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  1. lisa2job

    7 WEEKS POST OP! Before and After picture!

    amazing !!! how much wieght have you lost
  2. Please hang with it , your body is still adjusting to the surgery...... after loosing the Water weight I gained from the hospital I didn't loose anything for another 2 weeks . then woosh off 5lbs then a week later another 7 lbs. then stalled again for another 2 weeks then woosh 5 lbs again. I am 3.5 months out and down 80 lbs all together ... so the weight will come off !! be patient and try to get more Protein and calories in every day. I was doing around 400 calories the first 3 weeks and then up'd it too 600 and now I am 800 calories most days , some days over and some days a little less... stick with the plan and it will happen
  3. lisa2job

    Surgery is TOMORROW!

    Good luck remember sips walk rest sip walk rest!! let us know how your doing when its all over with
  4. lisa2job

    5 months journey

    I feel the exact same way , in 3 months I have went from a size 26 to a 16 and when I look in the mirror I see that size 26 , I know I must be getting smaller because the tags on the clothes says so but when I see my reflexion I feel sooooo overweight still. I still have a super long way to go but being down 80 lbs I thought I would feel differently.
  5. lisa2job

    How did it happen?

    Congrats on your Journey so far!!! watch and see once you have made up your mind the weight seems to melt off you !!! best thing I have ever done ever ever ever
  6. So glad you didnt let the people whom have such negative things to say scare you off. Most surgeries go smoothly, everyone recovers differently ..... Glad that your surgery went good and that your on the road to a better you!!! congrats !! let this be a lesson to all !!! this is by far the best thing I ever ever did !!!!
  7. lisa2job

    What is average weight loss for 1 month?

    every month is different for me, I am 3.5 months out and down 80 lbs. 30 was before surgery. and since Thanksgiving I have defantly slowed down...... not as active and all the baking ... but totally back on track now. like everyone says we are all different. I had allot more weight to loose so I think I am loosing faster than others.
  8. lisa2job

    Scared has helll

    I am 3.5 months out and still don't get hungry like before, but I found due to the limited calorie intake I have to make sure to eat lunch at a normal time.... also the head hunger doesnt go away. I fight that all the time still that is my biggest problem so far. I have also tried what iggy above has said , and if I really want something I will take one tablespoon full and then take a few bites and usually it cures it and then I dont over induldge on that item instead of the meat I should be eating. I average around 800 calories
  9. lisa2job

    10 days post op... Mixed emotions

    It really does gets better !!! take it slowly and sip sip sip!! the first month I was up like 24/7 just trying to get all the water in and some kind of protien I had to set an egg timer and sipped 1 oz every 10 or 15 minutes.... also I totally hate the foamies!! yukkkkk that usually means for me that I took in too much on my stomach .... dont over do it and take it slow, you will be feeling better before you know it !!! I am 3.5 months out and down 80 lbs .... so well worth everything I have been through.... started 338 now at 258 started at a size 26 now 16
  10. lisa2job

    Still bad Guts!

    . my stomach still cramps up on occasion, but it no longer bothers me guess I am use to it now.... also I have prunes in my daily routine 4 a day keeps the bad days away :wub: and me on a regular I am 3.5 months out.... it gets better as you go
  11. my doctor recomended pre op diet was only 2 weeks long, shakes x 3 a day and 1 small meal, had to stay under 800 calories a day. three days before surgery was full liquids.... but I had to loose before they would do surgery 10% of my body weight... so that was 30 lbs.... so I started cutting back 2 weeks before my pre op to make sure I was down 30 lbs before surgery. I lost 30 lbs before surgery. gained 15 yes 15 lbs during surgery. ( they pumped tons of water into me due to not being able to use the bathroom on my own .... took over a week after surgery to loose all the water they pumped into me... ) surgery was 3.5 months ago and I am down 80 lbs
  12. lisa2job


    stay strong it will be here before you know it !!!
  13. lisa2job

    6 month check in

    congrats on your weight loss !!!! I am 3.5 months out and down 80 , for xmas my family got me some personal training which I start tomorrow. !! I have 60 more before I re-evaluate what I need to loose !!! super happy
  14. lisa2job

    16 dayssssss! Be my friend! :)

    I told everyone, but that is just me... I really didnt have any negative comments , everyone has been super positve and supportive!!! I am 3 months out and feel great down 80 lbs from a 26 to a 16 !! starting the gym tomorrow with a personal trainer .... I say just do this for you and who cares what others think !!! Good luck with your up coming surgery let us know how it goes
  15. lisa2job


    good luck
  16. scrambled eggs, greek yogurt, tomatoe sauce with cottage cheese , parmesan & mozzerella baked ( I call this noodless lasagna) , fat free tuna salad , chicken salad, lots and lots of refried beans and chili
  17. you should keep track of all your calories, I track mine and you would be surprised how quickly ads up , go see your surgeon there is defiantely something not right
  18. I am 3 months out and just got back from lunch with a work associate and even though I am 3 months out I still order way to much food...... Or maybe its I cant eat as much so no matter what I order I have to take 3/4 of it to go , which usually ends up getting thrown away since I don't like left overs..... So for lunch I ordered a" Pho" salad and a fresh spring roll (which was only 2 pieces of shrimp and the rest was vegtables).... after eating the spring roll I was totally full and couldnt even touch my salad and meat , so I got that to go but will probably not eat it for dinner and throw it away. Its so much food it would take me 4 days to eat it all and that would be for every meal....... I love that my stomach is super small and I am loosing weight but I feel guilty like I am always wasting food espcially when I go out. Some places will let you order off the kids menu and other places won't , I found the fast food places that have the dollar menu are ok on portion size but terrible on fat content..... I work in sales and eat out allot since I am on the road driivng all day, sometimes I take my lunch with me but eating in your car when your driving all day isnt really appealing to me and gets very cramped. thanks for letting me rant...
  19. stick to the plan and it will all work out for you !! As the weight will start to fall off and you will be amazed at the changes and how you will feel so quickly..... I started at 338 and I am now at 265 and I feel amazing !!! I am 3 months post op and wish I would of done this sooner !! stay on course , making this decsion was the hardest part and surgery will be here before you know it !!! Good luck and stay strong!!
  20. it could be a number of things or nothing at all, I would call my doctor and get in to see her better safe than sorry...... for me it hurts when I take too big of a bite of anything and try to swallow it regarless of how much I chew it and I am 3 months out. I eat with a baby spoon most of the times still and it keeps me on track for small bites.
  21. It gets better with time believe me , I am 3 months out and still get tired from time to time....
  22. I also take Prevacid and try to stay away from coffee ... maybe have decaf 1x a week ....
  23. Hi , I haven't been on here lately but wanted to hop on and tell of my progress, I am 3 months out and all is good!! Made it through the dreaded Thanksgiving holiday and feeling marvelous. I am down 73 lbs as of Saturday Dec 1st , only have 100 more to go !! This is what I have found in the last 3 months. This surgery is in no way like the Bypass, my sister had the bypass just a few weeks before me , and from what I can tell we are loosing at the same rate lb per lb, but she can eat more than me in one sitting but she can not eat the variety of foods that I can. I found that I can eat anything just not in the portions like before so now comes me having to use my will power not to eat things that have no nutritional value for me, I get my protien in 60-80 grams a day , Water way over 64 oz and even do get a little fruit by eating 4 prunes a day, they also have some other value as well ( lol ) , I don't however get too much in the way of veggies but I am hoping to work on that as I can eat more. I stay under 800 calories a day usually but if I go over I try not to really worry about it... So for now the biggest struggle seems to be just head hunger and wanting to eat things even though I am not hungry... or eating meals too close together just because I am bored .... I find on the weekends I have a real issue with that. one thing I do know is this , I have really gotten to know myself better and I am allot stronger than I ever thought I would be. Well thanks for listening and hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!!!
  24. I think everyone goes through the food funeral. I did this , if I wanted something like pizza for instance I made sure first of all I was not alone wth a whole pizza , invited my kids over or went to my sisters house and had one small slice and then salad. I didnt want to undue all of the good stuff I had done in the months before surgery . I didnt feel deprived and I got the taste of what ever it was that was driving me crazy....... I was also a self pay but did mine in the states, still paying on it but worth every penny. also I just made sure I had lots of good thngs to eat around the house veggies are pretty much low calorie so if I needed too I ate that instead of something fattenng. also I did parfiets made with fruit and yogurt or pudding and it always seemed like such a treat. stay strong your time will be here before you know it !!!
  25. lisa2job

    When Does Weight Loss Begin?

    I gained 15 lbs during surgery yes 15 lbs, so It took me about a week before that water weight fell off then I had a stall for the next two weeks.... so the first month I lost about only 9 lbs but the second month it really came off. I am just starting my 3rd month now and been on a stall again for a week. so be paitent it will come off. I have lost 63 lbs so far that includes pre op, I went from a size 26 to an 18 . I can wear 1x comfortably with out a problem and some XL depending what it is ... cant wait to loose more ..........

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