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  1. Hi my sister...I know Im terrible, I hardly come on here anymore lol .... just busy trying to keep busy, and lots going on over here.... look at you down 25 pounds now!! Im so proud of you, but Im catching up!! lol How are you doing??

  2. Woohoo..... its almost time!!! Do you know I havnt eaten for 10 days?? lol Only fluids including my 3 day pre op diet, but I no longer crave food, its amazing, and finally today I found clear protien ... I looked all over Calgary lol but things are fantastc!! And Im down 13.2 now lol havnt updated my ticker yet lol I cant wait til youre on this side!!

  3. lol tortured sounds right on the target, wow those were 3 brutal days but its amazing how quick the body starts healing its self and puts you back onto the road to recovery!! Im excited to start the journey. I look forward to seeing you on the other side now and getting to talk about the future of the new us!! woo hoo ttys

  4. How did you surgery go?! Looking forward to hearing from you.... Im here my last day in Tijuana and head home tomorrow, there were no complication, just 3 days of hard hard work lol I hope youre doing well!!

  5. Hiiiiii... well at 2:26 am I was wide awake in my hotel, no pain meds or sleepy meds make a big difference lol but Im on the other side yes!! Wow those were 3 hard days and I thought it would never get better lol but it slowly is! How are you doing?? It is so exciting to finally be on the other side where we get to make the big changes now!! Big hugs, I hope youre well!!

  6. It is so good to hear from you!! I have been thinking of you non stop!! Im glad to hear it went well!! So glad!! Yes my big day is today... we meet in the lobby in 2 hours eekkkss lol... I am so happy for you though,,,, and Im right behind you!! talk to you very soon my soon to be sleeve sister!!

  7. How was the big day?! Cant wait to hear!! Big HUGS!!!

  8. I leave in the morning to Mexico... Friday is the big day though!! Im hoping to get some sun in at the pool tomorrow, lol I doubt that will happen but wishful thinking lol

    Good luck on Friday!! So exciting!!

  9. oohhhh I like your preop diet (mine is the 3day before liquid diet)... im trying the high protien diet on my own and wow its a challenge lol.... tomorrow is a new day though!! tring to stik to 30 carbs a day - protien shake, bars, meats, salads... if it wasnt for chocolate it would make life so much eaisier lol Lets definitly keep in touch!!

  10. Tracey.... how are you, wow so exciting they bumped out your date!!! Tell me what are you doing for your pre op diet... how is it going so far??

  11. Just saw your surgery Sept 17th as well!! Very exciting as mine is as well, in less the 2 weeks we are on our way to recovery, definitley keep in touch, what are you doing for your pre op diet??

  12. Hi :)

    Im so happy to hear you leave so close by as I would love to keep in touch so we can figure this out together, some days are a little more overwhelming then others!! Definitly a fantastic idea, thanks for saying hi!! ttys

  13. Hey Joy.... did you get my email I sent to you on your yahoo account?? I would definitly love to chat more, very exciting we have 22 days left!! ttys :)

  14. hi on my way!!!

    we are official sleeve sisters!! :) I think 4 of us so far on Sept 17th.... 22 days!!! whos your doctor??

  15. Hi, so exciting.... just saw your date was Sept 17th, theres 4 of now I think with the same date!! Whos your doctor?? Very happy news!! ttys

  16. Ill be in Tijuana too but a little later, you can tell me all about it lol You must be so excited and so nice indeed to meet another Cdn!! Are you on a liquid diet before the big date??

  17. Hi hopin! A lot of it was done via emai since theres no office here in Calgary, they sent me the forms to fill out as well and I had to fax them in so they could review them, looks like everything is good to go and the date was booked, it was all pretty easy... why do you think you wont be approved?

  18. hi... I just saw you were considering Dr.Pompa.... I am headed there Sept 17th for my surgey date, keep me posted if you will be heading down around the saame time!! Its a very exciting journey ahead!

  19. BBJ Congrats on your surgery day!!! I just saw on the forum it was surgery day and you did and feel terrific!!! Im so excited for you and so happy to hear how well it went!! looking forward to seeing how your progress goes!! ttys

  20. Congrats on your weight loss so far... I just saw how much you have lost since your surgery!! Very exciting!!! :)

  21. Your pictures are already an amazing change!! Way to go, how many pounds down after 36 days??

  22. Wow I just saw you ticker and you have done AMAZING since surgery in July!!! How does it feel losing so much so quick?? Im very excited about my soon to be surgery and loved seeing your posts!!

  23. on the countdown til my surgery date!!

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