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    Been single for to long!

    Im on the hunt now too lol. I have almost no experience though, this should be interesting.
  2. This. Just need to translate all this confidence to the Ladies.
  3. danpantz

    Post Op Penis Size

    Its definitely bigger. Im a big fan.
  4. So lets see. Today was my 6 month checkup, im down over 150 lbs from my heaviest and 122 since my surgery on 2/11/13. No regrets. Im happy again. Still need to lose another 30 though. Im still waiting for the big stall to hit but i have been on top of my diet and water intake. Plus i got to the gym 5 times a week for 90 minutes and play hockey the other two nights. I also work 5 hours a night doing physical labor at a ups warehouse and have been sweating my soul out everynight this summer. Ive never been in better shape than i am right now.
  5. 6 months out. Down 153 from my highest. 14 pant sizes and down from a 3x to an l. Feeling great, now i just need to find a girl.
  6. danpantz

    Sleevers by profession.

    Mirabelle, i was out 4 weeks.
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    From the album: djilo91

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    From the album: djilo91

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    Any from Massachusetts?

    Im 22 and from Waltham. Had my sleeve at Mt Auburn on 2/11/13. Not a single regret.
  11. danpantz

    Who Are You?

    Hi, my name is DJ and im 22 years old. I was sleeved on 2/11/13 and im down 128 lbs and down 153 total from my starting weight of 357. I was always a big kid growing up. I remember being to overweight to play pop warner football, Which is a great thing to tell a ten year old that hes to fat to do an activity that would be beneficial. I was picked on constantly as a child and a teenager for my weight. I developed thick skin and learned how to deal with a situation like that through trial and error. But its not fun being the least attractive person growing up. I'm a middle child to two sisters, one older and one younger. Both were captain of the cheer-leading team, my older sister went on to become a professional cheerleader, so I'm the one in the middle of that. All 265 of me in high school. I became an introvert and found friends who saw beyond the fat, so it never really became an issue to me. I moved away from home after dropping out of college because i had no drive what-so-ever, and this is where i gained most of my weight. I was probably depressed, but i was smoking so much weed at the time i couldn't even realize it. I partied for a year straight before i ran out of money, and thankfully my parents let me move back in out of the kindness of their hearts. Under one condition, i needed another job, and to go see a doctor about my weight. I did both, I got a job working overnights in a UPS warehouse. Not only is it a paid 4 hour a night workout. But for 50 dollars a month i got a full health plan. I used that to start going to the Mount Auburn Weight Management Center where i learned about the sleeve. With there support and the support of my mother, and the weight i lost pre-op, i was able to be sleeved. Best decision of my life. I'm a completely different person than i was. I love working out now, where i never would have before. My confidence is way up and my drive to succeed has returned. Im ready for the next part of my life to begin as a former fatty.
  12. danpantz

    Sleevers by profession.

    Lets see, right now i work in a UPS warehouse overnights. Its tough work but they gave me health insurance for 50 dollars a month which paid for my sleeve. And they are paying for my college, and i make a decent wage for a part time job. I was unmotivated when i graduated high school so i never gave college a real shot even though i was very smart in school. I've decided its now time to do it, So I'm going for my bachelors in biology, and hopefully into a medical school to become a dr of some sort.
  13. danpantz

    Sex... Oh My God... Sex!

    My testosterone is through the roof and my sex drive is higher than it has ever been. Too bad my years of obesity destroyed my self confidence and i suck at meeting girls.
  14. Was sleeved 2/11 and im down 120 lbs since that day. 151 in total. I feel fantastic.
  15. Got sleeved on february 11 and ive lost 94 lbs. Feels like its just flying off. I've gone from a 48 to a 38 waste size, and i feel fantastic. Besides my moobs, ive got nothing to complain about.
  16. danpantz

    21 and wanting a new me

    I'm 21 and got the surgery on monday... Best decision ive ever made. After reading through this forum, the one thing ive learned is that every persons experience is difference.
  17. Go sleeved on 2/11/13... things are going great.
  18. danpantz

    Normal to eat this much?

    I had my Operation on 2/11/13 and im in the same boat. I have no problem eating sugar free pudding cup (slowly of course). I could only eat about a 1/3rd of a can of chicken broth however.