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  1. They drag their feet. I had to do a 6 months supervised diet which took forever and now I need to meet with a nutrionist, a nurse, and a mental health person. Then I can submit all my stuff to the insurance. I am just waiting for the hospital to call me to schedule my appt so see the people.

  2. So one of the things that I had to do for my insurance to approve is to do 6 months of supervised diets. That felt like it took forever. After that I am supposed to submit the stuff to the hospital so that I can meet with a nurse, dietician, and a mental health person. These are the steps that my surgeon's office said to follow. I called the hospital because I have finally completed the 6 months diets and they say oh you could have come to see us after the 4th appt with your doctor. I am mad because I could have already met with the people and I would be submitting to insurance for approval so now I am waiting for the hospital to call me back which can be days.

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