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  1. dharriott

    Did I stretch out my sleeve?

    Why are u snacking like that? It sounds like reflux to me as well. Don't let depression get the best of you.. Hugs!
  2. dharriott

    New Here Looking For New Buddies

    I started mine. I'm on it for 2 weeks. The vitamin with the shake thing makes me sick. Going on 3rd day and head hurts. Guess because I'm detoxing from carbs.. March 12th can't come soon enough.
  3. dharriott

    She didn't recognize the old me

    In.. You look fantastic! Well done!
  4. dharriott


    So is this something I should start taking now? Being sleeved march 12th...
  5. Yeah this is the first day of my preop diet and I've felt nauseated all day.. Thinks it's from the vitamins...
  6. I all! I started my preop diet today.. The vitamin made me soooooo sick.. Anyone else have this problem?
  7. Rmc, had my class today..my pre-op diet includes 1 meal as well... let the games begin!
  8. dharriott

    What are some of your goals?

    To be able to paint my own toenails without stomach in the way To wear regular sized clothing To be less tired and more healthy To roll over in bed without effort To not feel uncomfortable in my own body
  9. dharriott

    8 days after surgery

    I'm glad all went well Shay! I have my preop class tomorrow and surgery on March 12th... Getting closer!
  10. dharriott


    Fantastic! You are in your way!
  11. My preop appt is wed. Surgery is the 12th. It's all moving so fast! We can do this!
  12. That's an awesomely fast process! My surgery is March 12th. Good luck!
  13. dharriott

    BCBS NJ Direct

    With a BMI of 40 you should get approved. Just relax.. I felt nervous too. My surgery date is March 12th.
  14. dharriott

    BCN in Michigan

    Yay! Congrats!
  15. dharriott

    New Here Looking For New Buddies

    I'm good. I think I'll get more anxious the closer the date comes along.. how about u?
  16. dharriott

    Out of Pocket and Deductible Question?

    So what did u find out?
  17. dharriott

    anyone with a march date?

    March 12th here! Good luck to all!
  18. dharriott

    New Here Looking For New Buddies

    Hiya curvy.. My surgery date is March 12th. Doing my presurgical blood work tomorrow, then taking my preaurgical class in the 26th. It's so exciting, nerve racking all rolled up together. Seems like time is going so slow!!
  19. dharriott

    Kentucky Medicaid Changes

    What this means is if you get denied.. You can appeal and it can be overturned and approved. If you have two health issues from being obese, and a BMI of 35 you will be covered.
  20. dharriott

    How long till medicaid approval

    TammieO.. You will have to call your insurance company to see if your particular plan covers it. The additional health issues do play a factor in approval but finding out if your policy covers wls is your next step. Good luck!
  21. dharriott

    So, that's pretty cool, I guess....

    Great job, Madam! Hi-5!
  22. dharriott


    After having to wait out a pre existing clause on my insurance.. a year actually.. I have finally completed everything and it was all submitted last Thursday... Anyone out there have BCBSTX and about how long it takes to hear back after submission?
  23. dharriott


    Wow that is fast! I went to my mail box this morning and received my approval letter. I am scheduled for Feb 26th. Might have to move it a week so that my husband is available... It's all so exciting, isn't it? Do u feel it's happening way to fast for you?
  24. It's checked my mail and my approval letter was in it. February 26th is the day! Thanks for the encouragement!

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