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  1. Please add me:

    It's been a really really difficult past week- I was pregnant and my baby's heart stopped- :(

    So dealing with all that- I need to refocus & start healing physically & emotionally which also entails healthier eating-

    By the way- I was sleeved back on 2/25/13 so a lil over 2 years- I was 319 and lowest was about 157 right now I'm around 187....

  2. Sooooo

    I'm pregnant!!!!

    In feb I was 2 years sleeved-

    So I won't be here much now-

    I'm only 4 weeks pregnant-but I'm soooo hopeful!

    I'd gained about 20 from my lowest but was trying to conceive- soooo I'll be up over 200 again after birth but it's ok- I'm very excited and hope all will be well!!


  3. I'm in!!

    Starting will be 185.4--- goal will be 179

    I'm about 2 years and 2 mo out from being sleeved and in the past several months have actually gone up about 25 from my lowest....

    my excuses-starting a new stressful job, trying to get pregnant and taking hormones, planning to move to a new home in several months, mother in law coming to live with us in a few months, and starting a doctorate program---

    Thank you

  4. Just dropping a note since most Feb 2013 Sleevers are long gone. I stay with the forums to help keep my head in the game. My 2 year surgiversary came and went without fanfare. I live a new normal now at 135-139 lbs. I have an unending goal to get to 130 lbs but I don't work at getting to it. I eat 1200-1500 calories a day. I gain if I just eat junk or carbs but otherwise weight maintenance isn't too tough. I am amazed at how much I can eat now. Half a sandwich is no problem here. I now live an active lifestyle and can truthfully say that I look forward to exercise (it took probably a year or so to get to that place). My life has changed a lot since surgery and most of those changes have been for the better-- if nothing else, my wardrobe is amazing! To any other Feb 13 Sleevers, I hope this post finds you happy and healthy and drop a line if you can. Here's a body pic from Valentines Day. attachicon.gif ImageUploadedByBariatricPal1424880008.668554.jpg

    Hi!! Today is my 2 years!!! I went from 319 to 157! I'm back up to 175 but I'm doing well- have to say still hate exercise lol but I've been busy w/finishing up my masters my new job and trying to get pregnant - doing well! I still pop in from time to time in the subscribed posts! ImageUploadedByBariatricPal1424881850.567877.jpg ImageUploadedByBariatricPal1424881864.316333.jpg ImageUploadedByBariatricPal1424881903.217692.jpg ImageUploadedByBariatricPal1424881920.015811.jpg ImageUploadedByBariatricPal1424881938.106099.jpg ImageUploadedByBariatricPal1424882003.744614.jpg