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  1. dharriott

    5 Short months

    Great job
  2. dharriott

    Pre op diet

    Yay Jerzi!! Congrats... Is it like u expected?
  3. dharriott

    Pre op diet

    Marie. U crack me up! "I can't wait to have clavicles" lol
  4. dharriott

    Pre op diet

    Great Job Heather and Jpov!! Quite the inspirations..
  5. dharriott

    5 days post op

    Great to hear! Hope you have continued success with the healing! Congrats
  6. dharriott

    Starting the process

    Slimin... You hit the nail right on the head... This surgery is not an instant fix... But a tool to assist in getting you to a healthier you. That's what the Psych wants to hear. Mine asked why is I feel I need the surgery.. I straight up told him.. My father died of heart disease, my mother died because of complications with high blood pressure and simply put.. I want to be around for my children. It's not as intimidating as people think.. Just needs to know if you are being rational about it all.
  7. dharriott

    New Here Looking For New Buddies

    Thanks! Buckey.. I've been very strict with mine... I feel much better now. This is my 5th day. Good luck!
  8. dharriott

    Today is the day!

    Karen... Good luck!
  9. dharriott

    Today is the day!

    Well that was super fast! Glad all went well! Hugs!
  10. dharriott

    The Insurance Waiting Game!

    Whoo Hoo! Hi-5! Doing the approval dance... You are on your way! Congrats
  11. dharriott

    Waiting on surgery date!

    Gettin... Isn't it crazy how everyone's preop diet is different? An apple sounds good right about now!
  12. dharriott

    Today is the day!

    I'm so excited for you! Just said a little prayer for a fantastic surgery! Keep us informed and good luck!
  13. dharriott


    Are u getting in enough protein? My doc says that will cause hair loss. Thanks for the info!
  14. dharriott

    Waiting on surgery date!

    I'm going on 5th day of preop diet.. It consists of: Breakfast: Protein shake, Calcium chew Viatamin Lunch: Protein Shake, calcium chew Dinner: 3oz of lean meat, serving of vegetables, Vitamin, Calcium chew 64oz of Water per day
  15. dharriott

    The Insurance Waiting Game!

    Bcbstx... 5 days
  16. Apparently they didn't even look.. She wore 5lb weights on each ankle!
  17. Good luck everyone!! Mine is on the 12th! Sending prayers up for all!
  18. It sound crazy but I actually know someone whose sister did wear ankle weights to show a higher BMI...
  19. dharriott


    Fallen... At what point did u start losing it? Have you seen any regrowth at all?
  20. It doesn't seem like u have had much issue with loose skin either... Did have a lot of hair loss?
  21. Wow.. You look great! Congrats!
  22. dharriott


    Thanks Cher, ❤️
  23. Sick! I don't know why but I've been nauseated and had a headache the last two days. Stopped taking vitamin with shake and take it with my dinner meal and that hasn't helped either. I'm not hungry at all. I cannot take anything for my headache as I've been instructed to not take any ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or aspirin two weeks prior to surgery. Miserable! Any suggestions?
  24. dharriott

    3rd Day PreOp Diet

    Yeah makes no sense because it says they are out of your system in 24 hours.. Must have something to do with the liver. I feel a bit better today but I slept a lot lol.

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