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  1. Yes there are including myself ! Lol wow
  2. early morning work flow!

  3. attractiveval


  4. attractiveval

    Dallas, Texas Sleevers! !

    @msyournotbigenough...that's what I'm talking about!!!! You better werrrrrrk.... LOL
  5. attractiveval

    How Much Is Everyone Losing?

    Congratulations Frye_storm
  6. attractiveval

    Dallas, Texas Sleevers! !

    Jodibvsg....wow that's amazing I'm super proud of you! I'm looking for a workout partner if any one of you ladies are interested and I'm also starting a Dallas, Texas sleeved chapter....Dr.David Kim performed my surgery and I am pleased with his work!
  7. attractiveval

    How Much Is Everyone Losing?

    I was sleeved 10/23 and I was @299 I'm now at 273 so I'm down 26lbs...
  8. attractiveval

    Dallas, Texas Sleevers! !

    Hello everyone...I was sleeved 10/23 ! So I'm curious to know how much weight you all have lost ?
  9. attractiveval

    Solid Foods !

    Evening everyone I'm wondering how long it was before each of you started back eating or preparing to eat solids again? I have seen many say a month and some say longer! How long was it for you all?
  10. attractiveval

    3 Weeks !

    Evening all I'm Valerie and I'm a new sleever! I had my surgery on 10/23 and as of 10/31 I was down 18lbs and as of today I'm down 22lbs...I'm in the second phase of eating and I can't think of anything good to eat besides the Protein shakes and potatoes ***ANY IDEAS OR recipes *****below are two photos before my surgery and two weeks after .I can tell that I have lost weight in my legs And my stomach Ohhhh and my chubby face..LOL but in all I'm excited and can't wait to enjoy this journey ... [ATTACH]6244[/ATTACH]
  11. attractiveval

    3 Weeks !

    @ readytolose2012 OK thanks a lot... this was a choice on my list so I tried it! Hmmmm Now im confused! LOL
  12. attractiveval

    Pain On Left Side When Moving

    I had the same pain from the incision that the stomach came out of and went to the er no leaks, no hernia but it was an infection called cellulitus ...OMG and the antibiotics they gave me contained zinc which I'm allergic To ....thankful to my pcp Dr.Gina Rushing for prescribing me antibiotics that healed the wound and made me feel better! [ATTACH]6257[/ATTACH]
  13. attractiveval

    How Much Is Everyone Losing?

    Yes and remember water and walking is the KEY TO SUCCESS! ; )
  14. attractiveval

    10 Weeks...45 Pounds

    You look great!
  15. attractiveval

    3 Weeks !

    @ E-Girl no I'm on pureed food now!
  16. attractiveval

    9 Month Pics! (My First Time Sharing Photos)

    You look great. .keep up the good work!
  17. attractiveval

    October Sleevers-How Ya Doin?

    Sleeved Oct 23 and I'm down 21lbs. Congratulations everyone on your success!
  18. attractiveval

    Very Nasty

    Wow! Yes I agree a Dr should have been your first call! Let us know how you are!
  19. attractiveval

    weight loss journey

    Before & after photos