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  1. dharriott

    Starting my new Journey Pre-op Diet :)

    Wow.. That's an awesome preop diet... My consists of two shakes a day and 3 oz of lean meat and a side of vegetables for dinner. Consider yourself lucky!
  2. dharriott

    5 month update with pics.

    Well done! Thanks or sharing! Very inspiring!
  3. dharriott

    HELP!....HAIR LOSS !

    I just watched a show where they has a doctor on who specializes in hair loss... She said that the amount of protein that one takes in DOES INDEED matter. My doc said the same thing. Some people say biotin works and some don't but he said it does help as well as zinc.
  4. dharriott


    Congrats!! You're whole life is about to change!
  5. dharriott

    Pre op diet

    Or the rerouting of the intestine
  6. dharriott

    Low Calorie Diet

    I'm on day 9 of my preop diet and I agree the 1st 4 days were horrible.. Now I'm just completely exhausted.
  7. Kind of getting sick of protein shakes. Still very fatigued. I could go to sleep right now. Talked to the hospital today and scheduled my pre-surgical tests for the day before. Had no idea I'd have to do another EKG, Chest Xray and blood work... But the hospital requires it.. Anyone had to do this?
  8. dharriott

    Is this too much?

    Those look so cute! U look great in them too!
  9. Still tired.. But down 8lbs!
  10. That's awesome with the pics.. Great job
  11. dharriott

    One year later !

  12. dharriott

    Day 7 Preop Diet

    That's awesome.. Is he tired a lot? I think I'm over the worst of it.. Very excited! Thanks!
  13. dharriott

    Day 6 Preop Diet

    Thanks Jen! You can do this... I just keep very busy... It will be over before we know it!
  14. Feeling WAYYYY better than the last few days... Just extremely tired and fatigued.. Guess that's lack of calories.. Still not hungry.. As of last night 6lbs down.. Will weigh again tomorrow.. Tired!!
  15. dharriott

    Day 6 Preop Diet

    I am on a two week preop diet.. It goes like this: Breakfast: Protein shake, Vitamin, Calcium chew vitamin Lunch: Protein Shake, calcium chew, b-12, Vitamin D Dinner: 3oz of lean meat, 1 serving of veggies, Vitamin, probiotic, calcium chew 64 oz of Water First 4 days were terrible.. Drained, headache and nausea.. 5th day was way better.. Not hungry at all... Surgery date next Wednesday.
  16. dharriott

    Eye Candy

    Good luck, Dana! You're going to do great!!
  17. dharriott

    Day 5 Preop Diet

    Lol dana.. Sounds like we have the same regimen post op... I haven't really been all that hungry... Just so glad I'm over the nausea and headache stage.. U only have a couple days and your on to the other side!! Congrats! I'll be following your lead!
  18. Feeling much better! Headache gone, nausea gone..still feel drained.. Not hungry at all. Down 6 lbs! C'mon March 12th!
  19. dharriott

    Pre op diet

    I hope u have a continued success with your recovery! Congrats
  20. dharriott

    5 days post op

    danaevet.. Aren't u excited??
  21. dharriott

    Starting the process

    This is a great place for information.. I'm on the 6th day of my preop diet and my surgery is on the 12th of March. Everyone here will help ya with info and encouragement. Congrats on your decision to become healthy!
  22. dharriott

    12 months out! FINALLY

    Have u experienced any hair loss?
  23. dharriott

    My story

    Congrats! U look great!
  24. dharriott

    12 months out! FINALLY

    Amazing!! Congrats!

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