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  1. I just turned 29 and have lost 114 pounds so far. When I remember I slather my body in cocoa butter from palmers. I have not really been exercising either yet. I notice a little loose skin. Around the upper arms, a little around the upper thighs and starting to a bit at the belly. I think that if I lotioned more often and lifted some weights it will not be that bad in the future. Fingers crossed of course. I have about 35 more to lose.

    wow you're doing great! Congrats. :)

  2. I am most likely going to go with Dr. Pinnar. He works with Dr. Cywes but has a ton of experience and actually teaches other doctors how to do these surgeries. I met him at the seminar and he seemed really caring and easily approachable. My mom is doing this with me as well and she liked him as well. I have not yet had my first appointment but hopefully it will be soon. I am hoping to avoid the 3 month diet as my insurance has an "or" option that I would be doing anyways, so maybe smile.gif. Who is your surgeon?

    I'm going with Dr. Cywes! Oh that's so cool we're going to be at the same place. I liked Dr. Pinnar a lot and could easily go with him too. He talked to my mom and I a long time and answered all of our questions. I hope you can avoid the 3 month diet because it's a pain in the ass! lol I hate it. Maybe I'll see you at a support group down the line, my name is Kasey. :)

  3. Hello everyone! My name is Emily and I am 20. I am in the beginning stages of getting the sleeve (went to seminar, need to make an appt) but I cannot wait to join all of the "sleevers" out there! I am from Jax, Fl. How is everyone doing?

    Hey Emily, I'm Kasey. I live in Jax too and I'm 23. I'm a couple weeks into my 3 month diet I have to do for my insurance. Who's going to be your surgeon?

  4. I'll be 24 when I have my surgery and I'm worried about the same thing. I'm bigger than you and have always been overweight so I'm not too optimistic about the skin thing but I'll exercise and cross my fingers I guess. Gotta keep telling myself that I should be happy to worry about loose skin because that means the fat is gone!

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