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  1. Please folks GET IN YOUR Protein, i am seven weeks out and been hospitalized TWICE for dehydration. I wasnt getting even 20oz of protein in the beginning and it dominoed EVERYTHING! I started not to hold anything down-not even Water, Vitamins made me sick, even brushing my teeth made me nautious, therefore eating was completely out of the question. I went four days without a single bite....whatever you do get in that protein, I am feeling better now but back to soft foods. Once you get to the point of dehydration the weight loss doesnt matter anymore you just want to feel healthy and normal again.

  2. RE:I can only get 3-4 of the drummettes down from Wingstop, I have to peel off the skin before I eat them and I am almost a year out. Fried foods didn't work for me for a long time, and even now I avoid them. But, chicken wings are my downfall. I do have to use ranch or blue cheese to cut the grease.

    Can you get more ounces of other meats or is this the only time you've had issues getting more dense Protein down?

    No i can hardly get any meat (or much else) down, my biggest accomplishment has been a two shrimp about two weeks ago.

  3. Thanks everyone! After i posted and actually SEEN what i was eating and i realized too, there are healthier options that can crunch. SOOOO spent most of my time at the grocery this weekend hunting for better options....got some shrimp salad, chicken salad, flaky crab meat, and edamame. I also called my Dr the afternoon of my posts and they also gave me some options to get in Protein (also having a hard time with that). Sooooo THANK YOU everyone for being so kind as to not criticize but encourage! YOU PEOPLE ROCK!!!!

    PS Recipe for decent amount of protein...

    1 scoop SF Carnation instant Breakfast

    1 scoop Non Fat Instant Dry Milk

    1 cup non fat skim milk

    Mix and drink-OR freeze for thirty minutes and eat with a spoon.

    18 grams of protein!

  4. Thanks yall, one of the problems i have (even before surgery) was that i cant stand SOFT foods, even pre op i had to put something cruncy on a PB&J because it was so soft....hence the pop tarts that need to be chewed. I figured this may be a potential problem before hand, just not sure what to eat now...if i see another can of Soup, yogurt or pudding, i am going to barf....

  5. I am 19 days out and am reading all of your posts on what you are eating. Seems i may be heading to the normal foods to soon? My Dr says to introduce soft foods on Monday but this week i have had mushed up Mac n cheese a small bit of pop tart (chewed till liquified) and pizza toppings also chewed until liquified, am i ruining my sleeve?

  6. Doing good here too! Thanks to everyone on sending all your good wishes to our 19thrs! (and close to it). I got discharged a day late because they also wanted me to drink more liquids, so here we are ladies WE DID IT! My biggest complaint is being so tired, the pain isnt that bad and the incisions arent that bad just exhausted i guess....I did notice that when i told my husband the smell of his lunch wouldnt bother me it really didnt! I mean it smelled good but i didnt want to eat it...maybe a good sign?

    Hey still waiting to hear from the ones who havent posted yet?

  7. I am drinking frusion smoothies lite, Water of course and lots of the V8 Frusion lite, my doctor said it was ok to have Tomato or cream Soups as long as they were strained and diluted....got creative last night, and mixed cream of potato, cream of onion and cheddar cheese Soup, strained and added milk until i got a liquid consistency...tasted pretty good!

    we have ONE more day people!!! How is everyone doing?

  8. How is everybody? We made it to Friday!!! WHOO HOO! This was our busiest week ever at work, my goals for the year were due, had to take two classes on crapstuff, and STILL managed to stay on my liquid diet....go me! I have noticed though how EMOTIONAL i am about food, when i came home this week i was soooo tired and just wanted to have mac n cheese, or when i got stressed i found myself thinking about going to get comfort fooding....the journey has begun!!!

  9. Wanted to check in with everybody how is everybody doing? Only FOUR DAYS LEFT! My liquid diet is going "ok" a lil better than i thought actually, the first day was the worst. My thing is I cant believe this is real....that i am actually going to get this done....I keep thinking of the procedure...the actual CUTTING of the stomach..anybody else..is that normal? Maybe just getting cold feet i dunno.

    on a good note my pants are a bit loose from the liquid diet :thumbup1:

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