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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    CharN reacted to SexySlim in No New Years Resolution This Year!   
    I've been fat all my life and I'm so happy that I don't have to make a New Years resolution this year to lose X number of pounds! I would like to lose 35 more pounds, but since I'm sleeved I know it's achievable by my new lifestyle and I don't have to make it a resolution by starting another diet. This feels so good!!!
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    CharN reacted to FDclerical in What Are You Eating Tomorrow?   
    I am 2 weeks post op just met with my surgeon and i am cleared for stage 2 diet for 4 weeks. It has a nice range including one slice of deli turkey lol!!!
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    CharN reacted to mrdr in Just Had My Sleeve   
    I wanted to tell everyone out there that the post that you guys write have been inspirational. I had my sleeve done 2 days ago. I feel great. I have no complications or problems. I had it hear in Tijuana Mexico. The people here have been so helpful and friendly. The hotel that i am staying at is beautiful. Right now this choice i chose to make is a good one. I will do consistent updates. I will be going home very soon. I fell good right now. Thanks to everyone for the posts of their journeys.
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    CharN reacted to ozeedonkee in Any November 14Th Sleevers?   
    Oh! And over 15lbs lost!! My stomach no longer protrudes further than my boobs! Yay
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    CharN reacted to Miss Michi in Tomorow Is The Day.   
    food luck for those having surgery tomorrow, prayers and everything else good going your way!! Please keep us posted I'm scheduled for next Friday so is love to hear what your journey is like ))
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    CharN got a reaction from ProudGrammy in T.g.i.sleeve Friday!   
    I read a quote today that couldn't sum up why my decision to have a sleeve was so important. "To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." While I am nervous and anxious, I am excited to be moving towards a healthy future! Please keep me and all my fellow sleevers today in your thoughts and prayers as we all open the door to a healthier life!
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    CharN reacted to icon23 in T.g.i.sleeve Friday!   
    Wishing you a smooth surgery, a speedy recovery, and much success!
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    CharN reacted to sleevendown in November Sleevesters?   
    Good morning ppl!!! I'm here! Surgery is at 7:30! Please pray for me and all other sleepers today!
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    CharN reacted to Kalimomof3 in November Sleevesters?   
    Hey everyone,
    My Doc let me go home today. he can't say I am 100% in the clear but I am tolerating a Stage 2 full liquid diet without any nausea or vomiting . He wants to take a conservative wait and see approach which I am glad about. So keep praying for me that my sleeve heals and functions the way it is supposed to despite it's odd shape:)
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    CharN reacted to monique in Prayer Pre And Post Surgery   
    I love God and I love to pray! We all have made a life changing decision to improve our quality and quantity of life. It took a lot of faith to get to this point. Let's lift up each other daily in prayer. Unity in prayer causes miracles.

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