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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. sara-seeking-sleeve

    Blood Transfusion?

    Hi Post-Opers, I was wondering if you could give me any info on who has had to have a blood transfusion during surgery, and how much blood( pints did you get. I'm debating if I should make the 1.5 he drive to donate my own blood - just in case. I just wasn't sure how often blood transfusions occur with this surgery. I'm only going to be able to do 1 pint, so I'm also not sure it's even worth it. Thanks for any info you have on this. Sara
  2. sara-seeking-sleeve

    Where are the apple shapes?!

    Thank you;)...so much father to go, but haven't felt this healthy in 12 years!!!
  3. sara-seeking-sleeve

    Where are the apple shapes?!

    Thank you! Congrats on your date!!! So exciting;)
  4. sara-seeking-sleeve

    Where are the apple shapes?!

    Thank you!
  5. sara-seeking-sleeve

    Where are the apple shapes?!

    Total apple here! Very frustrating to see other less fat body parts shrinking and my big belly still ever present. I have to keep in mind that no matter what I'm healthier than I was and that I'll never have a small tummy... But I will be able to rock cute clothes and live longer!!! Sleeved- 2/27/13 Highest weight pre-op- 273.5 Current weight- 205.5
  6. sara-seeking-sleeve

    hair loss

    Me too! I wasn't expecting it to happen so soon! Bummed, but happy about the 55lbs I've lost since pre-op.
  7. sara-seeking-sleeve

    How many of you have lost hair?

    I'm 9 weeks post op and although its not clumps, it is significant and not close to normal. I'm scared, but knew this was likely to happen
  8. sara-seeking-sleeve

    Chia Seeds

    May be a silly question--- should I try to chew the seeds as I'm drinking or eating them (using the gel form)? Trying chia for BM reasons.
  9. sara-seeking-sleeve

    Surgery Scheduled!

    Read as much as you can...the good and the bad. It's life changing in almost every possible way--- but for me it's all been for the better. I thought I was totally ready for the surgery because I read everything I could find about it-- but it's all sooo much more "mental/psychological" than I ever expected. Best wishes on your journey
  10. Are you not allowed to have milk? Or you mean the whole drinking/eating at the same time. My doc said ago is choice cereal is fine. Special K? Look for protein and fiber;)
  11. sara-seeking-sleeve

    Does your weight do this?

    I was about to post the same thing! I was sleeved 2/27, and the thought of eating real food scares me . Let me know when your adventurous and give it a go!
  12. I'm so happy to hear your on the road to feeling better!!!
  13. I have to agree with the past few posts... We need to give it time to work for us. I've also been thinking that maybe some of us are slower to losing because we weren't the excessive over eaters to begin with. I always tried to eat reasonably healthy. I did have months here or there when I didn't care, but overall I was morbidly obese while constantly dieting and watching my intake. So, maybe I'm just over thinking it all, but maybe just maybe this is why the my scale isn't moving as quickly as others.
  14. sara-seeking-sleeve

    My 1 year surgery anniversary is today!

    Yes, inquiring minds want to know! Tell us about your food caloric intake and any exercise regime you incorporated on your journey
  15. Wow!!! Awesome success!!!
  16. Ok, this has probably already old news, but if you have NOT tried these, you MUST!!! Made me soooooooo HAPPY today!!! (Yes, I know.... I have serious issues with food making me happy...but at least this is a good choice!)