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  1. I told my closest friends and family before the surgery, none of them said anything negative.

    Once i hit 150 lbs lost i started to tell people i had wls. Anyone who even questions it gets the same response. "Did you see what i looked like before? Id have this surgery again tomorrow if i had too."

    Miserable people try to inflict there misery on the people around them. Either cut them out, or overwhelm them with your new found happiness.

  2. Ive been dealing with peoples negative opinions of me my entire life. There was a point where i stopped caring about the opinion other people had of me, because really, what do they really know about me. Only my opinion of myself is what matters.

    I told my family and they were all supportive. I told my closest friends and they were as well. I didnt tell anybody i wouldnt tell personal things too and it worked out.

    Now that im 160 lbs lighter, when people ask i tell them. Nobody can question it because of the results. And even if they did i probably would tear them apart about how wrong they are.

  3. Sounds like my mom, lol. Except shes also really nice, and drives a range rover.

    Shes the tan (naturally) lady walking way to fast on the treadmill and just generally looking like shes trying to hard.