out like crazy so I started using Wen because while recovering from embolism I watched QVC - a lot! LOL. So fast forward 2 years since I came off the blood thinners and my hair is almost twice as thick as it was before I began taking the blood thinners. I also take Biotin (5000 mcg) everyday - started that several months before sleeve surgery. I am keeping my fingers & toes crossed that the hair will stay in my head but like Madam if it starts to fall then I am going for a very short bob, except my style will be circa 2009
  12. I did a ton of research too and if it helps ease your mind one of the deciding factors for me is that the gastric sleeve surgery isn't as new as everyone seems to think. True, the reference to it as sleeve surgery is relatively new but the procedure itself is the first step of the gastric bypass in extremely obese patients, people that doctors felt had to have the procedure in two steps. If my research is correct then this procedure has been around as long as gastric bypass - just now is popular as more research by obesity experts have come to realize how effective it is. Congrats on the approval, I know you will be successful
  13. I'm happy for you too! I had a failed lap band and had very little weight loss for two years before having it removed last March then was sleeved 10/22/13. Best decision I have made in regards to weight loss - huge difference. I feel good, can eat "normal" as far as not vomiting and/or feeling stuck although my food portions are only about a 1/4 cup. Best of all I am down a total of 45 pounds in a bit over 3 months. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope you are as happy as I am . Have a safe & healthful trip to Mexico!
  14. LuckyT

    Great Food Products!

    I like hard boiled eggs - great Protein source, soft food & portable . Also baked chicken thighs are perfect size for new tummy. Quick snack is half of a Power Crunch bar - 7.5 grams protein for a half and only 100 calories, oh and sugar is only 2.5 (again this is for only a half a bar - whole bar makes me too full plus is 200 calories!); they are kind of like a wafer cookie so help get me past crunchy/sweet cravings that still happen on occasion. My favorite Protein Drink is Premier chocolate protein from costco. Ordered strawberry flavor on-line and hoping they are equally as good as their chocolate.
  15. LuckyT

    4 Months Post Op Pics

    Wow, you do look fabulous! Very impressive weight loss in a four month period. Thank you for posting - it is very inspiring
  16. LuckyT

    8 months today! Piks

    Wow! You look fabulous, congratulations! Very inspiring to those of us a few months behind in surgery dates from yours. I love hearing & seeing success
  17. LuckyT


    Wow, first of all congratulations on your weight loss - that is amazing & inspirational. My opinion, for what it is worth, is look back at your food logs and journals if you have them or just take some time to reflect on what has made you so successful to this point because you are doing something right to have lost 200lbs!! Sometimes switching to a new perspective is all that is needed As for exercise I love swimming and Pilates for forms of exercise that don't hurt so much but have great impact.
  18. Congratulations! Thank you for the inspirational post. Every time I read a positive post my confidence that this will work goes up
  19. LuckyT

    SF Syrups?

    I'm in Northern CA and at a store called Cash & Carry they have almost any flavor imaginable and many are sugar free. Amazon also carries a good variety. Oh, and I have found a decent selection at World Market too.
  20. Awesome! I am so happy for you and feeling even more confident that the sleeve will help me achieve a similar milestone. You are an inspiration to me!
  21. That is a fabulous Christmas gift! I had a band for 2 years then had it removed; sleeve surgery was two months ago & I love it! Feel so much better and I have lost almost as much weight in the 2 months since sleeve surgery as I did in two years with the band so I know you are going to do great Congratulations & Merry Christmas!
  22. So happy for you - sounds like it was a really great day. Very inspiring too Incredible how much you have accomplished in five months - you rock!
  23. Thank you for posting those pics - you look fantastic & are a big inspiration. Gives me lots of hope & desire to do as well as you. Two month surgery anniversary & down 29 pounds!
  24. Wow! So inspiring and you look absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!
  25. LuckyT

    1 Year Surgiversary!

    OMG, that is really awesome! Congratulations