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  1. diamondkized

    5 Confessions (Join In)

    thank you so much -you guys are better than my so called friends that i have near me
  2. I posted before about the status of my marriage and every since i was sleeved he has done everything to show me he doesnt love me. This couldnt have come at a worse time.
  3. I want to thank you all for taking the time to reply to my problems. I have decided with a clear mind to focus on my mind, body, and soul. What shall be will be and it won't help the situation by me just sitting around stressing about it. I am on a new journey and I believe that everything happens for a reason. I sincerely hope that we can work things out but if not- we weren't meant to be. One day at a time....
  4. i thought about doing counseling but truthfully if he claims he cannot even come in before 3 am cause of working i doubt he will have time for counseling. i will ask him about it though- what can it hurt. I never believed in divorce either which is why I am still here. I swear i wish we could work it out but i cannot be the only one in it. Father -figures- ha! Funny you should say that. Imagine Andrew Dice Clay meets Eddie Murphy (The old one not the new clean mouth one) The have a friendship and he has always pushed him to do the opposite of what a married man should do. Funny that he has a wife that he takes care of but encourages his son to do whatever he needs to do no matter what or who it affects.
  5. thank you for the uplifting thoughts! you guys are definitely right. i know what i need to do but sometimes its hard to get things going. I guess i feel like a failure because i let myself believe in a person more than i believe in myself. i hate that i let him take so much energy. i am indeed a work in progress!
  6. i am trying to think about me and the kids- believe me I am. I just feel so overwhelmed right now with my emotions and I kind of wish we could have divorced -worked it out or whatever before i got on this journey.
  7. He keeps saying that he has to focus on paying his debts and that i am not being supportive to his needs. I am not sure what is going on with him but i feel that a marriage takes two and i am the one that is always alone. I thank you for wishing the best for us but everytime i talk to him about possibly coming to a common ground he seems to be ready to just jump ship. I think he wants to leave but doesn't know how.
  8. I do believe but cant help but to wonder why. I wish i could just walk away unphased but i made a commitment by marrying him. I guess i meant mine and he didnt.
  9. Jrzydiva i thought that he would be uncomfortable but i never thought it would be like this. I Dont have many friends to talk to and i am so confused. His mom and i get along great and she sees what i am dealing with and told me i have to focus on me too. This couldnt happen at a worst time.
  10. Thanks ladies but i am a wreck. I have been making myself sick about it literally . I try to focus on myself but having five kids and stressed out just adds to it. I am going to try to sleep
  11. diamondkized

    Looking For Dec Sleevers Out There

    i was sleeved the same day and i cannot tolerate the protein shakes they make my stomach hurt. i tried to eat chili with no beans or meat so basically the sauce and it was good. i am trying to do better with liquids too! on another note- i made a mistake of trying to eat a quarter size piece of hamburger and i almost burst and it came right up. thats what i get !
  12. diamondkized

    5 Confessions (Join In)

    i should get that on a t shirt- lol. thank you for the compliments
  13. diamondkized

    Sleeved this morning

    Congratulations and I see that you got a great present- your sleeve that is. Let me tell you that you are smart for walking around. I was in pain and under so much medications that I was out of it and I refused to walk like I should have. Girl listen- I ended up in so much pain from the gas that I had to stay in the hospital an extra day and when I got home I was in pain. I had to do like everyone said and to walk. Before i knew it i was fine and you will be too.
  14. diamondkized

    5 Confessions (Join In)

    thank you fallenangel, i am a work in progress and i definitely appreciate the encouragement.
  15. diamondkized

    OR story

    i think that you handled it correctly. i am sure that she has stuck her foot in her mouth before and it was lucky that you were as nice as you were about it. people can be such asses!
  16. diamondkized

    5 Confessions (Join In)

    thank you but i was a whole lot smaller and the more that my weight went up and down the lower my self esteem went.
  17. diamondkized

    Is it possible to find true love?

    Girl you cracked me up. I feel the same way. I am married but its very rocky so i often wonder if i will
  18. diamondkized

    5 Confessions (Join In)

    There are so many problems in my marriage and i put up with a lot because of how i look ---note the profile pic. I allowed my weight to be an excuse for settling for someone to mistreat me.
  19. diamondkized

    5 Confessions (Join In)

    I was sleeved on the 10th and... 1. I kick myself for not waiting until after the holiday 2. I am having some major mood swings that i think are tied to my lack of crab legs and red lobster 3. I think my marriage will change for the worse because of this surgery. 4. I look at my chest to see if they are getting smaller -i swear that they are smaller:( 5. I am scared to go to work and hear someone say -did they cancel the surgery cause you look the same
  20. diamondkized

    Hungry 5 Post Op

    That pic is me an example of how my weight fluctuates. My husband says the same thing but i was tired of the rollercoaster.
  21. diamondkized

    Hungry 5 Post Op

    when i read that you had chili. i almost ran up the wall. i was sleeved 12/10 and my doctor said that i am on stage 2 and 3 and not to even think of moving to stage 4 until another 2 weeks. wow!
  22. i forgot about the arms and the legs. i am going to research something too. i definitely dont want to deal with that problem.
  23. You are lucky i think that i will be a slow loser. i havent lost as much as you guys.
  24. diamondkized

    dec 10th sleevers

    Hi i am swollen too. They said its gas but i havent been able to pass it. Also i am just leaving the hospital right now. I have only had water and diluted juice. I need to buy some apple saice and some other things to try
  25. diamondkized

    Surgery tomorrow...

    I have to be honest my surgery date is tomorrow too and I am eerily calm. I was nervous but now I am Judy waiting. I guess once I get there I will get nervous

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