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  1. Hi all,

    Even though I am down 110 pounds the size of my bosom has not shrunk. My back is constantly hurting. I have Medicare and am wondering if anyone knows whether it has covered a breast reduction? I also need to know if I should wait until I reach my goal weight first. I am so uncomfortable right now. When I was a thin teenager, my chest was oversized so I thinking that perhaps I do not have to wait until I reach goal.



  2. Pumpkin, I wish the media would mention the Sleeve more often too. It is still not in the cultural lexicon the way the gastric bypass is. I think that time will fix that as more people get it done. Certainly, by then we will have more info on the long term.

    BTW, another cool NSV: I just looked down and noticed that my legs were crossed naturally by themselves. Way cool!:)


  3. Hi All,

    Thanks y'all for all your great responses! I think getting your Protein, Water and exercise in is the key to good weight loss. Of course, starting off as a heavyweight meant I lost faster.

    The emotional part has been so difficult. I mean I didn't get to 350 pounds without major food issues. It's all about getting to the other side where losing weight, feeling fitter and eating sanely is the norm and the way you want it.

    Thanks all!!


  4. :thumbup1: Hiya,

    Well, 6 months after my surgery, I am 111 lbs down from pre-op. My labs are good. Cholesterol is at 157 which I think is good and maybe someone could tell me if it is a decent number.

    I have struggled a lot with head hunger and the need to comfort eat. Luckily, I found a great therapist and am attending OA as well.

    I would do the surgery again in a heartbeat but I really must stress the need to be psychologically prepared for the major, huge changes to your way of eating. Lord knows I am over the moon about my weight loss and how great I feel physically but I have also cried many times because I can no longer comfort eat and binge.

    My surgeon has given me a goal of 60 more lbs over the next 6 months. Wish me luck.

    Thanks all for your support.


  5. I am a heavyweight. I topped out at 350 in Jan 2010. Now, 110 pounds lighter I still have a good 90 to lose-how much of that is loose skin I can't say but I have a huge panni. Funny, I just noticed that I had moved from "Super Morbidly Obese" to "Morbidly Obese" and am closing in on plain "Obese". Ugh! I hate these labels.

    In my head, I am still at 350 in so many ways. Sad.


  6. So I feel like I have stalled out-spent the last three weeks around the same weight. I have tried mixing it up with more exercise, etc but no luck. It has been 6 months since my surgery and I am worried that going so long eating too few calories has wrecked my metabolism. I have lost of lot of weight but I am afraid in the long run doing it on so few cals has slowed down my weight loss as my body thinks it is in the dreaded starvation mode.

    Is it possible to have a psychological block to further weight loss? It seems far more complicated than "calories in vs. calories out" when I review my history. I have tried increasing cals for a few days and that didn't work. Nor did being more restrictive and increasing the Protein Shakes.< /span>

    TIA for your insight and advice.

  7. I still get PMS cravings. I agree with Tiffy that the secret is to find healthier ways to get that taste combo you crave. I'll have a square or two of dark chocolate with almonds for sweet/salty sensation. The intense dark chocolate really "speaks" to me during PMS. I also like that new line of low carb, low cal chocolate mousses made by Jello. Good way to get that choco fix.

  8. Like a previous poster said, I had undiagnosed sleep apnea at the time of my operation. I could only sleep sitting up so they adjusted my hospital bed to that position. The good news is that my sleep apnea cleared up rather quickly and I can now sleep in a bed. I am told that I rarely snore even.

    During the surgery, the breathing will be done for you through intubation-nothing to worry about.

    Good luck to both of you!

  9. Thanks to all who read and have responded to this thread. Knowing that I am not alone is so very helpful. I have finally started seeing the scale move down again and I am close to 100 pounds gone which is so very major. I need to see what I have done right like the Protein Shakes and the exercise. Feeling so critical and hateful to myself all the time really makes me want to eat junk food for comfort.

    I used to go to OA five or so years ago. Nothing that I did such as groups, books and therapists seemed to work so I had the surgery. However, those things are now my only hope to stay away from the wrong kinds of food that will sabotage my progress. Now, I would like to see how OA could help me post-op.

    I hope and pray that everyone who craves comfort foods finds consolation in some other healthier way and finds some relief.


  10. Hi All,

    I have written before about how this month has been terrible for me in terms of dealing with emotional eating. My therapist suggested that I try to find other sleevers who are also in the same boat. I think that it is hard to publicly on these boards say that one is having intense trouble following the program and feeling like a failure. I would really welcome hearing from anyone either in this thread or in a confidentiality-ensured private message.

    After several months of dramatic weight loss, I hit a wall of stress eating and I have not lost a pound this whole month. I haven't gained either but I attribute that to my worst problem that I throw up a lot. So if you struggle with head hunger, stress eating and the like and would like to talk, please PM me.



  11. Hi All,

    I know there are other threads here about this but I want to tell my story. Before I had VSG in Feb I was at my highest weight of 350. The first several months afterwards the weight came off quickly and I lost 90 lbs. However, this past month my addiction to comfort foods has returned with a vengeance. I have been eating a lot of junky and slider foods and throwing up at least twice a day. I know this really awful and it is taking a lot of courage for me to share with you. I have regained 4 pounds.

    I don't understand why the cravings are so intense when I have so much to look forward to as I continue to get fitter and lose.

    I feel so much despair like I will never get back on program and lose the rest of the weight. The only explanation I can provide is that my brain has a chemical addiction to food and cannot process the idea that most of my stomach is gone and those days of comfort overeating are also gone forever.

    I would really appreciate advice for fellow WLS'ers who have been there and found a way back.