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I have been overweight since my teens. During high school I took Depo-Provera and gained 100lbs in a year... I was never able to drop that weight.

Like everyone else, I have dieted my mind out. Fad diet, crash diets, everything.

I met a girl who had lap-band. I thought it was barbaric and "Why can't you just lose weight on your own?"... over the months I saw that it was a tool that forced her to make good eating decisions, forced her to chew, forced her to eat slow... and while she ultimately undid all of her progress, I realized there is something to this "Weight Loss Surgery" thing.

I attending a Seminar on Weight Loss Surgery by Dr. Clifton Thomas. I was hooked. It makes sense that I can't lose weight because of my biology. It makes sense that my biology is why I fail at diets. My body is working against me.

For the next 5 years I worked with his office to fight insurance companies. 3 of them. Denied. One even changed the way the plan read so they wouldn't have to cover it. If I had money for a lawyer, maybe I would have had WLS sooner.

During this 5 years I decided it was time to deal with my Binge Eating Disorder. I saw a counselor during Nursing School who was phenomenal in helping me deal with my food issues... in helping me to develop a more healthy relationship with food.

Once I completed Nursing School I went to work for a State Hospital. I checked into the insurances coverage for WLS. They do cover it... but... Must be employed for 5 years... 1 year of this, 1 year of that... blah blah blah. I gave up. Completely.

Mid to late June 2012 I received a text from my Mom telling me to call her. She tells me they have a lump sum of money coming shortly, they are fronting me the money for my surgery, pick a surgeon, get the details and a surgery date. I was in total and complete shock. I don't think that shock ended until about 10 days post-op.

June 26, 2012: Initial consultation with Dr. Thomas
June 28, 2012: EGD
July 11, 2012: Follow up consultation with Dr. Thomas. Need major hiatal hernia repair which he will perform during the surgery at no additional cost to me.
July 19, 2012: Vertical Gastric Sleeve with Hiatal Hernia Repair

My cash price: $12,900[list]
[*]Dr. Thomas: $5000 (includes 1 year of follow ups)
[*]First Street Hospital: $7500
[*]Anesthesia: $700

Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Starting Weight: 290 lbs
Weight on Day of Surgery:
Current Weight: 249 lbs
Goal Weight: 145 lbs
Weight Lost: 41 lbs
BMI: 44.1
Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
Surgery Status: Post Surgery
First Dr. Visit: 01/01/1970
Surgery Date: 07/19/2012
Hospital Stay: 1 Day
Surgery Funding: Self Paid
Insurance Outcome: n/a
NurseJenn's Bariatric Surgeon
Houston Location
5757 Westheimer Rd
Suite 104
Houston, TX 75961

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