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  1. I was a self pay and had to pay 20 grand for my sleeve surgery when all said and done. I saved my butt off to have the surgery , put down half and did Care credit for the rest .... got 1500 left to pay .... i would look into payments some places will let you do them ( mine wanted payment in full before surgery ) or take out a loan, it is well worth it !! and the money you save in food the first 6 months will be stagering
  2. lisa2job

    Dating after Weight Loss Surgery

    So I online dated before surgery and now after, i definalty get hit on more , its fun and interesting and they always ask WHY are you single?????? now the eating thing is kinda tricky at first cause you cant eat anything and they think your being shy or something.. I told one guy that i had surgery because we started to really see each other on a regular basis and he was wondering why I wont eat anything and it started to get a bit weird, but at 2 years out I dont tell them, I can eat more not alot but enough so that questions are not asked. i usually order veggies and chicken breast or somehting i now is going to be small...
  3. Hi so I am almost 2 years out , lost 119 lbs gained back 17 recently due to not following the plan, I did the sleeve, i do not feel hungry but do get that dreaded "head" hunger . This is defiantly not a fix all surgery, I am working on my bad habits still and just started back today with really working my sleeve. i have a food addiction and i know what got me fat to begin with its up to me to make the right choices. I would not change my surgery for the world I love the way i look and feel and i can shop in a regular store !!! i can fit in an airplane seat with out and extender, I feel great. ps I also gave up diet soda it wasnt that hard, I had some the other day but it totally made me burp for 30 minutes , so wont be doing that again anytime soon
  4. lisa2job

    Worst heartburn!

    I was getting my heartburn/reflux at night also, so my Dr said to try taking it later in the day other than in the am with my Vitamins and that did the trick for me , i now take it between 3-5 depending on my work schedule. Good luck
  5. lisa2job

    Discouraged and Heartbroken.

    I lost my mom to cancer 2 years ago and then my sister just a few months ago............ you obviously have taken the first step and noticed something so now you can take action, throwing those popcicles away is a great idea. i just recently gained back 17 lbs of my 119 lb loss and am taking the reigns back........... you can do this !!!
  6. I am in tacoma / lakewood area would be willing to meet in Kent area , there is a small group of about 3 or 4 that meet in Spanaway but i am lookign for a bigger group, surgeon has a group but that is in Everette and way to far to travel for a support group anyhow if anyone is in Tacoma, olympia , lakewood , Fife area hit me up , would love to have a walking, zumba , workout partner.
  7. I am trying to get back into the swing of things, I was sleeved about 20 months ago and lost 119 lbs gained back 17 recently due to falling back into bad bad habits and not excercising. Was hoping to find someone in the near by area to walk with, go to the gym, zumba, need to get back at this to loose 40 lbs , inbox me or reply Thanks in advance and have a wonderful day
  8. lisa2job

    Any Washington State Sleevers?

    I am in Tacoma area had surgery with Dr Chock from NW weight loss surgery she is totally awesome .... anyone by me in Tacoma/lakewood / olympia area ....... I need a walking buddy , hit me up as a friend and lets chat!! had surgery Sept 2012 lost 119 lbs in about 6 months then got complacent and lazy and its now 20 months out and i have gained back 17 lbs eating junk food and not followign the process. So today i am taking the bull by the horns and getting back to basics.
  9. lisa2job

    Sleeve Reflux medical resources and data

    I got re flux after my surgery never had it before and it really sucks but would i go back to being fat/ nope , i know that i cant eat spicy food or mexican food something with the chili/ chili powder that makes it worst for me and certain spices / Vitamins also do it to me but hey it could be worse and i could have dumping sydrome like my friend ... lol
  10. starting weight 338 currently 219 !! whoo hooo sleeved 9-6-12
  11. I drink coffee at times but usually do decaf, on specail ocassions I do regular... still however dont drink soda
  12. lisa2job

    Did you keep a "before" outfit?

    I didnt but kinda wished I would have , I just did my before and after 1 year sleeveaversary picture with my doctor and the change is tell tale, but part of me was scared if I kept them I would fit into them one day ...
  13. this is me one year out two days ago, dang it wont let me post the picture .......
  14. lisa2job

    July 26 plastics... Updates:)

    I am also curious on how much it cost for everything and do they take care credit or cash only ... I just hit my one year mark and have some surgery I want done that pretty close to what you got done but its over ten grand just for a tummy tuck here, so Mexico might be my solution.
  15. comfy pajamas or really comfy sweat pants, but I didnt really have an issue with pain or being too sore just be careful of where your incesions are . so something with a expandle waiste works best. also a comfy chair is great for lounging in and if you have some pain, but i slept in bed. everyones pain is different and my sister couldnt sleep in bed for about a week she had surgery somewhere else so play it by ear and do whats comfortable for you,
  16. had surgery last Sept 6th 2012. cant believe its been a year, got more to go but hey I feel so good ~~
  17. for me after 6months my weight drastically slowed down, so I feel what your saying , but every month I loose about 5 or 6 lbs and at a year I am 119 lbs down . started at 338 now I am 219 ,.... be patient keep doing what your doing..... and excercise
  18. lisa2job

    A year out and im frustrated

    dont give up!! I am 1 year out and just got past the 220's after being stuck there for 2 months ... sometimes our bodies like a certain weight . try joining a gym that has some type of exercise that you like, I just the ymca and love love love Zumba and the "ab/ strength training " class,..Also try measuring your food like you did when you where newly sleeved. cut the carbs and sweets they realy ad up fast track them on my fitness pal or some other tracking place...
  19. lisa2job

    What are your eating habits? honestly?

    I am a year out almost and I eat about 1/2 cup to 1 cup at a meal depending what it is. this is my usual routine Breakfast protien shake just because I like them and i hate breakfast lunch greak ,yogurt with Kahsi Cereal or chicken 4 oz , or sometimes since I work in sales I eat at a rest. so salad or chimichanga but eat just the meat dinner chicken, fish or other meat 4 oz try to get in some vegtables and some type of carb snack fruit snack nuts I have lost 119 lbs so far , I work out 5 x a week doing cardio or strength training.
  20. lisa2job

    BCBC PA Question!

    it depends on your employer and the insurance, I have BCBS of Utah and they cover bariatric but my company opted out of this plan , so needless to say my surgery wasnt covered..... as long as you did all the steps you should be fine
  21. lisa2job

    Body Contouring after weightloss

    I am not quite there yet but I too am worrying about how to pay for surgery... I am sooo scared to go out of the country for this because of the " what if something happens" syndrom... I want to get my stomach done, boobs and maybe my arms, I started at 338 and now down to 223 11 months out so I stilll have more to go... does the doctor take care credit? I used that to finance my WLS surgery,.. that could help with some of the cost?
  22. lisa2job


    i was wondering what you meant by that in the other picture , will have to remember that when I do mine ...
  23. I think some dieticians say that referring more to a "regular " person caloric intake peramiters .... mine told me something like that also before surgery when we spoke about how my diet would be after surgery... I had to get clarification from My actual Dr on the " realistic " weight loss person calorie needs. The first few months 500-800 calories making sure I get 60 protien , at about 6 months about 1000 and 80-100 protien depending on my workouts.... and when I want to maintain we will work together to find a caloric level that suits me as not to regain... I am just shy of 11 months out and take in 1000 calories a day sometimes more if I feel I need it or workout really hard
  24. lisa2job

    Pre workout meals

    I must be bad I usually have a protien shake or I do 6 oz greek yogurt with some Kashi protien in it just becuase I need the crunch.
  25. I was a self pay in the US and yes I did claim this and all other medical deductiions, I also claimed all my dental, eye, perscriptions, milage to doctor appointments ect... my tax person help me out with this, made a huge difference I would of had to pay this year but ended up with getting I think 5 grand back

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