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  1. Hello, I'm almost 7 months post up.... had surgery in June 2012.... I feel drastic changes already. I'm eating more and when I sometimes overeat by accident, I don't throw up anymore, I just get a sick feeling for a few minutes and that's it... I'm also eating or nibbling all day. always hungry... I've lost almost 75 lbs so far, but I'm worried about the rest... Please share ur experiences ???
  2. thank u Cheri..... this is relieving
  3. Why didn't u try them on at the store before u bought them... I don't know about u, but back home there are a couple shoe stores that are specialized in plus sizes, I have been buying shoes there since forever. so when I lost 90 pounds I thought it's time for me to upgrade my style from my sacred slippers to boots. I've been dying to buy boots for years but my feet & calves were always swollen from my weight.. So I tried some regular stores but the sizes were too small, so I went back to MY store and found a pair of plus size black boots that zip up from behind, and they are super comfy. I don't feel bad or anything, I actually feel grateful that I found my size and that I'm like normal people now, and remember the times when I had to wear slipper & socks, even in Winter,
  4. We're all still confused about what to & what not to put in our mouths... I'm in 7 months post up & still trying out different stuff.. SO please share a snack or meal u've discovered or invented, so others can benefit..... And I'll go first................ I've been reading on FB about the importance of honey & cinnamon combined together, it's a good mixture for colds, indigestion, weight loss, and so many things.. so I decided to to put those two components in a snack, which turned out to be delicious, light, but fulfilling.... Slice one banana on a plate, add one teaspoon of honey, and quarter teaspoon cinnamon powder,,,, try it, I was looking around for something sweet to eat, and not be guilty about it...
  5. Teddy bear


    7 months post op... I haven't had any because everytime I try it's like I swallowed acid but I actually bought a bottle of diet cola yesterday and I take a sip every now & then... still can't tolerate it.. but old habits die hard
  6. Yes, before surgery I've been complaining about it being late all the time.. sometime it's up to 10 days late which freaks me out cause I'm on the copper IUD.. and when it arrives I usually experience heavy cramps and bleeding like a tap being turned on... Met with my obgyn, and of course the problem was with my weight... he said the fat cells surrounding the IUD is causing all that.... so 7 months post op. I've been noticing that it's usually on time., but what's really weird is that my cycle is shorter... It used to be 28 days, but now it's like 24!!! But mild cramps & bleeding now..
  7. Teddy bear

    Big thighs!

    Yeah, I could relate... I had this problem since I was born my thighs & butt are not in proportion with the rest of my body... I'm ok until my waist which is narrow, then.. Huge thighs & butt but can't help it, it's genetic.... dieting never helped... I always lost weight in my upper part, and little weight in my lower... My mom & dad always made comments on that, and they still do after the surgery, that my thighs & butt aren't gonna get any smaller than this, but I have faith, and I'm actually content with the way I'm turning out... I'm not looking forward to modelling or any of that.. I just want to look good, feel healthy, and be able to buy clothes that I like... and I think I look sexy
  8. Teddy bear

    Comparing tt pain to c-section pain

    sorry to tell u this.... but I had 2 c-sections, so I thought to myself, this is going to be a walk in the park for me, since I'm used to having my tummy slit open and this isn't even going to be a surgery.... it's an endoscopy..... but later I found out it was a whole other story... I'm not telling u this to freak u out... just telling u what to expect.... and I was in real pain for only 2 days.... 3rd day was bearable... it started as shoulder& rib pain... like my whole left side was broken.... but with medication & DRUGS ( I actually bullied the nurses to give me more drugs ) I could sleep... I had no problems with the stitches... changed the bandages everyday.... I could also shower right after I went home from the hospital.. doctor said it was no problem.... so go for it... it's really worth it
  9. Yes I noticed also that 3 meals a day are not working for me, because first of all I can never finish a whole meal consisting of protein & veggies or potatoes, even if it's a small portion, and then I get hungry after a little while... so the answer is 6 small meals a day.... just try to picky and make smart choices..
  10. Thank u all... ur replies made me notice lots of faults in my diet: _ I don't drink Water unless I'm really thirsty. - I don't eat enough Protein cause it makes me nauseous now, but I will make myself eat it from now on. - I eat randomly... I will do the 2 hr thing from now on Thank u all for being so helpful
  11. Hey Katrina... I'm almost 7 months post op and I have the same problem... I can sure eat more and I don't throw up anymore if I overeat.. just get sick for a while and that's it !!! I'm actually nibbling all day.... It's driving me crazy.... I don't know if my stomach is a little stretched out... Are there any symptoms for that, anyone?????
  12. Teddy bear

    Be careful using IUD only post VSG!

    Wow!! You know, I thought of this right after I had my surgery... but never shared it with anyone because I thought it was a lame idea... I have a copper IUD inserted since 2007, and the fatter I became over the years, I developed problems of overflowing, late periods with real bad cramps... my obgyn told me it's because my IUD is surrounded by a lot of fat cells, and I should lose weight in order for that problem to go away.... SO I was thinking that after the surgery and losing a lot of weight, these fat cells are gonna disappear and the IUD could fall loose!!! I definitely don't want another baby, especially now... And actually, since I've become more fit, I'm having more sex!!! I think I should get an ultra sound, just check on it... THANKS
  13. Teddy bear


    I am also having this problem since Winter started... I am always extremely cold, and always hungry... I'm not over eating, but eating more than usual... I don't know if that's normal after 6 months post op, but I'm getting really worried cause I'm having a stall, so any mutual experiences ??
  14. That's why I hate my digital scale...we should go old mode again
  15. Teddy bear

    Middle eastern sleevsters

    Hello Petra, I live in Mokattem, highest place in cairo how are u all doing??? Anyone past 6 months post op??? If u are, are u facing a stall right now??
  16. Teddy bear

    Can I See Meals/portion Sizes Please?

    I can't tell u exactly what my meal portions are.,, I'm almost 7 months out and my diet still confuses me.... there are certain types of food I can eat easily, and with no restriction (u can guess of course ) like chips or snacks, but when it comes to real meals, my portion is very limited... I can't tolerate chicken anymore, or fish... maybe half a plate of steamed vegetables with 2 spoons of ground beef will do...Sometimes for breakfast when I'm really hungry I make an omelet with a bit of olive oil, using 2 eggs, and a piece of cheddar cheese.. very filling.. I also love Special K cereal with skimmed milk...I have a small bowl and I drink the leftover milk.... I went to a cousin's wedding which had an open buffet... I actually went around the very large buffet 3 times wondering what to put in my plate... passed chicken, meat, lamb & fish, also passed the pasta, rice cause I don't like them anymore... I finally settled near the shrimp plate, took 5 medium sized ones, 2 spoonfuls of a weird salad that had grated cheese & salami... that was it.. i tried eating a piece of cheese cake after that, but one bite was enough .. SO my advice is, don't measure your food, you can eye it, and in the end, you're still at the beginning, so you have to experiment, see what can sit in & what can't.. and don't be afraid to binge once in a while... in our position, binging is a way of our body telling us it needs food... so don't feel guilty... I don't... when I crave chocolate, I don't feel guilty having some, because I don't put any sugar in my drinks anymore... when I crave chips or Doritos, I don't feel guilty, cause I don't eat rice or pasta anymore.... SO cheers
  17. Teddy bear

    Middle eastern sleevsters

    Hello lovely people, I live in Cairo, Egypt, I'm an Egyptian, had my surgery 6/25/2012... Happy to follow this thread
  18. Teddy bear

    5 Confessions (Join In)

    I confess that" 1- I don't exercise enough. 2- I sometimes eat chocolate, when I get a sugar rush 3- I drink lots of coffee, cause it's the only thing I can enjoy drinking without getting stomach cramps..,, can't have soda anymore 4- I tried to eat at Mcdonalds a couple of times but couldn't get two bites in...thank god. 5- I'm afraid of changing my wardrobe. 6- I'm more comfortable in my saggy jeans & sweats than wearing something stylish.. 7- I freak out and get anxiety attacks when I find myself eating a bigger meal than usual and not throwing up!!! 8- That I have nightmares about stretching my sleeve. 9- I get tense when people tell me I lost weight in fear of jinxing myself.
  19. This may seem a little different from the other posts, but I'm wondering if anybody, especially the ladies have had similar feelings... SO (Thank U God), I lost 70 pounds till now, and I got rid of a huge portion of my clothes, so I was rewarded with really cool designer outfits that my younger sister left behind when she went and got married, ( She's very sophisticated, God bless her, and always wears designers, and nothing more than twice)..... So I went home with a bundle of great clothes and they should have been hanging in my closet by now.. But what happened is...They're not out of the bundle yet!!!! I'm too freaked out to wear them, feels strange & uncomfortable... So now every time I go out, I just put on my favorite jeans & sweats which are practically hanging loose on me now.....It's like, I'm comfortable looking that way, and don't want the change???!!! Is it that I felt ugly for the longest time that it's too weird right now to feel & look good????? I'm actually having a pity party right now ((
  20. Teddy bear

    NSV - Changes

    OH MY GOD............I'm in tears right now!!!!! U look amazing girl!!!!! Ur phenominal............. U did a great job..... An inspiration to all of us... thnx for posting this
  21. Hey people what's up???!!! Since Winter started I've been feeling extremely cold, my bones are shattering, and of course I'm the only one in the house who feels that way, which is causing me to eat more, and I'm beginning to get suspicious about my stomach beginning to stretch.... has anyone experienced or is experiencing this??? Pleaase get back to me????
  22. Teddy bear

    Surgical glue allergic reaction

    Oh My God, I've been searching for someone with the same problem.... I'm almost 6 months post op, and after I went home from the hospital, I developed an awful rash in my incisions and it spread throughout my belly, I couldn't stay still for 3 days straight, and I kept scratching around my incisions like mad!!! Called my doctor... I was pretty nervous cause I kept thinking it might be an infection, but he was very calm, and told me some people have an allergic reaction to the surgical glue, and what made it worse was that the redness from the rash turned to a light brown, but he gave me an antibiotic and it all ended well... good luck there
  23. Teddy bear

    Bad breath

    it's also a result of the wound in your stomach, and the healing process..

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