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    at goal weight band to sleeve

    Search the history forums, lots have been sleeved at goal. I was treated as a new patient, and yes, you are a new sleeve patient. The rules are different, the whole experience is different. I would do it again tomorrow! No liver shrinking necessary. The nursing staff will not understand- i say that as i am medical and experienced the bariatric nurses bias. They are perplexed and not aware that failure is 98% without restrictive procedure in this disease. They will judge your decision, ignore it.
  2. sleeveconvert


    I can eat sugar- in limited amounts- I'm at goal and do. HOWEVER-- ice cream WAS a band favorite-- CAN'T eat w sleeve-- kills me- nausea, dumping - unpleasant ! Too much and I'm ill.
  3. sleeveconvert

    Band to Sleeve with low BMI

    I was 145 the day of surgery. My surgeon warned me if I dropped to 125 he would intervene, I'm guessing feeding tube. I got to 126. Was furiously drinking calories. He told me I would drop and bounce back up. I am at 135. I converted to maintain my weight forever. Great decision, would do it again.
  4. sleeveconvert

    B12 Injections

    Get a ex, have mixed by pharmacy.. $15 for 30 cc and give sub cutaneous to yourself! Much cheaper.
  5. sleeveconvert

    B12 Injections

    Any compounding pharmacy can mix its about $12. Per 30ml. You can also get single dose vials dirt cheap.
  6. At the 5 month mark I still had the same sensations. It slowly resolved. I think that revisions are at higher risk for strictures. Mine finally has resolved, I have less than 6-8 times had stuck feeling and slimed and vomited. That is rare now at 15 mos out. It will go away !
  7. sleeveconvert

    A few protein reviews

    No eating, protein drinks are your food. Depending on your surgeon... No food for 4-6 weeks.
  8. sleeveconvert

    Self Sabotage

    Panera dumb spell check
  9. sleeveconvert

    Self Sabotage

    One good hunger buster cost effective is cucumbers, bell peppers , carrots, yellow and green squash, julienned with salt pepper, parsley and a tablespoon of pandora Asian dressing .... Avail at target in refrig section.
  10. sleeveconvert

    A few protein reviews

    Anyone tried the Believe. From bariatric eating? I need to quit Starbucks chai as I gained 3#, Believe has half the calories and 20gm protein
  11. sleeveconvert

    18 Month Follow Up

    GREAT JOB Butter ! You look amazing! ! I'm sure you feel great. Cheers... Here's to the next 18 mos+++++ !!!
  12. sleeveconvert

    Self Sabotage

    Early out, I had a Protein drink after dinner. Then I switched to beef Jerky or yogurt. Now, it might be fruit, yogurt, Cereal, or a sweet snack if I am in bounce range.<br><br> And I have to eat enough earlier in the day. If I don't, my hungry rages after dinner. <br><br> Lynda I agree... I have to have gotten in Water and protein.. Especially by 4 or I'm seeking food. I also do not consume calories after 7.... Helps the reflux will kill me if I did.
  13. sleeveconvert

    Just Prancing Around In My Size 2 Skinny Jeans!

    Love skinny jeans! Love being little...funny my brain doesn't see me as thin.
  14. sleeveconvert

    B12 Injections

    I get B12 every 2 weeks to a month. I feel better with them ! My weight is easier to manage with them.
  15. sleeveconvert

    Never thought I'd hate food!

    This too will pass in time, enjoy for now, force yourself to eat. I'm a year out, I had that for 10 months...... DARN IT , its gone, I have to be careful now!
  16. sleeveconvert

    Never thought I'd hate food!

    Enjoy this time, for me, about a year out I began to enjoy food again....... Unfortunately this too does pass...... I want to go back to that time.... I now have to watch what I eat and limit the fun stuff...... Good luck
  17. sleeveconvert

    Hiccups After Eating?

    Thats my sign danger danger full is fast approaching, stop 3 bites ago.
  18. That's the story of my sleeve life! I take PPI and H2 blockers twice daily andstill eat tums. Other than switching PPI...... We get to be skinny acidity biatches....... There is agree thread about that, search it. Don't eat 2 hrs before lying down, decrease caffeine, no carbonation, switch meds
  19. I think your doing great!!, you didn't gain 22# in 4 months. We all have unrealistic expectations..... We want thin as of yesterday!!
  20. sleeveconvert

    Band food compared to sleeve food

    The sleeve is a better tool. I wouldn't trade, but its a tool. Having a sleeve doesn't take the work out. There are multitudes of people here that think having a sleeve makes it all better. YOU still have to invest the time and work to utilize your sleeve to be the tool to get you to thin. There is no magic. It helps with hunger in most, but not all. I have sleeved friends who still fight the hunger battle, some days I fight it.... It's not physical hunger, it's mental I'm hungry and want to eat. You can do anything you decide you really really want.
  21. sleeveconvert

    Band food compared to sleeve food

    !! i want a guarantee this time around....... There are no guarantees!! Life doesn't come with a guarantee... The only guarantee is it takes work, dedication, determination, blood sweat and tears..... There is no easy way to thin and no guarantee. You can do this..... Set your mind to do it and take the leap !!!
  22. sleeveconvert

    Band food compared to sleeve food

    There are none
  23. Yes Sent from my iPad using VST
  24. sleeveconvert

    Band food compared to sleeve food

    It's a mental thing! We as banders/sleevers/ WLS / over weight have eating issues. We have a disease, we have an over zealous nutritional goal, we have an eating disorder. We have an addiction to food. We eat for comfort, we eat for sad, we eat to Celebrate , we eat just because. We have a sick, strange relationship with food. Food is nutrition for our bodies and nothing more. We truly don't know what hunger is. We live in a country that hunger is seldom. When you wrap your head around the mental, you win! The WLS is not a fail, it's us. WLS is a tool, not a cure, not a miracle fix. You have to control your brain which feeds on sugar and carbs. It lies to you, tells you your hungry..... You are overweight and are not hungry. You are bored, feeding emotions, and 100 other things, but not hunger. The foods are not limited as like band....... That's a problem sometimes. Still have to take tiny bites. Get mentally ready or you will blame non loss on sleeve failure...... It's not WLS failure... It's us as humans! Sorry to burst your hope bubble, you have to prepare... It was the biggest mental screwing of my life to do both WLS..... Until I fixed my head...... Some days it breaks and I have to patch it! Good luck?
  25. sleeveconvert

    People With Low BMI

    I agree, that's so variable !! Self pays aren't subject to that. 30 seems reasonable