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  1. Starting to get really discouraged. My first choice of surgeons (Almanza) cancelled my surgery because my cardiologist told me I shouldn't go off my anticoagulant for the required 7 days pre-op and Dr. Almanza performs his procedures in a clinic, not a full hospital. I then contacted Dr. Garcia (who is in a full hospital) and he will only do my surgery if my cardiologist will let me switch from my current anticoagulant to another for 10 days pre-op. So I'm awake at 4am worrying that my cardiologist won't approve.

    Has anyone else been through this?

  2. Possibly the dumbest question ever, but here goes:

    Are you able to eat lozenges and hard candy on your post-op diet? I ask because my allergies often make me wake up coughing in the middle of the night and I find I have to pop a cough drop in order to sleep through. Also, when I'm craving sweets I like to have a piece of hard candy. Logically these are "hard" foods, but since they dissolve I wonder what the viscosity is that actually enters the stomach.

    Thanks in advance!

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