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  1. Glad to hear everything went smoothly Peacockmama! Glad you're home safe and sound.
  2. onelessfatgirl

    1 day post-op

    Once I get in 32 oz or more of water a drink broth with some unflavored protein powder in it. That might help you feel less weak.
  3. onelessfatgirl

    Day 4 on Pre-Op Diet

    I'm going on day 4 post op. Each day gets a little easier. I honestly do not feel hungry. Even jello doesn't sound appetizing just yet. I'm getting in all my water and then about half cup of beef broth with 5-10 grams unflavored protein. I drink things room temp or cold. Cold seems to work better for me right now. Hang in there on that pre op diet! Remember that the pre op diet is likely going to be the hardest part because you don't have your sleeve yet also you still feel hungry.
  4. How are you doing Peacockmama? Haven't seen you posting. Hoping and praying things are ok.
  5. onelessfatgirl


    I was sleeved Tuesday the 12th. I'm burping too. I think it's normal. So far my burping hasn't been intrusive. I am still able to drink.
  6. onelessfatgirl


    I was sleeved Tuesday the 12th. I'm burping too. I think it's normal. So far my burping hasn't been intrusive. I am still able to drink.
  7. In my jome I have stairs to get in the front door. And stairs either up or down to get to one of the bathrooms. The stairs haven't been problematic for me but I have been taking a bit slower so I don't get run over by one of my dogs.
  8. onelessfatgirl

    How do you cope....

    For me it was mind over matter. I knew dinner time would not be the only temptation. The week of my pre op liquid diet the cupcakes made the rounds during a meeting and stopped right in front of me - for an hour and a half! The next day I resisted a free boxed lunch from Panera during a seminar. Each morning as I packed my kiddos lunches I used a napkin to wipe the smudges of PB&J off my fingers instead of my mouth. Don't get me wrong. It was hard. I nearly cried on taco night. But I just kept telling myself that the pre op diet was a test to see if I could hack it with the eating plan post op. I vowed not to fail. I am tired of failing when it comes to my weight. The Sunday prior to surgery I made about a months worth of meals for my family and froze them. While my hubs gets the meals ready and the family eats I'm going for a walk. But honestly, I'm 3 days post op and could care less about food at this point. Remember that the pre op liquid diet is harder than post op. If it gets too hard while making dinner us there someone else who could cook a few meals for your family?
  9. My dr and nut have a basic plan they endorse. Week 1 post op clear liquid diet. Weeks 2 & 3 pureed foods. Weeks 4 & 5 smushed foods. Week 6 begins solid foods but very conservatively. No real fruits and veggies (canned or frozen only) until week 12 post op due to the fibrous skins. On paper 6 weeks till solid food may seem a long time but in stage 3 (smushies) I can eat canned tuna or chicken if I break it up real good. I can also have yogurt, scrambled eggs, and soft cheeses before the solid stage. But being 3 days post op I really have no interest in anything food like at the moment.
  10. onelessfatgirl

    Confused now.....

    Hair loss is likely to occur with any wls. Don't let that be a deciding factor.
  11. onelessfatgirl

    Confused now.....

    Hi, I went to my informational seminar set on the lap band, too. But my surgeon said he's doing more band revisions than actually putting bands in. He said that because I was young (29) it would be holy likely that I'd need additional surgeries down the road to replace parts of the device or if it slips. I don't like needles so getting the fill would have sucked for me. I don't like the idea of possibly going in for surgeries down the line. I talked to lots of people who said they learned to "cheat" or "eat around" their sleeve. I wanted something that was really going to be a tool for me and help me change my eating habbits. Also, my sister has a band and when she was thin her port site kinda creeped me out. I could feel it under her skin. After careful consideration I went with the sleeve. I think its the best fit for me and my life style.
  12. onelessfatgirl

    Post op march sleevers

    Sleeved on the 12th. Today was my first full day home. I slept A LOT but each time I woke up I walked around my house for 15-30 minutes, did my deep breathing, and tried to get down a few more ounces very slowly. I'm only supposed to do protein shakes after I get in at least 32oz of water. Well, I got my 32oz and now I'm slowly working on room temp beef broth with unflavored protein powder mixed in. I'm managing pain well. I csn seem to go longer periods of time btwn doses. Nothing tastes good, not the broth, not the sf stuff I added into my water, not even my water. But I'm sipin away anyhow.
  13. onelessfatgirl

    March 12 th

    Tabitha, I'm sorry you're in so much pain. I hope you are getting lots of R&R so that come Monday you're feeling better.
  14. onelessfatgirl

    Big day

    Hi Brandy, sorry I didn't see your reply post earlier. How are you feeling?
  15. onelessfatgirl

    March 12 th

    Hey gang, how are you all doing? Please check in when you can! As for me, I came home yesterday evening. I'm taking pain meds every 4 hours. I wake up, walk around for 15-20 minutes, sip on about 2 oz Water, do my deep breathing, then take my meds and go back to sleep. I slept in the living room so I could utilize our recliner. My husband, bless his heart, has been super supportive. He slept on the couch next to my recliner last night. He's been very attentive. But I'm trying to be as self sufficient as possible since he's going to go back to work soon.
  16. Mine was years prior. Galbladder issues were triggered when I was pregnant. Everyone is different.
  17. onelessfatgirl

    Anybody else using a baby spoon?

    I'm not to the eating stage yet but I do have a few baby spoons and small snapware I'm planning on using.
  18. onelessfatgirl

    1 day post-op

    Amen! My surgery was yesterday. I too am doing ok. Mostly discomfort rather than pain. My surgeon repaired a hiatal hernia and did a biopsy on my liver. He k said that it was unusually large given that I had been on a 7 day liquid diet (I lost 14.4 lbs on liquid diet). So we'll see what comes of that! I am so glad it's over! It's getting easier hour by hour. Thankful for the prayers any one offered.
  19. onelessfatgirl

    March 12th Sleevers this is OUR day!

    Sorry for the typos. Guess I'm blurry eyed at 4am.
  20. Well, here it is March 12th at last. It's a little past 4am my time and I'm getting ready to head to the hodpital for my 5am check in. Woke up almost every two hours last night thinking "wow am I really doing this!?" And "I'm so excited for the new me!" And "Holy $*!T in X hours I'll be in surgery having my stomach removed." Yes, March 12th sleevers this is OUR to be filled with all those emotions and nerves. I wish each and every one of you a safe a smooth surgery and that through your docs' skilled hand and the grace of God we are all complication free this day and each day of our recovery. To those of you reading this I invite you to pray for me and my buddies! Thanks all for the support and encouragement over received!
  21. onelessfatgirl

    Turned 30 today! 14 months post op

    Hi and wow! Look at you! Congrats! My 30th is coming up in 8.5 months. I'm getting sleeved TOMORROW - 5am check in. So excited! You're an inspiration!
  22. onelessfatgirl

    My time has come!

    Hey Blu, good luck tomorrow. I feel fortunate that God has blessed my life with insurance that covers this surgery, a skilled and reputable surgeon, and supportive family and friends. Tomorrow we both begin new, healthier chapters. Here's to us!
  23. onelessfatgirl

    Big day

    Brandy, tomorrow will be the beginning of a much healthier and lighter life for your, me, and a few others. I like you am dropping my kids off tonight (to stay with my parents) and I'll be off to the hospital at 5am pst. What part of the country are you in? As you planning to use the ewaiting room on here? Just asking so we can support each other.
  24. onelessfatgirl

    What a Journey!

    Thanks for the encouragement. I'll be on the losers bench tomorrow afternoon.
  25. onelessfatgirl

    Any March Sleevers?

    Best of luck for those of you 3/11 sleevers and many well wishes for your recovery. I will be thinking of you all!

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