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  1. dharriott

    After a years wait.. APPROVED!

    Thanks! @Sandee.. To be honest, the way I found out that I was approved was the letter! Just got email from my center rep. I beat her to the punch it seems! . And yes the letter makes it seem very real!
  2. dharriott


    Thanks mag! Where r u in Texas? I'm in Corpus Christi
  3. dharriott


    Thanks for the responses! Mag, how did u find your approval online?
  4. dharriott

    Blue Cross Blue Sheild Federal Approval

    Have u heard anything?
  5. dharriott

    anyone NOT lost their hairI

    That's awesome! How long did u begin taking biotin before your surgery?
  6. I was reading a post from another person whose insurance didn't cover wls and she dropped her policy at work and got an individual policy thru Blue Cross Blue Shield and as there is no longer a pre existing clause with them, she was approved within a month. Just an FYI.
  7. dharriott


    Living.. I'm so happy for you! God is indeed good!
  8. dharriott


    Living.. I'm so happy for you! God is indeed good!
  9. There use to be a forum thread called Insurance.. What happened to it?
  10. dharriott

    Cant Find Insurance Thread

    Thanks! And Alex... Thanks for happy anniversary message I received from you!
  11. dharriott

    Insurance Stalling?

    I too have BCBS of Texas and my paperwork is being submitted this week. I see a lot if different time spans for peeps to hear back so who knows. Good luck and hoping u hear something soon!
  12. dharriott

    7 month pics

    Well done!
  13. dharriott


    Oofa.. How much was your TT and boob job?
  14. dharriott

    Waiting For Approval

    Shay.. Why is the hospital submitting your paper work and supposedly working with your insurance company? Why isn't your bariatric doctors doing this? Confused
  15. dharriott


    Congrats! You are on your way! I am headed out this morning for my Psych eval and then my doc will submit all my stuff for approval for surgery from insurance. It's been a ride to get to this point so I'm very excited for next chapter as well! I'll follow your journey, good luck!
  16. dharriott

    Considering Sleeve Surgery

    I am in the last phases of completing all my requirements before my doc submits for insurance approval. I too suffer from acid reflux and take medication for it and my doctor told me that once I have the surgery that the acid reflux will go away. I have taken a lot of time and consideration on my decision to do this and for me, it's the right choice. Just keep in mind that this is something that requires a commitment to a complete lifestyle change when it comes to your eating habits and food. This like most worthy things in life only works if you do. One thing that u have in your corner is that you have discovered this forum. There are so many here that can help you as you take this journey. Good luck and I'll be posting things as I go through my own journey!
  17. dharriott

    Im still in the hospital

    I'm glad you are feeling better!
  18. dharriott

    January 2014 Sleevers Come In!

    How did it go?
  19. dharriott

    Today is the Day

    Thi.. Had you in my thoughts last night. So happy to hear that your surgery went well. Let the losing begin!
  20. Started this journey a year ago and had to put everything on hold until January of 2014 because of a dumb preexisting clause with my new insurance company. I restarted the process in Nov and had lab work and upper GI done. Met with nutritionist and will have my psych eval on Sat. Once it is complete my doctor will submit paperwork for approval of surgery. The nerves about getting approved that I read from everyone on here are already setting in. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and my doc said that my policy does include wls so that's a positive note. I am so ready to have this done. I have two children in elementary school and it will be so nice to not be tired all the time after all their activities. I am 5' 1 and 255 lbs and have tried every diet I've encountered. I'd lose but would eventually regain. I really enjoy everyone's posts and pray for all of you to find the success and good health that we are all striving for with this endeavor. I'll keep you all posted and look forward to reading more from you all!
  21. dharriott

    Getting Closer

    Thanks! I will.
  22. dharriott

    Feeling Great...

    You look great! Congrats!
  23. dharriott

    Today is the Day

    I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to hear how it went! Sending prayers your way!

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