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    Kris got a reaction from Liberated Sleeve for a blog entry, Six Month Surgiversary   
    I just got home from Maui last night and was really interested to see what the scale would tell me.  During vacation I decided to not put any limits on what I ate or drank, so had many treats over the course of six days ... I really enjoyed my food at Maui, but restriction kept me in good control of caloric intake.  Plus, we were pretty active ... lots of swimming, snorkeling, and walking around in the warm Hawaaiian sun.  So I figured the activity would counteract the splurges at the table.
    So ... my final weigh in was on July 5th (the morning we left for Maui) and I was 169.6 (just barely missed my July 4th goal of 169.0).  Today I got on the scale, and O Happy Day, it said I weigh 167.2 -- a loss of 2.4 lbs.!  Yay!  That was a happy moment for me!  
    I had a couple of NSVs this week too.  The biggest one was how easily I now fit in a plane seat.  I used to hate and dread flying, because I would overflow the seat and could barely close the seat belt, but now I have no problems at all with the plane seat or seat belt.  That felt great!  The second NSV came this morning -- my hubby went out to get the mail and saw one of our neighbors, who told him, "Your wife is the incredible shrinking woman!"  LOL!  I am now wearing a size 14 (or women's Large) and that is so cool!  
    Life is really great with my sleeve!  
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    Kris got a reaction from CAMMYD for a blog entry, 7 Month Surgiversary   
    Today is my 7th month surgiversary and I weigh 162.6 lbs. Officially I am almost down 70 lbs. from my high preop weight (231 lbs.) and 62 lbs. from my surgery date (224.5 lbs.), but that is only because I changed my scale after surgery, and my new scale is more accurate (and shows a heavier weight) than my old scale (by 2-3 lbs.). In reality I have already lost over 70 lbs. from my preop weight and nearly 70 from my surgery date. It's really hard to believe -- 70 lbs. is A LOT of excess weight!!!
    I am comfortably wearing a size 14 now, and getting close to fitting in size 12s (maybe next month).
    When I see myself in my birthday suit, it's still a pretty ugly sight ... I have a lot of belly fat still, my girls are like halfway deflated water balloons, I have a lot of cellulite on my butt and thighs, and I have loose skin in my upper arms (AKA batwings). But, in clothes, I look pretty normal, I think.
    Also, it's exciting, my BMI is 30.7 now -- if I lose 3 lbs. I will officially no longer be obese! It would have been great to hit that milestone on my surgiversary date, but I am close, so it's all good.
    I have been really good about exercising -- I actually enjoy exercising (walking/jogging) and it's fun to challenge myself to see if I can do a little more/faster each time I exercise. I really regret not exercising sooner ... if you, my dear sleeve friend, are reading this blog and have either not gotten sleeved or are newly sleeved, please take my advice and exercise as soon as you are able and do it at least 3-4 days a week if at all possible ... you will be more successful in losing weight and you will feel SO much better in your weight loss journey!
    As far as food intake, not really much change this week from previous weeks ... I am definitely not strict about what I eat, and I know I am not losing as much weight as I could ... but I am still taking in fewer calories than I burn, and even on my worst food days I probably am still only taking in as many calories as a non-sleeved dieter would eat. I do heart my sleeve!

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