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  1. SuperMom

    NSAID experience in cold/flu season

    my doctor never said I could not take NSAIDS? I was under the impression that was only for Gastric Bypass (or maybe right after surgery?)
  2. SuperMom

    Cost Of Pre & Post Surgery Products

    I noticed I could not stomach Bariatric Advantage multivitamins and shakes AFTER the surgery. I did drink some before the surgery no problem. Now I can tolerate the BA B12 vitamins and the BA iron but still not the multivitamins. You might not want to purchase too many of anything BA until you see if you can tolerate them. I found a multivitamin at the Vitamin Shoppe (Nature's Plus Adult Chewable in Pineapple) and my doctor looked at the ingredients and liked what he saw so he is fine with it. My labs look great.
  3. Same here...if we lost the weight he did not care if it were liquid diet or not. He only made me do fluids the two days before (and no red fluids). Good luck! You can do it!
  4. SuperMom

    Mixed Nuts......uh Oh....

    The only two things I watch are coconut and celery.....I still eat them but make sure they are shredded.
  5. SuperMom

    Mixed Nuts......uh Oh....

    Just looked it up on my old paperwork from surgery. My doc said week 7 seven on nuts and then said almonds are the best Protein wise. I now I moved on to different food groups a week or so quicker than what he said.
  6. Hi - I work as BB supervisor. A drop from 10 to 7 is equivalent to loosing 3 units of blood which is a lot! I just wanted to let you know there are other options. There is a shot of iron given in the muscle. There is also iron by IV method. To get your red blood cells back where they are supposed to be is going to take months. Your body makes new red cells every 120 days. It will take weeks of taking iron to get you back to feeling better. I just wanted to tell you because many people take iron one week and can't feel the difference and stop taking it. Hope you feel better soon! If there are any other issues (female) etc....sorry from your sign on could not tell if you were male or female...you might need to follow up on those issues as that could be making your hemoglobin even lower (long heavy periods etc).
  7. Kind of in a blah mood. Reached doctor's goal of 140 several weeks ago. Problem was the day(s) I reached it I was sitting in intensive care waiting room after hearing my dad has brain cancer (which spread from lung cancer heavy smoker) that we did not know he had. Three surgeries later he is home and has started radiation. I have been spending my days between work and visiting/helping mom and dad. Funny how a year ago the biggest problem I was worried about was my weight. Don't get me wrong.....still super happy I had the surgery. I feel better. BP, glucose, knees all are MUCH better. I want to get down to 135 (my personal goal) Just weird that after trying so hard to reach doctor's goal I passed it without almost knowing. Bittersweet. ENJOY YOUR FAMILIES......YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS.............THE journey of life is the sweet part......but we get so busy sometimes we miss that part!!!
  8. Salt water contains MANY bacteria and one of them is especially nasty Vibrio species (have to use a special antibiotic causes nasty blisters and BAD INFECTIONS)......don't get in the salt water until your doctor says it is ok......now a chlorine pool might be different....check with your doctor.....
  9. SuperMom

    Out Of Pocket Expenses?help!

    My lab work each time was $1,500.00 dollars that was billed from hospital to insurance. (looked like the same things you listed above)
  10. SuperMom

    Time Of The Month During Your Surgery?

    of course Tom visited my day of surgery. Yep they gave me the big old pads (YUCK) but the Morphine makes you forget all the cramps....don't stress not a big deal Met my doctor's goal the other day!!! About 5 lbs from my personal goal now!!! LOVE the sleeve!!!
  11. I am feeling like the other posters above. The carbs from your Vitamins are the LEAST of your worries. I don't count carbs at all. I really stay away from bread, Pasta, rice. Other than that I get my Protein in and if you are really eating that much lean meat/real cheese/yogurt etc....you don't have to count carbs your smaller size pouch simply cannot hold much extra after all the protein. Good luck and stop stressing.
  12. Try egg drop soup from Chinese resturant. I was craving the salt and something more like food and less sweet.
  13. Yep I was thinking same as poster above. That does NOT seem like enough calories. Even if you are getting protein first you need enough fuel for your body.
  14. SuperMom

    Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under

    Hi - shortie here....my mom is 4'11" and passed that gene to me! I am 5'1" and highest weight was 230. I am happy to say I reached my doctor's goal of 140 at 9 months. I would really like to be at 135 so still sticking in there! Good luck guys!!! Any questions ask away!! I am currently in a size 14 (although my hubby says they are way too loose) a size 12 is still a little too tight on jeans. I keep having to stop myself from going to the 2XL size racks. In tops I am wearing a 12-14 large (but I don't like tight stuff so medium would fit but be tight.) In scrubs for work I am in medium and they are getting WAY too big (I used to wear 2XL), I got to the point you have to try stuff on because what your head is used to wearing does not fit your body anymore.
  15. Make sure you are taking your Vitamins and eating ENOUGH of the right foods. That is hard for most of us. We were so used to eating too much. Don't freak out.....unfortunately....you will prob have more than one stall....I found I stalled about 4-5 times for 3 weeks at a time and if you let it it will drive you crazy. My goal inched it's way here 2 lbs at a time and took 9 months. Good luck! Hang in there!!!
  16. SuperMom

    Success Story...?

    Good job!!!! Keep up the great work!!
  17. SuperMom

    Okay... Tmi Question

    Try a little coffee Worked like a charm.............
  18. I get the film on my tongue when i am actively loosing. It is from ketosis. Use a tongue scraper. You can buy one in tooth paste section in grocery store. I still use it everyday. almost to goal......5 more lbs.....
  19. SuperMom

    Its Your Period Dummy!

    When I get hungry now instead of my tummy rumbling - I get a sharp pain in my back just below my shoulder blades....I had a hernia repair during the sleeve surgery.....so my hubby jokes with me that maybe they sewed something up there wrong....hahahha I noticed as soon as I eat the pain goes away......too funny......so when my back starts aching there I eat! LOLOL Yep my periods are back to being heavy....I read that we are dumping estrogen that was stored in the fat?????? I don't know but I wish it would go away!!!!
  20. I guess it is water weight "bloating" but I don't weigh around TOM because the scale goes up and pisses me off...lolol and YES I super crave chocolate and salt......................
  21. SuperMom

    Almost A Year Out.............

    Hi I am like you ....was sleeved in May. I am 5 lbs from doctor's goal (140) but I would like to be around 135 so 10 lbs from my personal goal. I actually tried on size 12 jeans and they fit but are tight. I have not worn size 12 jeans since I was 25 and I am 46 now....lolol...... Congrats on your success!!! Nice to know someone else is going through what I am!
  22. Hey....25 year lab rat here.....exactly how elevated were they? You can message me if you don't want to post here. Alk phos, AST, and ALT are liver enzymes. They go up when your liver is pissed off. Viruses, alcohol, too much ibuprophen or aleve can cause them to go up. Tylenol (unless you are taking above 900 mg a day) usually doe NOT piss off your liver. Your liver enzymes can go up and down 40-100 points a day. That is the reason I was asking what the values are. Elevated enzymes can also happen with severe gall stone attacks (but that is VERY painful and you would know you are having the attack) SEVERELY elevated enzymes can be caused by hepatitis and or other causes. I would be happy to look at them for you.
  23. I was having trouble not going number 2. I added a cup (or maybe 2 if I am off) in the morning with my Vitamins and it fixed the problem. I think I added it back in at about month 1. I am 5 lbs from goal and was sleeved last May ...............hope that helps!
  24. a little egg drop or wonton Soup won't hurt.....those got me through the soft stage........i think i was craving the salty instead of all sweet foods (crystal light, Jello, sf popsickles)..... maybe egg drop soup?
  25. SuperMom

    Best Protein Bars

    just beware of the ones with "sugar alcohols"......gives me rumbly bumbly stomach.........BAD GAS........don't do them at work............lolol Yep Pure Balance - Peanut Butter is my fav but the chocolate brownie is good too. Quest bars taste good but are super dense ....I find them better if I nuke them a couple seconds