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  1. I'm older than most of you and gout runs in my family so that's two strikes against me. I was diagnosed with it last week. I don't eat the stuff usually associated with it (liver, booze, etc) but you can get it from too much protein (my surgery was about 6 months ago). So I'm dipping down from 70 grams per day to 60, and cutting out any red meat. Just a warning ... if your foot begins to really hurt, this could be the problem for you, too.
  2. I'm enough months since surgery to have lost a good amount, but it is very slow now. I'm following the rules, but does anyone have a hint for how you kick it up a notch? Thanks, all.
  3. Thanks everyone. Some good ideas here. I know I need to exercise more -- it's a damn sight easier now with fewer pounds to carry around.
  4. LBM

    Finally! :)

    Buy online at www.unjury.com It is a little more expensive but a much higher grade of protein. You can even use the unflavored as a sprinkle on other foods just to increase the healthy protein. Good luck.
  5. LBM

    Salads Again?

    Alas, a salad just doesn't have enough protein (unless you load it with egg or cheese) to make it a lunch replacement for me. Suggestions anyone?
  6. LBM


    This is very definitely something to talk with your surgeon about PRE surgery. Are you taking maintenance meds for gout now? Maybe she'll start you on them. I am doing better now but staying even more hydrated, but we're all so different. Let me know ... I'll be thinking about you.
  7. Listen to your Dr first and foremost. There may be good reasons some of us have to wait longer to eat. When I began to eat, Greek Yogurt was absolutely my best friend. Don't buy into baby food which are pricy and taste bad (to me). I had luck with other dairy products (cottage cheese, ricotta) for quite a while before ground meats. A serving of sugar free pudding can taste like heaven, even if you stir some of your Unjury protein powder into it.
  8. LBM

    Another Stall

    For me, loading on even more water for a few days helps. And I mean water ... not decaf or tea or sugar free drinks like Crystal Light. It may be all in my head, but it usually gets me kick started in.
  9. LBM


    Didn't know it could help hangnails ... but I'm pretty sure I sing better now.
  10. LBM

    199 At Last!

    I'm still aiming at it ... for me, I want to finally weigh LESS than my drivers license says I do!
  11. Beef jerky is high in protein, low in fat, and I can tolerate it (I'm nearly 6 months after surgery). I don't know how to measure it. Is an ounce like an ounce of fresh beef, or does an ounce of dried meat measure as MORE than that? Thanks for your help.
  12. LBM

    Stalled For A Week

    You know it happens, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating. Sometimes I re-order the things I eat in a day, having breakfast at night. I'm thinking this is probably a crock, but it seems to help just to change things up. In the meantime, I'm on that plateau with you.
  13. LBM

    This Weeks Sleever Challenge!

    I can cross my legs! One right over the other just like I used to back in the day. It's the little things, you know?
  14. It's hard because it can't be heated enough for hot soup. But I do like having an unflavored option and haven't found any others (I get very tired of the overly sweet choices). I don't know how far along you are, but if you are eating solids, I use the unflavored Jury as though it were salt or wheat germ. I sprinkle it into cool things like Yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, even eggs that aren't too hot. Over the course of a day, I get the full serving, but never a lot at any one time. Seems to work for me. Best of luck.
  15. LBM

    Still On Protein Shakes... Poop Balls!

    Be careful with the brand of protein. I am sure your surgeon recommended a good one (like Unjury) but it is tempting to move to the drugstore brands. Most have too many calories. You will lose and you will love it.
  16. LBM

    Sleeved December 28, 2011

    Kid, you're a knock out ... hard to imagine how you'll look at goal. I was sleeved in December as well and am at 56 pound loss. Us older gals have to remember we won't lose at the speed of you youngsters. But slowly and surely we'll get there. Congrats and keep going.
  17. LBM

    Scared Of Post Op

    I couldn't take the nausea meds because they conflicted with another perscription I use. Nausea still wasn't an issue for me. It's been about five months and I've only had one episode ... hope your luck is just as good.
  18. LBM

    Cyber Happy Dance!

    I'm celebrating the fact that I'm getting through this frustrating shelf without depressiong due to all the advice of the people on this forum. Many, many thanks to all you enthusiasts.
  19. It helped me; it's a good question. I've wondered the same thing about feelings of hunger over the long haul.
  20. A heating pad on your abdomin can help with gas. Or a damp towel in a ziploc bag microwaved til warm.
  21. I've entered the mushy food phase (week four). All is okay but GAS is back. So it's a bit achy. Will this work itself out on its own after my body is used to using teeth again?
  22. I have a close friend who was very, very scared of the whole thing. She's angry that I frightened her ... but she's coming around.
  23. I know a woman who went from the band to the sleeve. For her, it was a great success. And it will be for you, too. It's very brave to face down a second surgery ... well done.
  24. LBM

    Sleeve Twins

    It sure wasn't Buy 4 get one Free, but 12/19/11! We're a basketball team.
  25. In the soft food phase, do any of you use baby food to help you get started? If so, what are your favorites (or at least what can you gag down)? Thanks, all.