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  1. onelessfatgirl

    Any March Sleevers?

    I've talked at length with my husband, my sister (whose been banded 10 yrs), my best friend, and a few other friends who have had wls. I'm telling my parents this weekend. I also don't want to share it all over but I anticipate saying with more people as I go along.
  2. onelessfatgirl

    Any March Sleevers?

    I've talked at length with my husband, my sister (whose been banded 10 yrs), my best friend, and a few other friends who have had wls. I'm telling my parents this weekend. I also don't want to share it all over but I anticipate saying with more people add I go along.
  3. onelessfatgirl

    Any March Sleevers?

    I'm 5 ft 5 & 258.9 lbs. I want to get down to 140. I, like others, have had to practically starve myself to be that small before. Frankly, if I got at least 100lbs off I'd be satisfied. If I got down to 140 it'd be over the moon!
  4. onelessfatgirl

    Any March Sleevers?

    I don't have a date yet but all my required pre-op stuff will be done in the next 2 weeks and then it's a matter of waiting on approval. The surgeon's office staff prepared me for mid to late march. I'm nervous but also excited, ready. I look forward to going through this with others on the same/similar time line.
  5. onelessfatgirl

    15 Months Post Op Progression

    Now that's gotta feel soooo good! You look fabulous! WTG!
  6. onelessfatgirl

    Incision scars

    I haven't had my sleeve yet so I can't sisal to that. But, in '06 I did have my galblader removed laproscopically. I didn't do anything to the incisions except take care of myself (nourish my body) and my incisions are virtually unnoticeable. They are a whiteish-skin tone. I've never heard of the one product but I have heard good things about bio-silk type products. GL!
  7. onelessfatgirl

    Over a year at goal with pics

    Wow, what a phenomenal transformation! Congrats!
  8. Had my psych eval today. I'm a therapist so I expected all the questions and testing. I'm getting more excited and less nervous with each thing checked off the pre-op list. I see the nut on friday. Then I go in for labs, chest xray, and mri the following week. On Feb 1st I do my endoscopy. After that it's just a matter of getting all squared away with the insurance (which I already know they'll approve me -it's just not formal yet). Then a surgery date. I've waited years to be as ready as I am now.
  9. onelessfatgirl

    I survived! ! {°;°} !

    Good to hear!
  10. onelessfatgirl

    had my psych eval today

    Honestly, I don't know. He just checked it off on my sheet of things. It may end up that I don't have to do it.
  11. onelessfatgirl

    had my psych eval today

    It's just one of this docs standard pro-op things. Can never be too careful I guess.
  12. onelessfatgirl

    Okay here goes.......

    Wow, you look great! Makes me more eager for my turn.
  13. Oh, and did I mention a new, better looking driver license
  14. First thing I'm doing is buying a pair of boots and skinny jeans. Can't tell you how many times I've tried to find boots (wide calf) and cried because nothing would fit my fat, fat legs. Wear shorts. (Again with the fat, fat legs) Run. With my kids. Husband. Dogs. Friends. For my life. Just run because my legs and lungs can tolerate it for the first time in 10-15 years. Surprise my husband by wearing nothing but a trench coat. Take my man lingerie shopping and actually be comfortable to buy corsets and stockings with those sexy lil clips. Take up wakeboarding again. Learn to rollerblade (yes I said learn). Learn to ice skate. Go sailing. Take a hot air balloon ride. Go paragliding. Go snorkeling. Take a trip to: Vegas, Disney, any place with white sandy beaches.
  15. onelessfatgirl

    Gallbladder surgery worse then VSG!

    I had galblader issues crop up in my 8th month of my first pregnancy. Pretty bad, in fact. I had to wait until my son was further along and induce so they could take it out safely. Just 12 hrs after giving birth I was wheeled in for surgery. I was double fortunate - stiches in two regions of my body (if you are picking up what I'm laying down). I was on my own trying to nurse and take care of my infant while recovering since my hubs was deployed. It was uncomfortable but do-able. I didn't use even a third of my prescribed pain meds due to nursing. I haven't had my surgery yet but hearing that galblader was worse than the sleeve is somewhat comforting. Though, I've also heard the sleeve was worse for some than galblader, I'm just trying to put my energy into thinking positive. So, thanks for sharing your experiences because it's adding to my positive thinking!
  16. onelessfatgirl

    New here...

    Hi I'm new here. Been lurking around a few days. Finally deciding to post. I'm 29. Married 9 yrs, with hubs for 11. Our kids are 5 & 7. I have a similar "fat story" as many others here. I was a stick thin child but ballooned at puberty. My husband has seen (and accepted) me at all sizes. I'm so thankful for his unconditional love and support! But, my weight has gotten out of control. I suffer from knee pain, back and neck pain, and acid reflux. I'm now between 260 & 270 and I'm barely 5'5. My family has a long history of those who struggle(d) with diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Last year we lost my aunt at 50. I'm getting pretty scared of this body I live in. I haven't recognized the face in the mirror for years. I'm not even 30! I have so much life to live! I've considered wls for A LONG time. Each time I'd talk myself out of it thinking that it'd just give myself a few more months or a year trying a different approach to weight loss. Nothing was ever the "right fit" and I'd always gain more back than I'd lost. But I'm finally mentally and phyisically ready for the necessary, life changing (read: saving) transitions I and my family will need to make. I don't have a surgery date set yet though I have had my consult, know what my insurance will cover, and have all my pre-op appts set for this month. I'm thinking I could be in by the end of March. My question though, is this... For those of you with young kids, what kinds of things did you tell them? My boys are very compassionate and I'm sure will worry if they know I was getting surgery. My hubs and I do have some idea how we'll handle it with them but I thought hearing from others would be good, too. Thanks in advance!
  17. onelessfatgirl

    New here...

    Thank you for the responses. It's been helpful to hear how those with similar age kids have responded. I by no means want to lie to them. I pride myself on being very honest and transparent with people, even my family. My husband and I will tell them oune we know the date and logistics. I just want to be as prepared as possible. Thanks again!
  18. onelessfatgirl

    New here...

    That's pretty much what we were planning on. How did they react? What kind of questions/cond did they have?
  19. onelessfatgirl

    Any seattle sleevers ?

    Hi I'm new. I don't have an op date yet but I've got all my required pre-op appts scheduled. I don't need any specific nutritional plans prior so I'm guestimating around the end of Feb or into March if all goes well. I will be going the through Franciscan in Fed Way as its s BCE and the docs are "in network." I'm excited and nervous but very sure about this. I'm sure I'll need plenty of virtual and real life support as I go along. I hope to connect with at least a few of you along the way.

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