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  1. Wow, I suppose I should feel lucky. I have no pre-op diet. Surgery is on Sep. 9th. Only requirement is Clear Liquids 24 hours before surgery. I'm not going food crazy but do you guys think I should stop eating solids more than 24 hours prior? My doctor is not concerned with weight loss before surgery. He says at my BMI it's not really necessary. What do you guys suggest?

    the MAIN reason they told me about the 10 day pre-op diet was to shrink your liver so it doesn't be so bloated and get in the way of surgery, so in reality, I look at it as making it easier for the surgeon, and easier for myself afterwards because i'll be used to the liquids. (Frankly anything I can do to make the surgery more successful for him is a no brainer for me!)

  2. Sabrina - don't worry you can do this!!!!! Make sure you get in Protein every 4 hours MAX. In between eat Jello, have a glass of skim milk. just keep track of protein and calories. i am 8 days in on the full liquid diet and i am eating around 800 calories and 70-80 grams protein. Just an aside, I went to my favorite Chinese restaurant. I have always been crazy for sizzling rice Soup. I ask for 2large containers of broth only. The broth is incredible flavorful. Since it is preop and volume doesn't matter I can have 2cups for 50 calories, . You can do the same thing with any restaurant that serves pho -the beef broth that is the foundation of pho is made with veggies, beef, and marrow. Yum yum...

    too funny, I did the same thing, got the wonton soup broth, my favorite pho place is over half hour away so I made my own beef stock instead! :)

  3. Had my pre-op testing this morning, chest x-ray, urine & blood test, did a ekg last year so they used that one. I didn't realize that my doctors are the only one with the Center of Excellence from Sacramento CA to Portland OR, that's a very comforting thought, I was also informed that I will have a private room in a new addition to our hospital with a special bariatric trained staff, some of which have already had the procedure, another calming thought! After my appointments I stopped by the local 'Carb Essentials' and picked up a container of Unjury chicken Soup Flavored Protein Powder, a customer standing in line was also a patient from my doctors office, said to mix that with fat free chicken broth and it was very tasty. I was excited for another Protein option, especially since its not a sweet one!! I am a salty girl and I don't care who knows it! lol, getting close, 10 days and counting ;)

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