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  1. I know they gave me that option, so RhYs what I'm doing I think with Xmas and property taxes this will be what I have to do. My surgery is set for December 19th I'm excited....I'm 31 with five children 3 I gave birth to and with each one i gained a good 50 pounds. I'm married and since I got married I've gained 50 pounds. I have always been thick but now I'm beyond for my height. I'm 5'1 and am now about 215 pounds......I'm at my breaking point. After my second child who happen to be a boy I was having a lot of problems and after some lab work I was told I had pcos, I was in denial for a year then decided I better get my health in check ....plus I wanted a baby. 2 months after I started metformin I got pregnant. And now two years later I'm bigger now then I was after I had my son. So after seeing what lap band did for my sister I decided I wanted it to.....then I went to the seminar and after all the info I was sure the sleeve was for me. I talked my mom into talking to her Dr about it for her diabetes and she is 7 weeks post opp now she is doing great. So I'm just now waiting for my date.....I am so happy that I will be out of all the yoyo dieting crap. I just want to be healthy and it won't hurt to look hot.....lol what are your stats.....then and now. Oh I am also at lisav2281@gmail.com

  2. well i went to the nutrisionist at my primary care as well as the psych on my own, im gonna see if he will wave it......they didnt do anything for my in office except the consult so maybe they will.......or my insurance said i can find a new surgon.......i am not pleased at thispoint im thinking of calling around to different surgons

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