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  1. happy2behere

    BEing sleeved TOMORROW!!!!

    Thank you soooo much!!! will keep you posted!
  2. happy2behere

    BEing sleeved TOMORROW!!!!

    Thanks all!!!!
  3. My docotr says to get Icopure but many people in my support group meeting hate this...I heard that Biochem is a good one...Any favorites out there? I do no want one that is gritty and prefer something smooth..where can I get samples from? Thanks so much ! This forum has already been so extremely helpful. I have to start my pre op 14 day liquids on April 13th and I don't know what to stock up on...
  4. Good Luck! you will be great! I've been on the pre op liquid diet for 10 days now!! I get sleeved on the 27th! Keep us update on your progress! Vanessa
  5. happy2behere

    Long Island, NY Support Groups

    Thank you sooo much! Rachel, can you contact me? vanessa25@optonlin.net I am in Babylon and would love to attend! I am being sleeved on the 27th and nervous as all heck! Thanks again for posting this!
  6. happy2behere

    Day 20. Almost Human.

    Thank you for sharing VST! I too think , AM I NUTS??? I am going to have my stomache cut out in less than a week!??!?! I can't sleep at night and am literally sick with worry! I keep telling myself, this is my last chance at actually becoming thin and I am sticking to my guns and look at this surgery as a second chance at life. Again, thanks for sharing with us and happy to hear you are starting to feel human AGAIN!!!! Best if luck to you in your journey. Vanessa
  7. So here is my story: I am a 33 year old gal who has suffered from obesity for over TWO decades!!! With each new year I found myslef easily gaining 10 pounds or more. The straw that broke the camel's back for me was seeing myself in a picture standing next to my sister where I looked double her size. (And, I actually am exactly double her weight.) That was that day I decided that it was time to make a change. I am a mommy of two toddlers and wife of a pretty awesome guy who I've been with for over 12 years. After learning about the sleeve gastrectomy, I felt that this was the best fit for me and I am being sleeved on April 27th. I am totally over the nervousness and now I am just excited to see the new me transform into the healthy and thinner person I know I can be. This site has been more helpful than I ever imagined from testemonies to the best protein shakes..I learned it all through folks like you have traveled this journey and shared your experiences...so I thank you all! Today was my first day of the 14 day pre-op liquid diet and I made it. I kept busy and didn't allow myslef to think about the favorite foods I missed but focused on the goal ahead! So, there ya have it. Cheers to me and all the soon to be sleevers out there!!!
  8. I am day 7 of the liquid diet...the best of tried so far is PURE protein in the can...today I tried cookies and cream flavor..they are good. Found at tranders joes and the vitamin shoppe. Good Luck!
  9. Okay folks...so day end of day 5 of the liquid diet...I thought I would never say this but IT IS DEFINATELY getting better....I am staying full on broth and making sure I have my protein shakes no more than 5 hours a part...I was at mom's for dinner tonight along with 20 other family members and was surrounded by ALL of my favorite foods from twice baked potatoes to chicken smothered in a mushroom gravey sauce to rainbow cookies and easter chocolate galore!!! BUT, I stayed strong and kept my eye on the prize and said to myself this time next year I will wearing anything I want and looking damn good! So, I got through it and I know you can too!!!! Just wanted to share! Happy Palm Sunday! WE CAN DO THIS!
  10. You are brave! I was supposed to bake the ham along with the rest of Easter Dinner as it is my one holiday that I host in my home...but this year I cancelled..lol!!! I told my in laws that I wasn't up to it. Can you ask someone else in your family to make those things?? If I had to cook anything today I don't think I would have been as strong, ya know? Maybe buy the ham and whoopie pie ingredients and pass it off to someone else to make...just a suggestion.
  11. Hi spicey Mom! Easter sunday will mark my 12th day of the liquid diet...lol!!! OMG!!!! I will be thinking of you on Easter-you can do it!
  12. happy2behere

    Hello...I'm hungry lol

    Hi Bill, I am one day behind you..this is my 5th day on the liquid diet...3 shakes per day plus liquids to hydrate and 2 cups of broccoli or cauliflower at night with broth...it is really difficult but we can through it. I keep busy and try my hardest not to think about the food (and I still have to cook for my family) which is hard but what gets me through like what Virginia says above is the Protein soup..unjury makes a really good one. Or try adding no flavor Protein powder to your own low sodium, fat free both. You WILL get through this! Cheers to us! Best, Vanessa
  13. So today has been really difficult for me...my head is pounding I think due to a food withdrawal..I am my second day in of the 14 day pre op diet and I have to say it really stinks!!! I am cranky, tired, irritable and hungry. I found PURE protein shakes (ready made) to be okay in taste and I am full with them but my head is still hungry...watching my 2 children and husband eat their eggplant parm. tonight didn't make it any better. How can I get through another 12 days of this??? This is worse than I thought it would ever be....
  14. Thanks everyone! I am at the end of day 4 and I am still alive...lol!!! It HAS definately gotten better but it IS still hard. What is really getting me through this is the chicken broth. I have never been one for sweets-I am more of a savory person...today on day 4, the shakes are becoming increasingly intolerable-not sure how I am going to handle this...they are just too sweet--I think I am going to get the non flavored protein and just mix it in to crystal lite...10 more days...I am almost at the halfway mark..
  15. Hi apple saucy, I am at the end of the second day of pre op liquid diet and I feel your pain!! Can you maybe make your own ice pops out of the protein shake?? Just a thought.... I hate the sugar free ice pops..sweets were never really my thing...my food of choice is salty stiff..so the broth is getting me through this...it is hard girl but I know we can do this! BTW, I am 5 days after you..
  16. happy2behere

    It's Countdown time! 13 days to go!!

    :rolleyes:Hi spiceymom! Welcome! Girls, today was the second day of the liquid diet and it was just awful...I can't wait to go to bed and have this day be over already..I know it wil be worth it in a few short weeks but this really stinks...I did find though the PURE protein shakes (ready made) to be the best. You can find them at Trader Joes or the vitamin shoppe. Wishing you all the best! Here's to my sleeve sisters! Vanessa
  17. happy2behere

    Chicken Broth

    My docotr syas it is okay to add 2 cups of broccoli and cauliflower to the broth (up to 2 ups of broccoli and cauliflower in a day). Ask if you can do that. Then I put garlic powder, salt and pepper.
  18. happy2behere

    It's Countdown time! 13 days to go!!

    Hi To Dream, Sleeve sisters we are!!! I was suppopsed to have 20 people over for Easter but I cancelled. I Keep telling myself it wil all be worth it in the end.
  19. happy2behere

    It's Countdown time! 13 days to go!!

    Nope, not tired. I do feel a bit hungry now (it's 10 PM) but the protein shakes really filled me up. I used PURE Protein in a can which actually tastes good. You can find them in Trader Joes and The Vitamin Shoppe-alittle pricey but the best I've tasted so far. Good Luck. You wil do fine. They say the first day of the liquid diet is the worst-but I survived and it really wasn't that bad.
  20. happy2behere

    Before and After pic 7 months out

    :rolleyes:Congrats to you!!! You look amazing!!
  21. happy2behere

    Day 1 - pre op diet :(

    It's popsicle sticks and jello now...but I have my eye on the prize...it is worth the skinny jeans in the end!! I start the 14 day pre op in 6 days..we can do this!
  22. Can anyone tell me..will I ever be able to eat a meal and drink water at the same time again? I am sooo concerned about this. I get really thirsty while I am eating and can't imagine having to wait 20 minutes or so AFTER a meal to take a sip of water...is this a forever thing? Thanks guys!!

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