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  1. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Scared about complications

    I feel almost guilty Saying this but I feel better that so many other people feel the same way that I do and that I'm not alone but it makes me feel guilty because I don't want other people to be scared like I am. Bit it helps to know that no matter what happens, we are all in this together and like Yiraini01 said above, we are a family and we all have each other to lean on through it every step of the way. I am overwhelmingly grateful for that.
  2. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Scared about complications

    Thank you both for your kind replies. Karen if you don't mind me asking, and please don't tell if your not comfortable, but what was your complication? That's what I'm so afraid of, this fear of the "unknown" complication...
  3. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Let's get to know each other, shall we?

    Hi Erin. I'm scheduled for April but when I read your post I related to everything you were saying so much I feel as though I was reading my own thoughts.
  4. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    1 week post op

    Wow sounds like you are having a great recovery!! I can only pray for a similar one. How much time did you take off from work? I'm only planning on taking 1 week and I'm getting nervous that its not going to be enough. I'm a graphic designer so I just sit at a desk all day. I'm still pending insurance approval but schedule for surgery on April 15.
  5. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    April 11! Confirmed!

    Oh my, shorts?! I can't remember the last time I even ATTEMPTED to put on a pair of shorts! I sort of forgot they existed...there's something to look forward to!
  6. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Will my boss find out through insurance?

    Thank you everyone for the reassurance. I'm very thankful for this forum and each and every one of you
  7. So pretty much the only person im NOT telling is my boss. I work in a very small company, only about 10 employees, so i know it will be hard to hide the surgery. However, Im pretty close with all of my coworkers except for my boss. She is very judgmental and makes snarky comments all the time about inappropriate topics. So for now i just don't want her to know because i don't want to hear "you don't need surgery you can do it on your own" and "why would you do that to yourself" etc. Or every time a piece of food enters my mouth "are you supposed to be eating that?!" all said with attitude. So my question is, if i just take a week of vacation and not say anything about the surgery, will my boss find out anyway though my insurance company? Ive heard through the grapevine that especially in small companies that the insurance company submits it and my boss will know. Is this true? Is there a way i can ask my insurance company NOT to submit it to my company?
  8. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Will my boss find out through insurance?

    technically im just taking a week of vacation for the surgery so im not taking medical leave or anything. i was told by a friend that whenever you submit a claim to insurance, the insurance company sends it to the company. Like i said we are a very small company so it wouldnt be hard to figure out that its me.
  9. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    I'm not telling.

    will my boss find out that im doing the surgery through my insurance company? Im nervous that even if i dont tell her, she will find out through the insurance company submitting the paperwork or claim through my company? Perhaps i will start a new forum topic about this.
  10. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    April 11! Confirmed!

    I'm nervous but excited. Sometime I feel like its so soon and other times I wish it was tomorrow. I'm still doing a lot of research and trying to self educated as much as possible. I'm also still going through the steps got insurance and preop clearance but as of now I'm scheduled for April 15.
  11. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    I'm not telling.

    I didn't say I'm telling anyone that will listen and I'm not saying that not telling people makes you ashamed. You completely took my words out of context. Every single person has the right to do whatever they want.
  12. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Where Are My April 2012 Sleevers?

    I'm scheduled for April 15 pending insurance approval and preop clearance. Excited but nervous. My surgeon is not requiring me to do a preop liquid diet but I'm thinking about trying a few days here and there of liquids only just to see if I can do it and to try and make the post off diet transition a little easier.
  13. Hi, I met with my surgeon for the first Time this past week and I'm scheduled for surgery in April ( pending insurance approval). One thing that caught me by surprise is that he said there is no preop diet required before surgery. This surprised me because in the extensive research I've done I find it common that you are required to go on either a 1 week or 2 week liquid diet prior to surgery. He said no this isn't necessary and that I can eat normally up until the night before my surgery. I said this surprised me and he said that there is no real reason to do the preop diet and that they have never required it and never had an issue. This totally surprised me. He said its really the surgeons preference and there is no evidence to support that a preop diet makes a difference. Anyone else NOT required either? I was almost looking forward to the preop liquid diet as almost a transition to the 2 week post op liquid diet, to make the Segway easier. I'm nervous that post op will be difficult to do a 2 week liquid diet after surgery cold turkey. Thoughts?
  14. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Who feels great?!

    Thanks for this thread. I'm scheduled for April surgery but lately Ive been doing so much research in complications and problems that I'm scaring myself out of it. It is reassuring to be reminded that so many people DONT have problems and it reassures me that I'm making the right decision. Thanks and best of luck with your continued success!
  15. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT


    I'm new to the forum and to WLS in general. I've attended a few free seminars and I have my first consult with a surgeon on Thursday. While I'm 98% positive I'm going to go forward with the sleeve surgery (pending approval) I'm still researching and trying to learn as much as I can about it in general. I'm noticing that quite a few people are getting the surgery done in Mexico. I'm wondering why? Is there an advantage with going out of the country (USA) for the surgery?
  16. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT


    geez at this point im almost nervous about having the surgery done in the states. it seems more people go to Mexico than the us. Can i ask though, if your insurance did cover it, and you felt you had a good surgeon, would you still opt for Mexico or would you stay in the states? I never even considered Mexico as again my insurance covers and i have found a local surgeon but after reading all this im wonding if mabye i should start researching mexico?
  17. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT


    wow im blown away at how many responses i got so quickly being as this was my first ever post (im hoping the first of many). Thank you! Im excited to be part of this community and i thank you all for your responses and support. Im sorry that so many people have such a hard time with their insurance companies. Just to give you a little background on me, im 31 female, BMI of 38 with high blood pressure (on medication), and high cholesterol. I approached my general physician and he was really supportive about the surgery (i asked him about Lapland and he actually suggested the sleeve) and referred me to a surgical group. I called to have it pre approved with my insurance, i have Horizon BCBS NJ and they said as long as i have all the medical supporting documents from my doctor, that it is fully covered. All that i will have to pay is my surgery deductible which is $2500 and any copays etc. I dont want to jump the gun or anything, like i said my first consult appoint is this Thursday, but i guess im "one of the lucky ones" that my insurance will cover it. (that is if i dont get denied, im assuming they will require me to do the standard 6 month supervised diet). I didnt even begin to think that would be the reason that so many people would look at Mexico as an option but now it all makes sense. But with the cost being so high and uncompromising insurance companies, i can understand why people would look at Mexico as a solution. I wish everyone the best of luck and i apologize in advance for asking the 45837 questions that im sure are to follow as i continue on this journey with all of you.

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