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  1. when i went, my mom went with me and brought some Water. however, i was always given bottled water and you can buy bottled water in the dining room. my mom drank a few of her waters because she had then. but it was not necessary to bring. my husband was shocked that we had this concern..."you will go and have major surgery but are afraid to drink the water?" made us laugh.... when you get meals you get a glass of apple juice, gatorade, and tea. after two days you also get broth. it is all made in the hospital kitchen. i do not know if they use bottled water to make it. but i did not have any issues and i have not heard of others having issues. the hospital is under going JACHO certification..... which is a big deal. that is the same certification that most hospitals have here in the states. i cannot imagine that this would be possible if they did not have a good water supply.. god luck to you. i had a wonderful experience there and have had a recovery free of any complications. kelly

  2. i had my sleeve with dr aceves on jan 27th. i have been a rn for 22 years. i have worked for the past 22 years in hospitals working icu and er. so with that said, i could not have had a better experience. the hospital was spotless. dr aceves has his own team in addition to he hospitals staff. there is always someone there to assist if needed. i have not experienced this ind of care personally or professionally. many people have written detail accounts of there journey it really is how others say. i believe that if your husband did some research himself he may have a change of heart kelly

  3. surgery went well and i was up walking soon after. in general i feel really good. looking forward to a leak test so that i can start sipping. i do not feel hungry but my mouth is dry. they do provide a water bottle so that you can rinse and spit. it does help. my experience has been great. the hospital is so clean, i have heard this many times before...but really impressive. i am a nurse and work in a hospital...... much cleaner then where i work! anyway just to give you all an update. thanks for the prayers. kelly

  4. hi luci, my date with dr aceves was yesterday. so i sit here ready to see you in the halls walking. i was up 1h and 45 min following recovery room really i feel pretty darn good. just some soreness in my abd. i researched for a long time reading different accounts.... every one seemed to have the same story..... let me say it happened the exact was i had expected. i will be praying for you. kelly

  5. i did read on obesity help forum of another person who had a re-sleeve. if i recall correctly she had it done by

    dr aceves. her first sleeve was made to big and she never got the benefits from her first operation. do not know if that is your situation but thought you would like to know it has been done. kelly

  6. i appreciate that he told the truth about having wls. i find it frustrating when famous people who have struggled in the public eye with obesity suddenly loose a lot of weight and then say they did it with diet and exercise. i think by being straight forward that it serves him well and the public that sees his testimony. that weight loss came with the tool of wls, diet and exercise. there are so many people who would benefit from the knowledge of this procedure. i think there are other famous people who should come out as well. just my thoughts! kelly

  7. i was interested in your post.... i personally do not think you need both. i do have several friends that are on the HCG diet. they seem to be having success.... one even states that the weight she looses she will never regain...... I WILL HAVE TO SEE THAT ONE! anyway i am opting for the VGS . maybe you should talk to your doctor. maybe it would work good together. i will be interest to read what you find out. kelly

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