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    Annie04 reacted to PhotoLover8 in 4 days post op, doing well!   
    I actually didn't ask him that but I will when I see him next week. God bless you and your upcoming surgery! Just remember to bring chapstick, a travel pillow and toiletries so you can feel as normal as possible. Only worry about one set of clothes because you'll be in the hospital gown the whole time and you won't want to change out of it because it's so comfy.
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    Annie04 reacted to PhotoLover8 in 4 days post op, doing well!   
    Elisa, Annie...sorry I forgot to come back and tell you about my visit with the doctor. He says that in all the conferences he attended the most successful results came from people that had the 38 to 40 size bougie used to measure their stomachs. If a smaller size bougie is used (when your stomach stretches over time) you can sometimes eat 60 to 70 percent of what you used to eat. This will happen several years down the road. If your stomach starts out as small as mine, I will not stretch to be that big. It's been a big adjustment but I haven't really had a lot problems. He used the 40 size bougie for my surgery.
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    Annie04 reacted to Canary Diamond in To The Men: I Get It Now; a.k.a. Damn, Girl   
    Curvy - I have more toys than you could shake a veiny, engorged stick at. I used to sell them at Passion Parties to groups of tittering housewives and now they're all in a box....somewhere, where they've sat for the last 5 years. You see, aside from the fact that they've undoubtedly melted into one motley pink and purple blob of silicone and latex, at some point during my product testing (I couldn't in good conscience hawk unfamiliar wares) I came to the conclusion that there really is no substitute for the genuine article. Plus, using edible body paints by yourself is downright depressing.
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    Annie04 reacted to Bluto in To The Men: I Get It Now; a.k.a. Damn, Girl   
    "And how the hell is it that men KNOW when you're feeling like this?"
    We have radar in our pants.
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    Annie04 reacted to belladona in To The Men: I Get It Now; a.k.a. Damn, Girl   
    Lmao loved your post and god bless!!!! I have been fortunate to always be healthy in that dept even as fatty fat! Maybe because i have a lover and am not single. But my performance has shot up a hundred percent as my confidence. No Im not super toned working on that goal, but every time Im with him I know in my head Im smaller than I was last time and it does something to your head. Its almost empowering! Im getting older and thought things were supposed to slow down, but I feel my drive is worse then when I was in my 20s which is awesome for me. I agree with the others if your in a small town invest in some good toys, or go to clubs in a town where noone knows who you are and get your freak on! Have fun on your quest be careful and enjoy!!!
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    Annie04 got a reaction from Amberlydw8 in 5 Months post op.... Numbers and victories...   
    You look so great Amber, and boy has time flew. I couldn't believe that it has been that long. Looking at you proves it though. I am so happy for you. You are one hot mama!!! I am still waiting and I will yell it from the rooftops when I finally get scheduled! XOXO!!
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    Annie04 got a reaction from Canary Diamond in Happiness, self-esteem, and WLS   
    Thank you Southern Soul. These are the kind of posts I look for on VST. Ordinary people imparting amazing words of wisdom to live by that encourage and build us up. Canary Diamond you are also another person who has a gift of expression and your compassion shines through as well. I have learned that when I am in a bad mood, I will put a smile on my face anyway (fake it til you make it), before long I start getting that happy feeling. We are doing what we can about the outside in regards to getting our sleeve. It is also important to do the internal work as well. This is great advice and provides a great place to start.
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    Annie04 reacted to Canary Diamond in Happiness, self-esteem, and WLS   
    As someone who recently spent 4 months in a residential treatment center for eating disorders, and seeing women of all sizes struggle immensely with self-esteem, I can certainly vouch for the skinny does not = happy line. I quit binge eating, I quit drinking, I quit teaching for the public school system, I started taking classes to become a nurse practitioner, I adopted the best dog in the world. I'm happy for the first time in my adult life. This is difficult for some people to believe (e.g., my mother) because I'm still obese. The weight loss will just be an added bonus.
    Thank you for this. 5 stars!
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    Annie04 reacted to gingerjersey in Happiness, self-esteem, and WLS   
    As if I didn't think you an amazing light and a gift to my presence before...
    This blog clinches it.
    You should be cloned.
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    Annie04 reacted to searching in Happiness, self-esteem, and WLS   
    Good post. Yes, it is hard to realize that skinny people have their own set of issues. You have realized something that most of us either don't know how to do or forget to do. That is practice being happy until it becomes a way of life. But, you have to admit that getting lighter will help a lot of issues. Less pain, less embarrassment, less health issues, and less rejection, so on and so on!. Although, you may as well be happy getting to your goal. The ones who have made their goals should be proud of themselves anyway they want to express it. They made a big change in their lives and if they want to dream of being sexy, a babe, or what have you that's ok too. Like you say " Everyone has their own self expression and dreams. But, of course It does help being happy any place you are in your journey.
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    Annie04 reacted to SqueakyWheel&Ethyl in Happiness, self-esteem, and WLS   
    I have three comments on this.
    1. This is the BEST blog entry I've read on this site. Ever.
    2. You should be published. Send it to SHAPE or other health and fitness magazines.
    3. Whoever wrote this SHOULD be a mother. Foster. Adopt. Hire a surrogate. Whatever it takes, make a child blessed, because they get to call you Mommy.
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    Annie04 got a reaction from Travelbug1955 in 4 days post op, doing well!   
    Photolover8, who was your surgeon?? I am just curious. I am scheduled with Dr. Garcia on August 30th and I hear he can use a 32 bougie and do it a little loose so I won't have dehydration issues. I am going back to work right away so I don't want to have any issues. Congratulations and thanks for posting items to bring, that is helpful.
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    Annie04 got a reaction from Amberlydw8 in None Scale Victories of the week :)   
    Congratulations on all of your victories...WooHoo. You know I am so happy for you. This is just the beginning and your life is going to be full of victories. Love you lots!!
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    Annie04 got a reaction from JennJitters in First attempt at smoothie 3-16-13   
    I do that too Firelle, when my bananas are starting to get dark and a little soft, I take them out of their skins and freeze them. Then when I want to make smoothies or protein shake they are ready.
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    Annie04 reacted to firelle in First attempt at smoothie 3-16-13   
    Hmm, maybe try more yogurt. I used a cup of vanilla yogurt and a cup of soy/coconut milk in my smoothies pre-op, and no ice cubes. Instead, I cut the whole banana up into slices, put it in a ziploc, and froze it, then added it to the blender.
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    Annie04 got a reaction from Amberlydw8 in My surgery in Mexico!   
    WooHoo, thank you for such a wonderful account of your time in Mexico. I had never heard about return through the border into the US, except that it was more difficult than going in.....Now I know to remind the driver to pack the wheelchair..LOL.
    I am proud of you as well....and very happy for you. (Hopefully I am not that far behind you)
    Love You!!
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    Annie04 reacted to VSGKirk in My surgery in Mexico!   
    Sexy Mama! Looooove the hat Proud of you, girl!
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    Annie04 reacted to LifetimeLoser in Frenemy to friend in less than 60 mins.....   
    Way to stand your ground. It is surprising how many people don't know what weight loss surgery is and what it entails. I had a coworker who thought I got liposuction because I said I was having weight loss surgery.
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    Annie04 reacted to NurseGrace in Frenemy to friend in less than 60 mins.....   
    Yep. Doctors are people too and I think that they try to stay up with things as best they can but they are expected to have a really WIDE knowledge base so I don't usually expect them to know the ends and outs of these pretty niche specific procedures although with the way obesity is increasing I think they would do well to be more intimatly aquainted with them but its also important to realize that your average 300 pound person off the street hasn't really done the mental work to be a great candidate for WLS.
    As for him commenting on bad choices in life, there are probably nicer ways to put that, but we all have to face the truth that no one ate their way to a BMI of 40 or 250+ without making bad choices on a fairly regular basis. It sucks, but thats what it is.
    I'm glad he was open to discuss with you about it and realize that he was mistaken about the procedure you were looking for though, that doesnt happen often.

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