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  1. noelaniskyful

    I'm Hungry!

    Hi Tiffany, take a deep breath and let go. Okay, everyone is different and just because you feel hunger does not mean there's anything wrong with you inherently. Give yourself a break, you've not eaten for days so it stands to reason that you are experiencing this right now. I remember having hunger at about a week out that I couldn't seem to satisfy. This will fluctuate. If I had to call it I would say that first month is a really rough recovery time. You will be eating as soon as you feel you can't stand it any more. It's only a few weeks away, once you go on mushies you will feel very satisfied. If I could suggest increasing your fluids and sipping on something very often. You may be feeling hunger which is actually thirst. You may also be feeling what has been termed "head hunger", a very strange phenomenon which occurs with those of us who have been sleeved. Remember, appetite occurs in the brain. Your brain is also adjusting. Try to drink fluids and keep your mind off of food if you can. Just keep walking, keep breathing, keep sipping and try to have a few laughs. You have come this far and you will be so happy very soon. I am four months out and have no regrets. I eat whatever I want (it's just so nice to be so easily satisfied). I feel normal all the time. I had a rough recovery too and I totally understand. You will be fine. Everything will be ok, just keep to your post op and nourish yourself body and mind. Best Wishes.
  2. I'm on a slow boat to weight loss China. I am 100 days out and have only lost 37 pounds. My friend was sleeved the same day and is down almost 50.

  3. noelaniskyful

    The Night Before...

    Of course it's only natural to feel anxious the night before. I was pretty nervous too. If I recall, I even had little visions of chickening out at the last minute and running out of the OR with my buns sticking out my gown. Breathe. You are well prepared for this. You've jumped through all the hoops and you will be fine. I remember even being scared to take my laxative for my pre-op diet. I'm now 6 weeks out and down almost 25 pounds. No regrets. Breathe and step into the best years of your life.
  4. noelaniskyful

    Who Just...

    Awesome! Good job. I am so happy for you. I've not yet been able to get into any of my "wish clothes" but at least I've dusted them off and have them hanging in the closet. It has to feel so good to be able to do that. Congratulations.
  5. noelaniskyful

    Hunger With Sleeve Vs Band

    I am a little over 3 weeks out and I do experience hunger BUT it is satisfied with a few tablespoons of food. I also noticed that if I eat a few tablespoons of food like six times a day, I will feel pretty stable all day. I do experience cravings as well, but as I said, a small amount of food or a snack will satisfy.
  6. noelaniskyful

    When's The Big Day? How Are You Feeling?

    I was sleeved on the 13th and am on pureed foods. I was so ready by day 11 to have something other than protein shakes and soup? But, I had a poached egg today and yesterday I had super soft mac'n cheese. I was so appreciative of real food. I am not sure that I really understand mushies though. Is mushies, just anything soft all mushed up with a fork?
  7. noelaniskyful

    Week 2 Post Op

    That's good advice from PEvette. Why not walk thirty minutes a day, till you get the go ahead for something more vigorous? We didn't get like this overnight and we won't get skinny overnight. Aim for balance in life. A little play, a little rest and lots of sipping liquids right now. Just heal up and then you can be the zumba Queen!
  8. I'm 9 days out and I tire so easily. I just don't get it. I've been getting enough protein in, and I've been taking the liquid vitamins. I get hungry every two hours like a newborn, yet I can hardly get in my protein shake and it takes literally all day. My sutures are itching like crazy and I feel like such of an anomaly right now. Will I ever feel normal again?

  9. I'm 9 days out and I tire so easily. I just don't get it. I've been getting enough protein in, and I've been taking the liquid vitamins. I get hungry every two hours like a newborn, yet I can hardly get in my protein shake and it takes literally all day. My sutures are itching like crazy and I feel like such of an anomaly right now. Will I ever feel normal again?

  10. noelaniskyful

    3 Days Out. Omg Diarrhea.

    Ditto. I had my surgery Friday the 13th, and did fine till I drank some apple juice at the airport on monday. I've been like Niagara falls ever since. I went on ahead and took some Immodium. But my guts still sound like a one man band.
  11. noelaniskyful


    It's totally normal to be afraid okay. But let your head rule this decision and then believe in your heart. You are headed towards your new life! There will be this procedure that you can think of as a rite of passage to this new life. You're shedding the weight that no longer serves you and to do that, you must breathe one moment at a time, follow the instructions and have faith. Take yourself to that O.R. when they call your name and smile for it all begins here. This is a minimally invasive procedure that they have MASTERED over the last few years. You will be fine.
  12. noelaniskyful

    2 Days Post-Op

    Ohh yes, the gas is something else. Not a joke. Just keep walking. I had my surgery last Friday July 13th, and had a hellish Friday night and not a great Saturday. By Sunday things were much better and I even went out shopping. You will get through this but you need to walk. The mylicon drops and all that won't really help.
  13. noelaniskyful

    Pre Op Diet

    Don't worry about the little faux pax of deviating from the pre op too much. Just don't do it again. There were a few people that messed up the day before at the clinic, they had to wait till last but they did have their procedures. Hang on you're almost to the finish line. Then you'll start the new race towards your great new bod.
  14. noelaniskyful

    Lucky Number 13

    My surgery is on the 13th too. I am nervous and scared and excited all at the same time. I'm getting a lot of static interference from the people at the job. They are trying to scare me for whatever reason, especially since i'm going out to Mexico.
  15. noelaniskyful

    When's The Big Day? How Are You Feeling?

    Hi Everyone, My day is also the 13th and I see that many of us are going in on the 10th. I will be thinking of you all tomorrow. Please let us know how you are doing. I totally get holding a body image of yourself that's smaller. In our minds we see ourselves as a more normal weight, perhaps the way we are supposed to be? Melissa, I totally don't understand the non-supporters telling us it's the "easy way out". I heard that from a co-worker today. What's easy about having a medical procedure, fasting before and after for weeks and changing you're whole life? I don't understand why people would want us to stay heavy and die an early death? And who cares about loose skin?! You just saved your organs, your heart and liver! Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. But firstly, let's do this to save our lives and do everything we've ever dreamed of.
  16. noelaniskyful

    Is This Right For Me? Or Are My Nerves Winning!

    Thanks blossom 12. I am over here a getting very nervous. I want to do this, but I'm scared to do this. I am afraid of the change. But I could never do this on my own. I've tried. I've been trying to lose weight since childhood and I just don't want to die this way. I am trying not to put too much on this. My surgery is in 3 days and I start my pre-op tonight. I hope that this is just pre-sleeve jitters?
  17. noelaniskyful

    Pre Op Diet

    3 days. I am starting my pre-op tonight and have my surgery this Friday. I think that the number of days on the pre-op diet is determined by your BMI. My friend is getting sleeved on Friday and her pre-op is 5 days. I'm not sure what her BMI is, but mine is 39.
  18. noelaniskyful

    Surgery Tomorrow!

    Good luck! I am sure everything is going to turn out quite well. You have prepared yourself and done your part. The pay off will come.
  19. noelaniskyful

    My Boyfriend Left Me

    I know you say that he was supportive of your surgery, but was he really? Just because he said that doesn't make it true. You are transforming yourself, not everyone will be as happy for you as you might hope. But, you made the step towards life. You will have a long, healthy life to watch your son grow up. So, get it together girl! First thing! You must physically heal. Rest yes, but get out of that bed and walk, play with your son, hell, try on some new clothes! Tell yourself how beautiful and amazing you are. The first man in your life, is that little boy. Watch him while he's watching you. What do you see? Pure adoration, I'm sure. Breathe, meditate, nourish yourself and accept love from yourself. In a couple of weeks, get some help and find yourself somewhere more affordable to live. Get rid of anything that's not benefiting you anymore. Like my grandma used to say, when things get rough, put your lipstick on and keep going. Best wishes.
  20. noelaniskyful

    Vsg In 3 Weeks, Baby!

    I am having my sleeve on July 13th. I am so nervous but there's no going back now. I just want to get through this without complications. I want so badly to be a healthy weight. This has eluded me my whole life. Yo-yo'ing up and down for decades. I'm at my max now. Can I really be down 20 pounds by this time next month?
  21. noelaniskyful

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Thank you! You answered my questions totally. I am feeling so much better about this.
  22. noelaniskyful

    Im So Scared To Do This!

    Hey we are having our sleeves on the same day! I feel the same. I am scared but I'm more scared to die this way. I'm ready for a new life. I've struggled so long too. Don't be afraid. You have made the right decision and will be so much more healthy in the end. We both will. Good luck to you.

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