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    Before and After - 241 to 128

  2. melinda48


    So sorry didn't see your comment. How are you? How did it go?
  3. I was just wondering if many others drink with their food. I do. Can you tell a difference as far as appetite when you DON'T?
  4. It's weird that there are some things I can eat more of,than others. For example I can usually only eat 1 taco, yet I can eat 18+ mini rice cakes (130 cal.) with no problem. The sweet chili ones are unfortunately my weakness. You would think I wouldn't be able to eat many of the rice cakes.
  5. My weight came to a standstill this month...but I did eat a lot of chocolate covered valentines strawberries! I have about 23lbs. to go so I guess I can't complain..I'm going to try to get 5lbs off in the remaining 8 days of this month but don't think I can do that since I've been averaging 7-8 lbs for a month.
  6. I live in Rowlett and had my surgery Nov. 2nd. I was wondering if anyone else in the area is on this forum?
  7. I have some womens size 16 jeans and a couple of Old Navy shirts etc..to give away if anyone needs them
  8. melinda48

    Do you drink with your food?

    I honestly can't tell either...but I'm only drinking a few sips.
  9. Until I get to the size I want to be I buy my jeans at thrift store/garage sales. I have 5 pairs of size 14 jeans and 3 pairs of 16's. Three pairs of the 14's fit (others too tight) and 1 pair of the 16 aren't too loose (rest too loose). It's the brand of jean I promise!
  10. I haven't actually measured my food (since those first few weeks) but I'd say that (3/4 cup) sounds like me depending on the food. Some days I seem to be able to eat more than other days..BUT my problem is sluggish metabolism. I really have to keep my calories low to lose...have always been that way My problem isn't sweets its more carbs like white rice,flour,pasta etc..
  11. Surgery Nov. 2nd. Counting my weight from day of surgery (212lbs.) So as of today Dec. 4th .. I've lost 23lbs. I thought the weight would go faster but I'm not going to lie I don't exercise like I should...and I can eat pretty much anything...oddly enough deviled eggs/boiled eggs don't agree with my stomach.
  12. melinda48

    :( Haven't Had Protein

    I have a friend that had the sleeve done about 6mths. ago and she was having hair loss problems but said it got a lot better once she was able to eat meat and get enough Protein.
  13. melinda48


    I wonder sometimes because I had my surgery Nov. 2nd and 3 weeks and 2 days later I can eat a Talipia (fish) filet and small sweet potato patty (the circular patty is about the size of the bottom of a bisquit can) .. Sometimes I wonder if that's more than I should be able to eat. However sometimes it varies and I can only eat half of the Talipia filet. That is either for lunch or dinner...then later I'll have some cottage cheese and a few canned peach slices...then rarely I'll have a small thing of Eazy Mac. Either way right now I'm getting about 800 calories a day and just started walking.
  14. melinda48

    Help! This Is Not Working.

    Wendy are you in the Dallas area? I am.
  15. melinda48

    Dfw Support Group

    Hi! How are you doing? Have you had your surgery yet?
  16. melinda48

    Omg I Slimmed

    Yes I read the article, unfortunately I'm not really eating protein as far as the part where it says dense protein stays at the bottom. I understand I just shouldn't have eaten that extra half an ounce and I have noticed the couple of times it occurred I believe I didn't have my food pureed quite enough...it definitely wasn't 'slider food'! Do you know the answer to my stomach question as far as being able to consume 4-6 ounces at the 3rd stage of the diet?
  17. How old was she 12? Sounds like someone was jealous to me!
  18. melinda48

    4Th Day Of Being Sleeved.

    I'm the same way I didn't really have any pain...just some soreness from the incisions.
  19. melinda48

    Chewy Vitamin Question

    I know..kind of like the pre-op diets and how some let you progress to foods faster than others.
  20. melinda48

    Bmi 35 Need To Lose 75 Lbs

    Pretty much. It wasn't as painful as I expected. Don't get me wrong its not easy, but I didn't have severe pain like I feared I would have after having a large portion of my stomach removed. It's more of a soreness and that's at my incision sites. I RARELY take pain pills, so the morphine drip they gave me made me extremely sluggish and sleepy. I told them I didn't want it anymore the 2nd day and honestly for me I felt better without it. I was able to get up and walk then. I couldn't before because I was so 'druggy' feeling. Honestly I hated the blood thinner shots more than anything. They felt like wasp stings. Not so much the actual shot, but the medicine still hurts even after the nurse pulls the needle out. Like when you get stung by a wasp and it still hurts because the stinger is still in your skin. If possible don't let them give it to you by your arm pit. I got the first one there and it hurt like hell. The other 2 were in my stomach (yeah, I know but not bad) and they weren't as painful. I would say what I felt in my stomach is/was more of a rumbly type feeling. Kind of like if you ate something you shouldn't have and your stomach starts rumbling...like that....but for me it wasn't pain.
  21. melinda48


    The circle under my right breast is a suspicious freckle I asked him to remove.
  22. melinda48

    First day home.

    From the album: Home from surgery... I conquered my phobia!

    The little circle area under my right breast was a suspicious freckle I had him remove.
  23. melinda48

    Me 05 03 2012

    LOL! I thought it was a stripper pole too!
  24. melinda48

    November Sleevesters?

    Maybe this will make you feel a little better. I think that the fact they didn't find anything is good news, but I understand your concern. Ask your doctor if it's possible the endoscopy could have missed anything like scar tissue etc..after reading this article though I think you're going to get good news http://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/upper-gastrointestinal-endoscopy

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