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  1. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    April 15, 2013

    I'm nervous but excited. Sometime I feel like its so soon and other times I wish it was tomorrow. I'm still doing a lot of research and trying to self educated as much as possible. I'm also still going through the steps got insurance and preop clearance but as of now I'm scheduled for April 15.
  2. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Surgety tomorrow

    Hi everyone. I have surgery tomorrow. I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for the support and generosity of information throughout this entire process. You have all helped me more than you'll ever know and I am truly grateful to be part of this family. I wish all sleevers luck tomorrow!!! Please pray for me :/
  3. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    support groups northeast nj

    Count me in too. I'm in Bloomfield. My surgery is scheduled 4/15 this Monday eekkkk
  4. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    support groups northeast nj

    I don't but I'm interested to know as I'm in northern nj also
  5. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT


    I work for a very small family owned company, only about eight employees. I planned on taking a week and a half of vacation days for my surgery. Im a graphic designer so i sit a lot in my job. One of my coworkers said that I should be taking disability instead of vacation day. However I'm afraid that my boss will treat me badly and be mean to me out of spite if I use disability as opposed to vacation days. (She is a VERY mean boss) I never looked into disability so I'm not quite sure how it works. Does everyone plan on using vacation time or filing for disability? I could use some opinions :/
  6. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    For My April Sleevers

    I'm April 15 too!
  7. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    On the verge of being denied...

    I got a box in the mail today of all the post op chewable Vitamins I ordered. I got so excited to open them all up and try them (chewable Calcium tablets, yuck) but I stopped and realized that there is a very real possibility that my insurance will deny me. I got some opposition this week with my bmi being "low" and my blood pressure being only diagnosed for 2 years (as opposed to the required 5 years). My case manager basically told me to be prepared for a "no". I know that I can appeal it but its just a very depressing thought. Also that if I'm denied I will lose my slotted surgery date of April 15 that I feel so ready for and married to. I'm just feeling really discouraged and nervous. Not what I wanted to hear on a Friday to have to worry and stress out about all weekend. Ps I have Horizon BCBS NJ. My bmi is 37.5 and I take meds for high BP but no meds for high cholesterol. I'm 5'7" and weigh 240 and I'm 31 yr old. Not to mention now very depressed
  8. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    RIP livesaveremt

    So very sad. Rest in peace Fred. Thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends.
  9. Today was the second time that someone told me that they didn't think i was "big enough" to justify having this surgery. I take this as a backhanded compliment. I'm what's considered to be a low BMI. However, im qualified for this surgery and have full support of my doctors. My bmi is 37.5. I am a 31 yr old female. I weight 238 right now, my highest weight. I'm 5'7". I have about 80-90 lbs to lose to be a healthy weight. I take it as a compliment because its as if they are saying "ehh your not so bad" but it also really hurts my feeling and makes me second guess myself. I'm very overweight, I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and am at risk of becoming a diabetic. I've struggled with my weight my whole life. I've been bullied, I have low self esteem and I've tried every diet in the book. Twice. I don't know I guess I'm jus feeling discouraged. The funny part is that I was told this as I was leaving my pysc evaluation, in which the physiologist told me he fully supports me having the surgery, thinks I've very well prepared and educated. As I was leaving his office I made small talk with another sleeve patient waiting to go in. As we were chatting he said "to be honest you don't really look like you need this surgery, you look ok now". I thanked him but explained that its been a life long struggle with ups and downs. As I left it really made me second guess my decision. Just because I "don't look that fat" doesn't mean I don't fall into the "obese" category or have health problems because of my overweight. Ugh I guess I just needed to vent. Any other low BMI's every experience this?
  10. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Omg omg! Approved today!

    ME too!!!! approved today! surgery april 15!
  11. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    A few questions

  12. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    For My April Sleevers

    Hi can you invite me to please? Lindsey anderson. Lindsbran22@hotmail.com
  13. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    April 15, 2013

    April feels like a year away. It can't come soon enough!
  14. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Not fat enough? This is for Low BMI'ers

    Wow what a JERK! my boss said the same thing, "...and your SURE you cant do this on your own?" with a half frowned expression like me admitting this to her was my defeat...you should have told him that what you lack in willpower, he makes up for in doucheyness. Good luck to you this friday!!! Keep us posted.
  15. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    French fry purgetory

    I was running late to a dr appt and starving so I swung through the Wendy's drive through. (So glad I rushed to get here as now I wrote this sitting in the waiting room with 15 other people waiting almost an hour ugh). But old habits for hard and I ordered enough food for two people (just for myself). As I mowed down on my spicy chicken sandwich and Jr. bacon cheeseburger, I cowered down low in my car so that no one would see my guilty bingeing as I have done so many times before. I told myself, surgery is a little over a month away so this is one of the last few times I can do this. I told myself, even though I'm binging, try not to drink the giant sprite as your doing do. Then as a gulped the giant sprite a mere menus later, I told myself, ok but tomorrow you really need to start practicing that. And mid bite (really mid shoving a handful of frenchfries down my throat) I had a moment of clarity as I thought to myself "no really, you can't do this once you have surgery. You CAN'T. This will not be a possibility." And it was a feeling of relief that soon, I won't be ABLE to partake in these poor habits, sometimes habits of convince but more often moments of guilty bingeing. And I could almost cry in that moment. I know that this surgery is a tool and my success is based on my will power, good choices and planning ahead. But I also know that I physically won't be able to shove a number 2 extra large value meal into my new sleeve and from what I'm reading I won't WANT to. And THAT is a wonderful feeling.
  16. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Gas x strips

    I've read that a lot of people use these post op to relieve the gas pain. But I can't find them in stores so I'm going to buy them online. Do they really work? Do they ( meaning dr and nurses) let you use them in the hospital post op? I guess if anyone can tell me are they really worth it?
  17. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Gas x strips

    Found them in Walmart tonight! I got a box of strips and a box of chewable. Thanks everyone!
  18. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    French fry purgetory

    Sorry about awful spelling, iPhone and I don't always get along :/
  19. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    For My April Sleevers

    Me too! Send me the link, I keep getting error too.
  20. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Who wants to see my stomach?

    Wow how did you get a photo of it? I want to ask my dr to take a picture of mine!
  21. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    April 11! Confirmed!

    i submitted to insurance this morning and will have an answer by next monday 3/11!!! im still scheduled for April 15th so i hope everything gets approved.
  22. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    Not fat enough? This is for Low BMI'ers

    You guys are all so awesome and you gave me exactly what i needed, support. I love that i dont feel alone in this because of all of you. Its funny because when i found this forum in the beginning of this journey, it was like my lifeline, i started posting and getting great response and support. I really felt like i was part of a family. But when this guy made that comment last night, it almost made me feel like i was being kicked out of an exclusive club. Like "oh your not fat enough for this, you dont belong here". I know thats not how he meant it (like i said its almost as though he was flirting/complimenting me) but it still made me feel that way. I suddenly felt like an imposture being part of this journey and felt like i wasn't being accepted because i wasn't big "enough". Like one of my own kind had turned on me, like he was being racist against his own race haha. Listen, im big, very big. I wanted to say to the guy "trust me, you haven't seen me naked" haha but that would have been pushing it a little far. Anyway I posted this and the replys that all of you left have really brought me back to that good place that i felt in the beginning. That no matter what the circumstances that have brought us all here together, its exactly that, we are all together. Going through this together. Thank you, i really needed that. Good news is that, i called my surgical group this morning and they have submitted my case to insurance! I should have an answer by next monday 3/11. Fingers crossed!!!!
  23. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    April 15, 2013

    I'm in NJ about 30 mins outside of New York City. Nice to meet you. My name is Lindsey. I'm 31.
  24. SuchaPrettyFaceBUT

    April 15, 2013

  25. So I've done all the research (ok granted maybe a little too much) and I'm about 2 months out from my surgery date (April 15) and technically I'm still pending insurance approval but I'm taking all the steps and going through the process full steam ahead. I've definitely gone through a roller coaster of emotions since starting this journey, and I still get mixed emotions everyday. But I guess where im at now is the "fear" stage. I'm constantly thinking about complications, leaks, structure, infection, etc. I'm spending hours researching horror stories of things gone wrong and the aftermath of complications. I realize that with any surgery there are always risks and one must decide of the benefits will outweigh the risks. I guess that's the point I'm at now. I'm a lower bmi. I'm 31 years old, 238lbs and bmi of 37. I have a about 80lbs to lose to be considered at a healthy weight for my height. But I also have high blood pressure (for about 3 years controlled by medicine) and high cholesterol. My weight history has shown a consistent failure at conventional weight loss attempts and I progressively gain 8-10 lbs a year. So my fear is if I DON'T get the surgery I could end up weighting 50lbs more in 5 years. I know that this surgery is the answer (and I know it's not the "easy way out" and it takes work and the surgery is just a tool). I guess I'm just scared. Scared about the surgery itself and complications, leaks. AmI alone in this? Has anyone ever talked themselves out of the surgery before they hit the table? Is anyone else scared?

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