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  1. Was wondering if anyone was having surgery with Dr. Patel in San Antonio, Texas?
  2. I had my surgery March 12th. All went well! The staff is awesome! Good luck!
  3. dharriott

    Sleeved on March 11th

    I was sleeved on the 12th and for the most part have been doing well... I feel pain under my belly button. Not a constant pain but little stabs of pain here and there... Anyone else feel this?
  4. dharriott

    1 Month Post-op

    J.. Excellent! Tuna and chicken.. Well.. Haha anything with a different texture than shakes and liquid sound awesome!! Glad you are transitioning so well! Keep it up!
  5. dharriott

    1 Month Post-op

    Marie... It's a huge step there is no doubt. Everyone is scared at some point during this journey. Only you and your doctor knows what's best for your health. It's a big change! I'm just 6 days out and the changes so far in my lifestyle are many. Good luck on your journey!
  6. dharriott

    1 Month Post-op

    You're doing so awesome! Still sore but getting better. I'm so proud of you and your progress! I'm so glad to have u as an inspiration by following your journey! Tell me about the phase your in now with eating...
  7. I'm 5 days post op and still feeling a bit sore but have cut back on pain meds so maybe I'm just noticing it more because of that. Getting in enough fluids is hard.
  8. dharriott

    1 Month Post-op

    JP.. Glad to know that u are doing so well... Hard to believe you are already 5 weeks out! I know it will get better everyday.. Thanks for the encouragement!
  9. dharriott

    1 Month Post-op

    Sore! I've been having a lot of bloating as well. I'm walking a lot to assist with this as I'm sure it's just gas. Staying positive! How's u?
  10. dharriott

    Pre op diet

    HeatherV...I had my surgery wed and it shows I've gained... I know this is probably from fluids from IV's, meds and swelling. Maybe that's what happened to u instead of a stall?
  11. So my surgery was Wednesday, and the hospital I had it in is over 2 hours away. We get home yesterday and tonight my husband makes a huge meal of grilled steaks, baked potatoes with all the fixings.. (My very favorite meal). Am I wrong for feeling that this is completely insensitive on his part? I understand people have to eat but this has upset me terribly.
  12. At the hospital all prepped... Wish me luck!
  13. dharriott

    Surgery Day

    Thanks everyone.. It's day 3 post op and I have been discharged from the hospital. I feel supper gassy and bloated..: walking a lot. Anyone else feel this way?
  14. dharriott

    1 Month Post-op

    Thanks JP! I definitely will keep you posted.. U do the same! You are doing fantastic!
  15. dharriott

    anyone with a march date?

    Did u have your doctor call them? I'm confused.. Did u not get approved BEFORE they have u a surgery date? My doctor doesn't go any further until approved.
  16. dharriott

    1 Month Post-op

    Way to go JP! My surgery is Wednesday... Any advice?
  17. dharriott

    12 months out! FINALLY

    If u could pick your favorite thing to eat now... What would it be and how much can u eat. You look great!
  18. dharriott

    anyone with a march date?

    Glad it all went well, Dana. My surgery is Wednesday.
  19. Wow u look great! Congrats!! Keep it up!
  20. dharriott

    I DID IT!

  21. dharriott

    Mindless eating

    My doc said ABSOLUTELY NO alcohol for 6 months after surgery. I understand that old habits die hard but for me.. With all the hard work and stress of getting to the point of surgery.. I don't understand why peeps would even dare to push the envelope. Thanks for sharing... The route we chose isn't an easy one.. Guess we will all have those challenges along the way!
  22. dharriott

    Two weeks post op

    From what I'm reading on this forum.. A lot of peeps do the same thing.. Keep the faith... Check your measurements too... Where u might not notice loss in lbs.. U just might in inches. With the added protein.. It will assist in increased muscle mass.. Muscle weighs more than fat... Main thing is don't worry!
  23. dharriott

    2nd Thoughts- 3 days from surgery

    Hi there.. My surgery is on the 12th. That's awesome that u lost so much preop! I've lost 10lbs. About your reservations regarding your surgery.. Ask yourself a few questions... How have you been on diets before? Do you gain back once you stop? With me.. I've never had a problem losing weight on diets.. It's the fact that I gain back when getting off them. The yoyo thing is bad. Keep in mind also that you can't stay on that preop diet for too much of an extended time as it's only meant to be on a couple of weeks.

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