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  1. Tinker

    Hey July Sleevers!

    Quick question for you all... How many of you have to have an upper GI endoscopy pre-op? I am so excited and relaxed about the sleeve surgery but am dreading this endoscopy (afraid of gagging on that tube!). I have my endoscopy June 25th in preparation for surgery.... but well worth the effort if it gets me to my surgery on July 25th!
  2. Tinker

    Hey July Sleevers!

    Hello everyone! I just got my 'official' surgery date today... July 25th! I was originally thinking I would be having surgery in June but I am excited to join you all on "Team July" .
  3. Hello everyone! I am just beginning my journey. Today I met with my psychologist and tomorrow I meet for the first time with my bariatric nutritionist (RD). I do not have to do a 6 month program with a nutritionist according to my insurance, but the program requires "up to three" visits with the RD. Any insight on what I can expect for that first RD visit? Also... the psychologist I met with today challenged me a bit (appropriately) on what my plans are post-op when I feel stress... she wanted to know what I will substitute for food to prevent future weight gain. I told her that I typically find solace in my friends, prayer, and food; I am wondering, what have you found helpful to prevent stress eating (I know the sleeve restricts intake... has this been enough to deter you from this behavior?) Thanks so much, in advance, for your counsel as I begin my journey!
  4. Tinker

    Removal Of Stitches

    You could also gently massage the area using antibiotic ointment; do this a few times. Several hours later make sure the area is clean and dry and use a small pair of scissors (like the ones found in the tweezer section at the drug store) and gently slide the end of the scissors under the suture and cut close to the skin. Then pull the longer tail of the suture to remove from the skin. If you need help... a nurse at your clinic could assist you (you will likely have to call ahead).
  5. Jenn I have also been so impressed with everyone's honesty on this site and I made the choice to have the sleeve vs. the Roux en Y bypass after a lot of research and the amazing results I have seen through all the people on this forum who have been willing to share their experience. I appreciate hearing the highs and the lows that everyone is so genuine about. I feel that I am much better prepared for surgery because of the great people on this site. I am also about 3-4 months away from surgery and I plan to keep learning from the wealth of experience and understanding here on verticle sleeve talk!!
  6. Tinker

    What Am I Throwing Up?

    It does sound like old blood; often bloody vomit appears like old 'coffee grounds' and is typically black in color (it may have a very distinct smell as well... hard to describe but you will likely be surprised by the smell). If you have active bleeding, it would be bright red. I agree that your doctor will certainly want to know what you are experiencing... take care.
  7. I am definately going to ask about this when I see my surgeon later this month! I have no personal experience with them but I did work with a similar product in the recovery room and some of our orthopaedic patients had them placed after shoulder surgery (they woke up SO NICELY from the anesthesia and were clearly very comfortable... The product I was familiar with had a medication similar to novacaine/lidocaine in it). The Ortho surgeons did end up discontinuing using these for the shoulder surgeries because it was delaying healing... but I believe that was specific to the shoulder (and probably does not apply to the abdomen).
  8. Tinker

    June Sleevers!

    I don't have an exact date yet... the timeline that my surgeon gave me puts me toward the end of June. Keeping my fingers crossed... so excited!

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