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  1. lisa2job

    Treated differently?

    The only thing I notice is in my dating life alot more men hit on me now than before. and they seem to be more interested in dating me seriously than they were before when I dated. I even had men actually not recognize me and hit me up on line after meeting before when I was heavier. I feel I look the same untill I see side by side pictures but random shots In my mind I look the same.
  2. lisa2job

    I need Advice!

    I would wait , she is only 14 and still goin thru emotional time of just being a teen.... maybe with you getting the surgery and staring a healthier life style she will fall in suit.... at 14 I wouldnt of been able to make this kind of decision on surgery... definately have her see a counselor though and see where her head is at ...
  3. You will have lots of stall along the way, I am ten months out and I loose then stall, your body is catching up to the surgery it just went through. Keep doing what your doing and following the plan there is NO WAY you can not loose with the limited amount of calories you are taking in !! Keep the Faith Sister , it will happen ~~~
  4. the more you walk the better it gets!! also lots of gas X , only you can judge if something is truely wrong, if it gets worse then you may want to see your surgeon, do they have a line where you can call and speak with a nurse? that might relieve some anixety
  5. lisa2job

    Is this normal?

    get use to this!! totally normal, your not taking in anything but liquids now , so it will be different than when you eat things .....you dont really have anything to poop out ....
  6. lisa2job

    Slice of pizza

    the sleeve is only a tool for us and we have to make good decisions, its probably not normal for someone to eat Pizza that so early out but hey sometimes you have to make choices. I am 10.5 months out and had my first slice about 2 weeks ago for my son's birthday it tasted so good but then I thought this is what got me here to begin with , why didnt I get a salad or take the toppings off and eat just that..... so again its choices , I wouldnt make a habit of it ... I find that I can eat more and more as the time goes on so I try to measure my food and or buy food in certain oz so I know i will not over do this. anyhow good luck to you and try not to make it a habit .
  7. lisa2job

    Weigh In Update

    great job the lbs will fall off wait and see !!!
  8. lisa2job

    He's hitting some spots thats NEVER been hit b4

    lol yes yes yes !! I know the feeling , had to tap out last night myself .... good golly miss molly !! It gets better the further out you get !!
  9. I too never had an acid reflux issue before sugery and now have to take a PPI daily, doesnt bother me in the least , a small price to pay for 112 lb loss !!! I take mine with my vitamins in the am
  10. lisa2job

    Complication insurance

    that is what I was also told, my insurance doesnt cover this surgery and said they would not cover any complicatios either.. My surgeon told me that I should look into supplimental bliss coverage , he had just moved locations and no longer had it , so he refered me to another surgeon whom did carry it. you have to go through one of thier sugeons that have applied for the extra coverage, it covers leaks , strictures ect..... I had no problems and had a piece of mind that my surgeon was one of the best..... ps the coverage cost me about 500 dollars... certian things I have a 2 year coverage other things only a few months depending on the complication....
  11. Hi everyone just wanted to update my status , down 110 lbs so far started at 338 now 229 only 10 months later!!! the weight loss has very much slowed down after 6 months but I need to go to hte gym more ... very excited to see what 12 months brings
  12. lisa2job


    ten months out and havent had a diet coke for a year now , boy do I miss soda !! but I also was told no soda after surgery
  13. lisa2job

    Dumping syndrome

    I think I had it once but didnt know it till a few days later when I really thought about how bad I felt and reading a post about dumping, but other than that I dont have it wished I did sometimes cause like others have said on here you can eat anything its up to us to not eat certain items
  14. lisa2job

    160 pounds GONE !

    wowsa that is awesome !!! It makes me want to stay on point!! down 100 , 60 more to go !!! thanks
  15. lisa2job

    **100 lbs Gone**

    awesome !!! way to go !!!
  16. darn it I wish I new about this before giving away all my stuff!!! I am pretty stylish and had tons of really nice things so I gave them away because i didnt want to give it to good will. well at least I feel good someone else likes my taste in clothes
  17. lisa2job

    Are There Any Single Sleevers Out There..

    I am about 10 months out and its weird I had more confidence before weight loss than I have now. my skin use to look so good even being fat I filled out my body well , now I feel flabby and see hanging skin in areas it use to not hang what the heck .... also I find that its a lot harder to date when you really cant eat much and everyone wants to take you to dinner and drinks, I found a way to get around the drink part by saying I am not a drinker but the dinner part is becoming hard, I don't want to tell people I have just met that I use to be fat and have lost over 100 lbs... that is just not first date material when and if it becomes necessary I will tell them , I try to order something small but wth only being able to eat a small portion it is hard... i try to say lets do something else but men love to eat.... lol
  18. lisa2job


    I dont eat cereal with milk but i do eat Kashi lean , it has lots of protien in it and i sprinkle it on yogurt, with sliced fruit for a treat....
  19. I didnt have a drain tube, my Doc said it depends on the individual and if it is needed or not. I would ask if they anticipate this or not
  20. lisa2job

    Average hospital stay?

    I was there less than 24 hours... went in at about 10 am surgery done at noon, was up and headed home at 7 am
  21. Congrats ready to see you on the loozers bench !!!
  22. i too was a slow looser but i think my problem really was I was eating too much, I had surgery in Sept 2012 and I have lost 104 lbs so far.. which is incredible for me...... now my weight loss has come to a stop right now but I am working out and gaining muscle ... so you never know how you body is going to react to this..... Good luck and remember with such limted calories there is no way that you cant loose !!
  23. lisa2job

    Super scared.

    hey so we all go through it there are some days I feel like I could eat a horse... but if you get back to basics and start with your protein you will get full.... most junk food like they said above is slider food. start new tomorrow and make sure you are drinking your water at least 64 oz and eat protien first meals, I bet you get fuller faster.... I also started to eat salad when I feel I want something more for me it fills me up and is not a slider..... choose wisely !! you can do this !!
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