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  1. onelessfatgirl

    Blood clots

    So sorry to hear of your hospital stay Amy! Hoping for the best for you!
  2. onelessfatgirl

    Video of sleeve proceedure

    My procedure was conducted with the Da Vinci robotic assist. You can see it here:
  3. Ok, so my instructions while in the hospital and upon discharge were to 1) sip, sip, sip 2) walk around for 10-15 minutes at least every 3 hours 3) use my Airlife breath indicator 10x/hour and 4) cough. Drinking, walking, using my breather - these are easily fufilled. But coughing - holy $#!t man it hurts my incisions horribly! I am using a pillow to brace myself but even a small clearing of the throat kind if cough is super painful. I was told deep breathing and coughing will open up my airways and act as a preventative of pneumonia. Did you have to cough? How did you deal with it?
  4. onelessfatgirl

    Steri-strips. Heeelp!

    I learned I'm highly allergic to them! Itchy, itchy, itchy still! The doc took them off of me at my one week follow up but even though it's been a few days and I'm treating it as Rx'ed I'm still bugged and want to scratch. My doc said as long as the incision sites were scabbed over it's ok to gently pull them off.
  5. onelessfatgirl

    What's for dinner tonight?

    It will Holly, especially as you get more protein and thicker, more filling foods.
  6. onelessfatgirl

    Any March Sleevers?

    Yes, it's because I was on pain meds. I was drowsy on them and just kinda out of sorts at times so I didn't feel comfortable driving like that. Now that I'm off them completely I feel confident to drive. And it makes me
  7. onelessfatgirl

    What's for dinner tonight?

    It was pretty good. Wasn't salmon or teriyaki chicken but for a pureed meal it was super tasty!
  8. onelessfatgirl

    What's for dinner tonight?

    I bought powdered Idahoan potatoes. Cooked it in the micro with water. Then I blended 2 tbsp potatoes, 1 tbsp ricotta, and 4 tbsp skim milk.
  9. onelessfatgirl

    Any March Sleevers?

    Hey all! I've lurked and liked a lot but haven't posted in a while. I was successfully sleeved Tues 3/12. I went home the next day. I have been doing great! The first few days was pretty routine : wake up, use my "breathing game" as my boys call it, walk around my house at least 15 minutes (I worked in loads more to include light chores and lifting 3lb weights), sip on my Water the whole while, take more psin meds, sleep for a few hours, repete. By the weekend I was awake more, moving more, and drinking more including my Protein. Yesterday I went a full day with out pain meds. And today I drove! I took myself to the store so I could buy some things for the pureed stage. I also met my friend for "lunch" and got a few things for Easter. I'm having my one week follow up now (in the waiting room). And boy am I glad because the incision sites are getting itchy! No other symptoms though so I think I may be allergic to the strips. Anyhow, I know there's a lot of anxiety and excitement that goes along with this surgery. Especially in light of the tragic passing of lifesaveremt. But let me just say this, we all know there are risks. Shoot one could die from a blood clot that broke free while flying. Everyday we live there is risk. Everyday we are dying. For me, it's a matter of how can I live the fullest life possible in whatever time I have. Despite my best efforts there were lots of things that my "fat self" prohibited me from doing. I have been on a mission to break away from the chains that hold/held me back. I started my pre op liquid diet at 258.6. Today I weigh 235.1. This will take work and it involves risks but to have much you must risk much...nothing ventured nothing gained. There so much I want to gain.... My health back The ability to run, jump, bend, etc without knee pain Confidence in myself and so I mo longer feel ashamed for looking this way The ability and desire to go dancing, shopping, traveling, etc with my friends and family What's in it for you? What are you going to gain?
  10. onelessfatgirl

    At the ER

    Glad to hear you are ok!!
  11. onelessfatgirl

    Another day

    Hoping things are ok and that testing will reveal answers. Update us if you can.
  12. onelessfatgirl


    Welcome! Hope you find the boards helpful. I've been in here since Jan. Sleeved last Tues. I've found VST to be a helpful tool.
  13. onelessfatgirl

    Looking for Buddie in Washington Area

    I'm in federal way/auburn. I'd be interested in joining a western WA group. Where's it at?
  14. onelessfatgirl


    I've read plenty of threads by post op sleevers who got pregnant using any and all forms of hormonal bc (ring, patch, pill, iud, shot). You can't be too careful when losing lots of weight!
  15. onelessfatgirl

    Post op march sleevers

    I have that too!
  16. onelessfatgirl

    Grumpy tummy...

    I was sleeved march 12th and my sleeve seems to only like to yell at me at night. It seriously wakes me up multiple times. It's not uncomfortable or anything. But msn can it howl! I'm so glad this question was asked.
  17. onelessfatgirl

    Any seattle sleevers ?

    I was sleeved Tuesday 3/12/2013 @ St.Francis by Dr. Houseworth. Everything went excellent! Each day gets a bit better, a bit easier. Anyone go to any local support groups?
  18. My nut said that in liquid phase I could blend mashed taters in broth.
  19. onelessfatgirl

    Post op march sleevers

    Hi MK, I was sleeved tues and hadnt had a bm since mon. I ended up taking half of a childs dose of milk if magnesia yesterday. That got things flowin! Sometimes you gotta just bite the bullet and drink the nasty, chalky.
  20. onelessfatgirl

    March 12 th

    My weight before pre op diet was 258.6. I lost over 11lbs on pre op liquid diet. I went in for surgery weighing 244.4. I currently weight 242. I'm 5'5 & surgery was 3/12.

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