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  1. Calgarygirl

    Mexico vs. USA

    Im from Canada and my doctor had NO issues with me going to Mexico, she was very supportive and actually advocated with all the good work that actually happens in Mexico, I was quite surprised and very relieved!!
  2. Calgarygirl


    I hear you can only have a few bites after surgery for meals and youre full... but how are you suppose to get your water in the first few weeks? Just a curiousity quiestion, thanks!!!
  3. Calgarygirl

    1 Year today.

    You look so AMAZING!!! Thanks for posting your before and after picture, I love seeing the results, absolutely astounding! Way to go!!
  4. Calgarygirl


    Great info and sounds like the sleeve keeps you in line You are all so inspiring... reading everything you write helps out so much and I love seeing the weight come right off of everyone, Im very excited!! Thanks for sharing everyone! My sleeve date is in 47 days :cool0:
  5. Calgarygirl

    June 2010 140 lbs.

    Great work!! You look amazing!!
  6. Calgarygirl

    Pills and Vitamins

    Omega - is there a liquid or chewable form?
  7. Calgarygirl

    So happy at goal weight!

    Beautiful pictures and an amazing accomplishment, thanks for your inspiration!!
  8. Calgarygirl

    Looking for surgeons!

    Im going to Dr.Pompa .... $9800 but Im going with a companion with a support group here so its $10900 ... someone flys with me, shows me the ropes, and supports me while Im down there and flying back into Calgary. TJ Mexico
  9. Calgarygirl

    3 days until surgery

    Im so excited for you... 51 days for me lol... a long ways to go!! I cant wait to be only days away like you and I look forward to joining you on the loser bench!! Good luck!!
  10. Hi, Im new to the site and Im super excited to find out about the vertical sleeve through a friend. I found out a few months ago I was not qualified for the gastric bypass and it broke my heart. I checked it out with my family doctor even before I went any further and she said she would totally support me, the problem though later I found out was not having a BMI over 40 and then theres a HUGE waiting list IF im approved out of however many other people need it more then me. I was like wow, guess thats out. Then I found out about the lapband and have only heard not good things about it since. So I gave up.... then talking to my gf, we started talking about our next "diet".... and she told me about how she was looking into the VS... I had a big smile on my face again!! VS is for BMI over 30 and Im a 33. Sooooooooo I have looked into it and I want this more then anything, but now I need to get the okay from my family doctor in case there are any concerns later I dont want to say oh yes by the way, ha ha .... Im not too scared to talk to her about it since she was so good with the bypass... my only concern is saying, oh yes by the way, its in Mexico (we all know what everyones first reaction is when you say that lol)..... so I want to know what other peoples family doctors said to them?! I would love knowing so maybe I can take some weight off my shoulders... thanks ahead of time!! Janice
  11. Calgarygirl

    My VSG Story

    Thanks Judy for the great story... I am looking at getting sleeved in September.... how was life for the first 6 months with your husband being able to eat what ever he wanted?? was it a hard change? or were you just turned off of food? what made it easier for you having meals with him?
  12. wow its so soon lol thats teriffic!!! Im jealous!! Where are you going?? you will have to keep me posted!!
  13. where are you all getting your surgery done?? Im going to Mexico and I think its done that morning? Im not sure yet though as I still need to find out all the ins and out still :confused1:
  14. welcome to the group and big decision, I decided to take the big plunge as well and Im looking at Sept for surgery.... I have been on and off diets for the past 15 years of my life and I just want to stop the yo yo and feel good about me! any big dates set yet?
  15. Calgarygirl

    did your family doctor approve?

    So very very very good news, my doctor was great with the VSG, she says it sounds like the new and best upcoming thing. She was quite impressed and is very supportive with it, even Mexico! lol She said we would be very surprised with how much medical stuff actually occurs down there, she had no issues!! She wanted to know what she needed from her and I said just her okay, otherwise Im ready to go for Sept 16th!! woohoo!! I wish it was in 2 weeks rather then 2 months, but theres still alot of reading I need to do.... and I so cant wait!!! thanks everyone for your words of encouragement!!
  16. Calgarygirl

    Lap band or Gastric Sleeve???

    I would agree... I was everywhere with decisions but the Vs seems like the best option for the long run with no further issues or complications like the band.... I cant wait either!! Doctors tomorrow, and the hopefully appt for Sept 16th, woohoo!!
  17. Calgarygirl

    did your family doctor approve?

    Thanks for the reply, all of your opinons are soooooooooo appreciated!!! Im on the 30 hour count down right now.... and feeling more and more confident about this as the days go on.... I am 100% yes at this point (even after watching the video which almost killed me - I have a weak stomach lol).... thanks for your knowledge around this!!! I'll keep you all posted after my visit with my doctor tomorrow!!
  18. Calgarygirl

    did your family doctor approve?

    Thank you everyone!!! Your words of support and stories mean the world to me!!! I am super excited and also very nervous about Tuesday!! Thats too cute about the one Dr having it done after another Dr asked about it. I did call my dr and left a heads up in regards to talking about the vertical sleeve when I see her, so Im hoping she finds out more about it if she knows nothing. She seems to be on top of things though so it should be interesting to see how it goes for sure. I think sometimes I expect the worst and then get the better of it later and Im always quite surprised. I hope I have another great story to share Tuesday evening!!! Hugs to everyone!!!
  19. Calgarygirl

    did your family doctor approve?

    Thats very cool, and Im impressed with you being a med student and how many nurses are on this site.... thanks for the reply, yeah my doctor says that as well to me "I know you well enough you've done your research".... I look forward to hearing how your VS goes!! good luck my Alberta sleeve sister :thumbup1:
  20. Calgarygirl

    My story and lots of questions

    Hey there.... I hear you and I have a very similar story... 6 months smoke free lost a good portion of my weight, and somehow 30 pounds have reappeared over the past 6 months to year.... boooo lol The 2 people I have told have said OMG you re not that big you dont need it (great Im not that big lol), even though Im in the category of obese .... my family has not been the most supportive people, so Im not telling them til afterwards as I want to be strong going into this. I say you have have strong supportive people, use them, if not thats what this group is here for. My bf says I love you for the size you are, Im like omg, the size I am?? lol no thanks ... Im doing this for me, and Im more just worried about what matters the most to make me happy rather then the last 15 years yo yo dieiting... big hugs to you!!! I know the boat youre in :thumbup:
  21. Calgarygirl

    hey Im new and super excited

    welcome, Im new too and Im totally jealous your insurance covers it, this one is going to cost a few dollars, but to me its totally worth it.... I swear I could have paid for this twice by now if I would have done it right in the first place rather then all of the weight management companies i have given my money to lol.... Im just waiting to talk to my Dr on Tuesday and if I get the okay, I will be scheduled for Sept 16th... very very exciting!!!
  22. Congrats on your surgery!! Im so excited about this site and finding out about the VS. I almost gave up a few months ago as I had no idea this even existed until a friend told me her big secret, and then I told her wow we have the same big secret lol. Your stories and support on here are amazing and I look forward to taking the journey with you all.... my surgery is tentatively set for Sept 16th in Mexico.... I wish it could be sooner, but summer is always crazy... Im looking forward to getting to know you all!!

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